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Policies (Chemistry Library)

Chemistry Library Policies


Circulation Policies

Food and Drink Policy

Library Key Policies and Procedures

Seating Policy

Telephone Policy

Changing your Billing Address



Circulation Policies

Checking out Library Materials

Anyone who wishes to check out books or reserve items must present a valid picture ID.  This may be a student/faculty/staff ID card, an Indiana University Libraries Borrower's card, or any valid picture ID.  This policy is intended to protect both the library and the library patron from abuses of the circulation system. 


Some materials in the Chemistry Library are restricted to use in the library.  However, most books, review serials, and dissertations circulate for a minimum of two weeks.  Reserve materials only circulate for two hours.  With a few exceptions the following materials are restricted to library use only:


Bound Journals

New Journals

Reference Materials


Loan Periods

The minimum loan period for circulating books is two weeks except for Reserve materials which have a loan period of two hours with no overnight check outs.  After this two week loan period, the material is subject to recall.   Books may be renewed as many times as necessary unless they are recalled.  Loan periods for non-reserve circulating materials will vary by patron category:


Faculty: 120 days*

Staff: 120 days*

Post Doc: 120 days*

Graduate Student: 120 days*

Undergraduate Student: 45 days*

Interlibrary Loan: 30 days*

Indiana Resident: 30 days*


*After the initial 10 day loan period, the material is subject to immediate recall.



Books on loan are subject to recall by another user 10 days after the item is initially loaned.  A $25 fine is assessed all patrons for recalled materials not returned within 10 days of the recall date.  Books that have been recalled will be held for the requesting patron at the reference desk for 10 days.  The names of borrowers can be released only if the individual has signed a Waiver of Confidentiality. 



Overdue Fines for Regular Loans (Monographs and Review Serials):

$ .25 per day

$12.50 maximum

Overdue Fines for Reserves Materials:

$1.20 per hour

$25.00 maximum

Overdue Fines for a Recalled Item:

$25.00 maximum

Bills for Unreturned Reserve Items:

$100.00 replacement cost*

$5.00 billing fee
      $20.00 database adjustment fee

Bills for Unreturned items:

$100.00 replacement cost*

$5.00 billing fee

$20.00 database adjustment fee

$12.50 overdue fine


*The replacement cost may be greater or less depending on the value of the item and its availability.



Circulating library materials may be renewed in person, by phone, or by e-mail.  An exception is reserve material which may not be renewed by phone or e-mail.  A request to renew can only be filled if no one else has recalled the item.



Food and Drink Policy


No Food or Drinks Will Be Allowed at the Computers. 

Food and covered drinks are permitted elsewhere in the Chemistry Library. 

Please dispose of garbage properly.



Library Key Policies and Procedures


IUB faculty, research scientists, and post-doctoral fellows may obtain a personal key to the Chemistry Library. In addition, all students doing research, including undergraduate students engaged in research, are eligible for a key. A faculty member may also sponsor a staff member or PA to receive a key or may sign for a group key that can then be used by anyone in the research group. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to maintain the security of a group key and to support the Chemistry Library in the enforcement of the expected standards of behavior of all key-holders when they are in the library after hours.


Procedure for obtaining keys:

An IU picture identification card is required for all applicants. If the applicant does not yet have an IU ID (for example, in the case of an incoming graduate student who comes early to begin research work in the summer), a written request from the faculty research advisor and any other official picture ID must be presented at the time of application.

A memo (e-mail or paper) is required from the sponsoring faculty member before a staff member, PA, or undergraduate student may obtain a key.

Apply in person to one of the full-time Chemistry Library staff members. After a very brief orientation that covers the expected behavior of keyholders while in the library, the key card will be signed, and the key can be obtained in the Chemistry Business Office.


Requirements for Key-holders:

The library key is for your use only. Do not lend it to anyone or allow anyone to follow you into the library. Each person who enters the library after hours must use his or her own key or a group key.


When the library closes, you must leave and re-enter the library with your personal or group key after the door is locked. It is not acceptable to show a key to the student worker who is closing the library and insist on being allowed to remain in the library. You must leave when requested and let yourself back into the library with your own or your research group’s key.


When you enter the library after hours, turn the key to the right so the door will remain locked. Make sure the door is still locked before closing it.

The light switches for all areas of the library are on the wall to your left in the hall leading to the Book/Review Serials Area.


Nothing can be checked out after hours, so please put a note on any books you would like to take from the library stating that you will be back for them the next day. When you return, take the books to the circulation desk, and we will check them out to you. If they are left without a note, the student worker will re-shelve them.

If you bring food or drink into the library after hours, be sure to put any refuse into the garbage can before leaving the library.

If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact Roger Beckman at 855-9452 or e-mail



Seating Policy


People who enter the Chemistry Library to use printed material, chemistry computer resources, or equipment located or accessible here have first priority for all available seats and desks.


When not in use for the purposes listed above, the next priority for seating goes to those who are studying chemistry or writing on chemistry.


When not in use by patrons in categories 1 or 2, the seats and desks are available to anyone engaged in quiet activity.  Group study is allowed only in designated group study areas.


Any patron in category 2 or 3 will be asked to vacate a seat when a patron in category 1 cannot find a suitable seat. 



Telephone Policy

The phone at the Circulation Desk is for the use of library personnel only.  Numerous free phones are located in the building.  A pay phone is located near the library entrance. 



Changing Your Billing Address

Chemistry Graduate Students, Staff and Faculty:

Please let us know at the circulation desk if you would like to have your library notices (fines, recalls, etc.) sent to the Chemistry Department rather than your home address.

last updated: 7/22/2013