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last updated: 4/13/2009

Chemistry Library Computer Resources

There are 17 computers available for use in the Chemistry Library.  Not all have the same resources.  

Computers 1 - 13

Computers 1-13 run Windows XP with the  STC software package installed for students, staff, and faculty at IUB.  Please see one of our staff for information on access available to non-IUB users. Once logged in to one of these computers the Chemistry Library web page opens.  These computers are the main source for library research and services and provide access to resources such as IUCAT (the Libraries' online catalog), databases such as SciFinder Scholar and Web of Science, and online journals.  Similar computers are available in other IUB libraries and in the STC computer labs.

Computers 1-4 are located in 003C also known as the Chemical Informatics Commons.  These 4 computers are in a locked room available to faculty, graduate students as well as Informatics students with their library key.  The room is on the southeast corner of the Reference Area.  For information on obtaining a library key please inquire at the Chemistry circulation desk or check out our Key Policy on the library web site.  Additional equipment included a HP550 plotter that can print 42 X 60 inches on semi-gloss paper and a HP130 that will fax, scan to email, copy, print/copy in color, and print transparences. 

Computer #5 has an HP Scanner that will also copy slides along with Omni Page Pro, an application providing optical character recognition.

Computers 14 - 17

Computers 14-17 are called INFO Stations, and are Macintosh computers that provide e-mail and internet access only.  These computers are not set up for research or homework but for a quick check of e-mail.  They are not connected to a printer and do not have a CD-ROM drive. 

last updated: 4/13/2009