Artists' and MFA Master's Thesis Files (Fine Arts Library)

Artists Files  

The Fine Arts Library collects donated pamphlets and flyers and materials from local sources.  There are three vertical files that can be found on the north east side of the reading room.  One is arranged by subject and is devoted to a wide range of art related topics.  Another holds materials about individual artists.  A third, separate file is kept in the library work room for present and former Indiana artists, the IU Art Museum and similiar topics of local interest.

MFA Thesis Files

All MFA students must submit a copy of their thesis statements and a set of slides to the Fine Arts Library as a part of the graduation requirements of the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts. To view past MFA Thesis Statements and slides please ask a staff member at the Fine Arts Library.

If you find a dead link anywhere on this website, please email the Fine Arts Library, or notify a staff member at the Fine Arts Library. Thanks!

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