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Artist's Books

Artists' books are books created as original works of art that push the boundaries of the traditional book form. Artists' books include varied formats such as flip books, tunnel and accordion-fold books, and even decks of cards. The artist controls both the form and content of the book during the entire process of creation and production whether it is a unique object or a work published in multiple copies.  

An uncataloged list of over 1000 artists'  books in the Fine Arts Library Special Collection is available on reserve at the circulation desk. Ask for uncataloged item #12. This list is arranged alphabetically by artist name. The books must also be requested at the circulation desk, and they are examined in the reference office.


Bury, Stephen. Artists' Books : The Books as a Work of Art.  England: Scolar Press, 1995.
N7433.3 .B87 1995 Stacks
This book explores the history of artists' involvement with the book format in the 20th century and provides historical, philosophical and artistic background for practitioners. 
Drucker, Johanna.  The Century of Artists' Books. NY: Granary Books, 1995.
N7433.3 .D78 2004 Reserve
Provides a thorough overview of the history of the artist's book.  Includes chapters about early artists' books, the book form, as well as the ways in which artists have explored the book form as a means of communication.
Hubert, Renne Riese and Judd David Hubert.  The Cutting Edge of Reading: Artists' Books.
NY: Granary Books, 1999.
N7433.3  .H834 Reserve
This volume expands the work initiated by Hubert in Surrealism and the Book (University of California Press, 1999, 1987) by focusing critical attention on recent and contemporary artists' books.
Klima, Stefan.  Artists' Books: A Critical Survey of the Literature. NY: Granary Books, 1998.
N7433.3 .K556 1998 Red Ref.
A guide to writings on artists' books with five essays exploring a range of topics.

Lyons, Joan, ed.  Artists' Books: Critical Anthology and Sourcebook. NY: Visual Studies Workshop Press, 1985.  N7433.3  .A75 1985.Reserve
An anthology of writings by observers and participants in the artists' books field. These writings explore the origins and attributes of artists' books, note who produces and publishes them, and give locations of artists' books collections.
Spector, Buzz. The Book Maker's Desire : Writings on the Art of the Book. CA: Umbrella Editions, 1995. N7433.3 .S63 1995 Special 
 The author discusses the book works of many artists, including Anselm Kiefer and Margaret Wharton, and includes several topical essays on the arts of the book. 


Hand Papermaking. Washington, D.C.   1986 -
NK8553 .H36 Reserve
Articles approach the art of papermaking in the book making field, techniques and materials, museum collections of paper sculptures and other topics.
Journal of Artists' Books.  [JAB]  NY.  1994 -  (Current Issues on Reserve)
N4733.3 .J68 Reserve
Journal addressing artist's book issues, published biannually. Articles include reviews of books about the  
artist's book as well as reviews of artists' books themselves. (Back issues in Special)

Umbrella. Glendale, CA.  1978 - 2005 (bound). Continued online, 2005-
N1 .U4 Bound Periodicals
This magazine features occasional interviews with movers and shakers in the field, as well as current  events, book reviews (including reviews of exhibition catalogs), a directory of people, calls for submissions of art work, meetings, and upcoming shows.


Blake, Kathy. Handmade Books : A Step-By-Step Guide to Crafting Your Own Books.  MA:  Bulfinch  Press, 1997.  Z271 .B6 1997 Reserve
A beginner's guide to making books, this book discusses the necessary equipment and procedures to make scrolls, accordion books, bound single sheets, albums, portfolios, single-signature and multisignature soft and hard cover books.
Smith, Keith.  Non-Adhesive Binding.  NY: Keith A. Smith, 1993.
  Z271 .S66 1993 Reserve
Advanced guide to creating both simple and very complex book bindings with basic hand tools. Includes a glossary and a list of suppliers, publications, organizations, and institutions of interest to the book artist.
Webberly, Marilyn, and JoAn Forsyth. Books, Boxes, and Wraps. WA: Bifocal Publications, 1995.
Z271 .W37 1995 Reserve
A sourcebook including clear instructions and numerous illustrations for creating many non-traditional book forms by hand. 


Johnson, Robert Flynn. Artists Books in the Modern Era 1870 - 2000 : the Reva and David Logan Collection of Illustrated Books. CA : Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, 2002.
N7433.3  .J64 2002 Stacks
The Rocket Four: Making Artist Books Today : A Traveling Exhibition for the New Millennium Collections 1999-2000-2001 : Arte Grafico, Bogota, Colombia, The Kaldewey Press, New York, Limstone Press, San Francisco and Tampa, Turkey Press, Santa Barbara, California.  Stuttgart, Germany :  Printed at Cantz, 1999. N7433.3  .R63 1999 Special
Book as Art : 10th Anniversary Exhibition : National Museum of Women in the Arts,  Library and Collections Research Center, March 10-October 4, 1997, Washington D.C. Washington, D.C. : The Museum, 1997.
N7433.3  .B665 1997 Special


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