User Services (Fine Arts Library)

Welcome to the Fine Arts Library!  If you need assistance in locating materials, would like to apply for a carrel, need reference assistance in finding images or information about art and artists, or you're just wondering where the nearest restroom is, the Circulation Desk is the first place to stop. The Fine Arts Library has a full-time staff member on duty at all times to help you in addition to well-trained, attentive student employees.

Services offered at the Circulation Desk:

  • Check out, renew, recall, place holds on materials.
  • Answers to general information questions.
  • Return library materials for check-in for all IUB branch libraries.
  • Apply for graduate and honors student study carrels.
  • Request and check out Reserve materials.
  • Assistance in locating books/items in the stacks and the Reading Room.
  • Thorough searches on materials that cannot be located.
  • Assistance with copy machines and library technology.
  • Request permission to view Special Collection items.
  • Pick up holds items.
  • Answers to questions about bills and fines.
  • Referral to Reference Staff for reference inquiries.

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  • Loan Periods

Loan Periods

 Undergraduate Students  45 days
 Graduate Students  120 days
 Staff  120 days 
 Faculty  120 days
 Indiana Residents  30 days

Reserve materials and CD-ROMs are normally checked out for 2 hours.
Only two reserve items may be checked out at a time.

Materials may be recalled after a two week loan period. Materials that have been recalled may not be renewed and are subject to a $25.00 recall fine if not returned within the specified time frame.

The following materials CANNOT be checked out:

Reference books
Current and bound Periodicals
Special collection items
Oversize Collection books

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  • Recalling Materials

Submit a recall request for a book for your use.

A recall is a request to the library to ask another user who has an item checked out to bring it back to the library by a specified date.  Place a recall to get access to a book or other item within a defined time period.  When the item is returned, you will be notified to pick it up.

  • All books charged out are subject to recall for another library user after 10 DAYS of initial use, regardless of the library user status (i.e., faculty, graduate student, undergraduate student, staff, Indiana resident).
  • Before you submit a recall request, you may wish to check the shelves to see if there is another copy available.
  • Be sure to specify the library where you would like to pick up the material when it becomes available.  
  • Provide your full email address (for example, ).  You will receive a copy of your request via email.
  • Your Library Identification Number is the barcode number found on your IU ID card or borrower's card.  It begins with a 2, followed by a zero, and other numbers.  Include the spaces as printed on your card.
  • The call number of the book is found on the IUCAT record.  Click the Display button to see this number.
  • WARNING: After submitting your request you must exit the web browser to make sure your personal information is not saved on the computer workstation.

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  • Renewing Materials

Materials that have been recalled or placed on hold may not be renewed. Reserve items must be renewed in person. Other materials may be renewed in one of the following ways:

1. Renew your materials online through My Account in IUCAT.

2 .Request a renewal in person at the Fine Arts Library circulation desk.

3. Send an email request to

4.Telephone the Fine Arts Library circulation desk at 855-3314.

5. Submit a renewal request form online.

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  • Requesting Materials

Request Materials that IU Libraries do not own (ILL)
All IU Bloomington faculty, students and staff may request that the Libraries obtain materials from other libraries that the IU Bloomington libraries do not own.  To access this service, you must have an IU Bloomington Network ID and password.

Request Materials from ALF
IU Libraries materials that no longer fit into the stacks of the IUB Wells Library and the IUB Branch Libraries are housed in a collections vault at the Ruth Lilly Auxiliary Library Facility (ALF). Most materials from the ALF may be charged out for home or office use. Users must present an IU ID card or a Library Borrower's card to charge these materials out. Faculty, students and staff of Indiana University and Indiana residents may request materials to be delivered to the IUB Wells Library circulation desk or to the circulation desk of an IUB Branch Library.

Bloomington and other IU libraries Delivery Service

Use IUCAT after logon to request that a book be delivered from IU Libraries throughout the state to an IU library near you.   There is no fee for this service.

Request Article Delivery (RAD)
Request Article Delivery is a program provided by the IUB Libraries that supplies electronic copies of journal articles from printed and microform materials, held on the Bloomington campus, to a web page for IUB faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students.

Submit a Request Article Delivery Request

Fee: This service is free of charge. Each patron is limited to a maximum of 25 requests per month through this service.
Electronic copies of journal articles are available from a web page using your PIN, which will be emailed to you.

Important!! Upon completion of this Request Article Delivery Services session, you must exit the web browser in order to clear your Network ID from the computer workstation's memory. Failure to close the web browser application completely could result in unathorized access to your library account or unauthorized use of library services in your name.

Request a Purchase
Users may request that the Libraries purchase a book, a journal subscription, access to an electronic resource, or other material for the collection, either in any library or in a specific library.  Use this form for general materials or email for Fine Arts materials.

Rush Cataloging Requests

Request that a new book, video or other material be prepared for your use.  You may submit a request for any title marked in IUCAT as "on order," "in process," or "being cataloged."  You will need your 14 digit library barcode number to place a request.  Please note that materials described as "on order" have not yet been received by the library.

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  • Reserves

The Reserve Collection at the Fine Arts Library is located behind the Circulation Desk and contains approximately 1600 items, including nearly a thousand Permanent Reserve items. These include monographs, current and bound periodicals, photocopies, uncataloged items and videotapes.
Materials are placed on reserve by instructors, or by the Head of the Fine Arts Library. All reserve items can be charged for use inside the library for two hours; some items can be taken out of the library for two hours. 

The Permanent Reserve collection is updated, by additions and removals, by faculty members and the Head of the Fine Arts Library.  Items in the Permanent Reserve collection are not removed at the end of a semester. This collection is made up of a combination of essential texts and materials which require additional security.

Accessing Reserves
Search for materials on reserve Search by author, title, instructor, or course for materials on reserve at libraries on the Bloomington campus. Updated daily.

Place books on Reserve
Deadline for submitting reserve requests is usually 6 weeks before the beginning of a semester.
Complete information (author, title, call number, edition number, instructor name, course number) is required for each reserve request.
Only materials containing required readings are placed on reserve.
Semester Reserve lists are ideally limited to 30 - 40 items.
Orders for new items for reserve should be placed 2-3 months in advance.

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  • Carrels

Instructions for Carrel Holders

FAL Carrel Information

Graduate students in the School of Fine Arts may request a carrel assignment in the Fine Arts Library for the academic year. FAL materials can be checked out to the carrel for the school year, although all items are subject to recall after a two-week period. Continuing students may request a carrel renewal in April.

Applications for carrels are available at the Fine Arts Library circulation desk.


If you have any questions regarding FAL carrel applications or usage, please feel free to contact us at 855-3314 or

Instructions for Carrel Holders

No food, tobacco products, or cell phones are permitted in the Fine Arts Library. Covered drinks are allowed.


The use of a Fine Arts Library carrel is a privilege extended primarily to Fine Arts graduate students.

ONLY Fine Arts Library books can be kept at your carrel. Reference books, dictionaries, auction catalogs, periodicals (bound and unbound), and special books may NOT be charged to your carrel. Books from other Libraries, including the Wells Library, may NOT be kept on your carrel.

Each book must have a fully completed carrel card inserted in it. The card should be inserted so that it is visible at the top of the book.

Bring books down to the circulation desk to check them out to your carrel. YOU must complete a carrel card for every book that you wish to have on your carrel.
You may obtain carrel cards by asking for them at the circulation desk. Fine Arts Library books without completed carrel cards will be removed from your carrel.
When you wish to remove a book from your carrel, bring it down to the Circulation Desk to be discharged. If you have a large quantity of books to be discharged, notify the staff at the circulation desk and we will help you with your books.
Books should be kept upright and supported by bookends. Spines of books resting at acute angles tend to break down and wear rapidly.

Please do not put any tape on your carrel. Please do not put "post-it" notes in library books because the adhesive may damage the clay-coated paper used in many art books.

The library cannot accept liability for theft or loss of personal items.
At the end of each academic year, you will receive a form in the mail to renew or cancel your carrel. Please respond promptly to this request so that you will be assured of a carrel assignment. Carrel holders who do not respond to the form will have materials removed from their carrel, and the carrel will be open for assignment to someone else.


Carrel Book Policies

We reserve the right to lend material charged out to a carrel if the carrel holder is away from Indiana University for an extended period of time.
Books needed for class reserves will be removed from your carrel and a note will be left informing you of this action.
Patrons are permitted to use books charged out to your carrel during your absence. However, these books may not leave the library.
Books from your carrel may be recalled by another patron. You, in turn, may recall the book. The recall is effective after a two week period.

If you need to take a book home from your carrel, it must be discharged from your carrel and checked out to your student ID. The carrel card must be removed from the book, even if the book will be charged to the carrel again upon return.

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  • Reference Services

The staff of the Fine Arts Library welcomes the opportunity to offer:  

  • library tours
  • individual research appointments
  • library instruction on reference sources and research strategies that is
  • course-related, or subject-specific.


Sessions devoted to an examination of selected titles in special collections and/or artists'  books can easily be arranged.


Reference assistance is available by phone at 812-855-3314, by and in person.

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  • Library Instruction Request Form

The Fine Arts Library provides instruction sessions on research methods and the use of specific tools for locating art or architectural information.  Staff will work in collaboration with faculty to create an instruction session tailored to your course and assignment needs.  Please fill out the instruction request form below and the staff at the Fine Arts Library will contact you for further planning of your library instruction session.  Please allow at least 2 weeks for the scheduling of an instruction session for a class.


Name:                                E-Mail Address:                 Number of

Course          Course Name:                     Time:             Preferred Date:

Briefly describe any assignments
that this session might help your
students complete.

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  • Library Tour Request Form

Library tours are available for students, faculty and staff. Sign up below to request a tour of the Fine Arts Library.


Name:                                E-Mail Address:                 Number of

Preferred Date:                    Preferred Time:

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  • Research Guides

The research guides listed below can assist you in finding information on a variety of topics in the Fine Arts Library. They contain lists of reference works and other resources available here. Paper copies of most of the guides are also available in the Fine Arts Library. Check the publications bookcase near the circulation desk or ask a staff member.

 African Art   Architecture Artists' Book Guide
 Basic Information  Careers in Art Costume and Theater Stage  
 Docents' Guide  Graffiti  IU Art Museum Collections
 Locating Reproductions  Paper works (coming soon) Photography (coming soon)
 Pictorial Sources  Symbols and Symbolism Textiles Guide
 Women Artists    

Wells Library Instructional Handouts Database searching Techniques; Citing Electronic Sources; Evaluating Information; What is a Call Number; etc.

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  • Internet Resources

Mega Sites Artists Jobs, Grants, Schools
Images Sites (IU Databases) Reference and Research Associations
Images Sites (Internet) Museums and Galleries Maps
Auctions and Sales Other

Mega Sites:
Art History: Resources for the Study of Art History
Mother of all Art History Link Pages
Art History Resource Centre 
Art on the Web


Adam: the gateway to art, design, architecture & media on the Internet

Images Sites (IU Databases):

DIDO Image Bank
AP Photo Archive

CAMIO RLG's Catalog of Art Museum Images Online

Grove Dictionary of Art 
Index of Christian Art

Image Sites (Internet):
Archives of American Art Image Search 

AICT (Art Images for College Teaching) 

Bulletin Board for Libraries image collections 
The Library of Congress American Memory Collection

Corbis Image Archives 

New York Public Library's Digital Gallery

Reference and Research:
Grove Dictionary of Art
Artlex Online Art Dictionary
Union List of Artist Names Introductory Page (Getty Vocabulary Program)
The Art and Architecture Thesaurus Online

artnet magazine  access at FAL

Museums and Galleries:
Art on the Net: A virtual artist's space
Art Museum Network
The Museum of Online Museums 
ArtcomA place where one can visit more that 1,700 of the most interesting U.S.  museums of all types: botanical gardens, zoos, planetariums, and aquariums.

Jobs, Grants, Schools:
Art Deadlines List

College Art Association (Access at FAL)

H-Net Job Guide for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Frequently Awarded Grants to IU Students
Foreign Language Area Studies Felllowships

Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts at the National Gallery of Art
Council on Library and Information Resources
Mellon Fellowships for Dissertation Research in Original Sources

Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC)
Future Faculty Teaching Fellowships
Samuel H. Kress Foundation
Henry Luce Foundation/ACLS
Dissertation Fellowships in American Art
Social Science Research Council
International Dissertation Field Research Fellowships
J. Paul Getty Museum Pre-Doctoral Grants
Metropolitan Museum of Art
International Enhancement Grants and Summer Pre-Dissertation Travel Grants
College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Year Research Fellowships

CHArt: Computers and the History of Art 

David Rumsey Map Collection

Auctions and Sales:
artline access at FAL
World Wide Art Resources

Art 21 (PBS series)

Mark Hudelson's website

World Wide web Virtual Library: History of art

Print Catalogue Raisonne

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  • Lost and Found

Do you think you might have mistakenly left something in the Fine Arts Library? Ask a student or staff member to check our Lost and Found box by inquiring at the Circulation Desk.
All items are kept in the Fine Arts Library for approximately a month. Subsequently, all items will be sent over to the campus Lost and Found, located in Ballantine Hall, Room 031.

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