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Collections (Fine Arts Library)

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  • Artists' Books

Artists' books are books created as original works of art that push the boundaries of the traditional book form. Artists' books include varied formats such as flip books, tunnel and accordion-fold books, and even decks of cards. The artist controls both the form and content of the book during the entire process of creation and production whether it is a unique object or a work published in multiple copies.  

An uncataloged list of over 1800 artists' books in the Fine Arts Library Special Collections is available on reserve at the circulation desk. Ask for uncataloged item #12. This list is arranged alphabetically by artist name. The books must also be requested at the circulation desk, and they are examined in the reference office.


Bury, Stephen. Artists' Books : The Books as a Work of Art.  England: Scolar Press, 1995.
N7433.3 .B87 1995 Stacks
This book explores the history of artists' involvement with the book format in the 20th century and provides historical, philosophical and artistic background for practitioners. 
Drucker, Johanna.  The Century of Artists' Books. NY: Granary Books, 1995.
N7433.3 .D78 2004 Reserve
Provides a thorough overview of the history of the artist's book.  Includes chapters about early artists' books, the book form, as well as the ways in which artists have explored the book form as a means of communication.
Hubert, Renne Riese and Judd David Hubert.  The Cutting Edge of Reading: Artists' Books.
NY: Granary Books, 1999.
N7433.3  .H834 Reserve
This volume expands the work initiated by Hubert in Surrealism and the Book (University of California Press, 1999, 1987) by focusing critical attention on recent and contemporary artists' books.
Klima, Stefan.  Artists' Books: A Critical Survey of the Literature. NY: Granary Books, 1998.
N7433.3 .K556 1998 Red Ref.
A guide to writings on artists' books with five essays exploring a range of topics.

Lyons, Joan, ed.  Artists' Books: Critical Anthology and Sourcebook. NY: Visual Studies Workshop Press, 1985.  N7433.3  .A75 1985.Reserve
An anthology of writings by observers and participants in the artists' books field. These writings explore the origins and attributes of artists' books, note who produces and publishes them, and give locations of artists' books collections.
Spector, Buzz. The Book Maker's Desire : Writings on the Art of the Book. CA: Umbrella Editions, 1995. N7433.3 .S63 1995 Special 
 The author discusses the book works of many artists, including Anselm Kiefer and Margaret Wharton, and includes several topical essays on the arts of the book. 


Hand Papermaking. Washington, D.C.   1986 -
NK8553 .H36 Reserve
Articles approach the art of papermaking in the book making field, techniques and materials, museum collections of paper sculptures and other topics.
Journal of Artists' Books.  [JAB]  NY.  1994 -  (Current Issues on Reserve)
N4733.3 .J68 Reserve
Journal addressing artist's book issues, published biannually. Articles include reviews of books about the  
artist's book as well as reviews of artists' books themselves. (Back issues in Special)

Umbrella. Glendale, CA.  1978 - 2005 (bound). Continued online, 2005-
N1 .U4 Bound Periodicals
This magazine features occasional interviews with movers and shakers in the field, as well as current  events, book reviews (including reviews of exhibition catalogs), a directory of people, calls for submissions of art work, meetings, and upcoming shows.


Blake, Kathy. Handmade Books : A Step-By-Step Guide to Crafting Your Own Books.  MA:  Bulfinch  Press, 1997.  Z271 .B6 1997 Reserve
A beginner's guide to making books, this book discusses the necessary equipment and procedures to make scrolls, accordion books, bound single sheets, albums, portfolios, single-signature and multisignature soft and hard cover books.
Smith, Keith.  Non-Adhesive Binding.  NY: Keith A. Smith, 1993.
  Z271 .S66 1993 Reserve
Advanced guide to creating both simple and very complex book bindings with basic hand tools. Includes a glossary and a list of suppliers, publications, organizations, and institutions of interest to the book artist.
Webberly, Marilyn, and JoAn Forsyth. Books, Boxes, and Wraps. WA: Bifocal Publications, 1995.
Z271 .W37 1995 Reserve
A sourcebook including clear instructions and numerous illustrations for creating many non-traditional book forms by hand. 


Johnson, Robert Flynn. Artists Books in the Modern Era 1870 - 2000 : the Reva and David Logan Collection of Illustrated Books. CA : Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, 2002.
N7433.3  .J64 2002 Stacks
The Rocket Four: Making Artist Books Today : A Traveling Exhibition for the New Millennium Collections 1999-2000-2001 : Arte Grafico, Bogota, Colombia, The Kaldewey Press, New York, Limstone Press, San Francisco and Tampa, Turkey Press, Santa Barbara, California.  Stuttgart, Germany :  Printed at Cantz, 1999. N7433.3  .R63 1999 Special
Book as Art : 10th Anniversary Exhibition : National Museum of Women in the Arts,  Library and Collections Research Center, March 10-October 4, 1997, Washington D.C. Washington, D.C. : The Museum, 1997.
N7433.3  .B665 1997 Special


American Printing History Association

Artist Book Dealers

Artist Books 3.0

Artist's Books Online

Bibliography and History of the Book
Boekie Woekie

The Bonefolder
Book Arts Classified/Book Arts Directory

Book Arts Newsletter

The Book Arts Web

Book Block

Colophon Page – modern illustrated & fine press books

The Directory of Artists' Books Collections

Focus on Artists' Books

Forum Book Art

Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum

Journal of Artists' Books
Mirror of the World

The Movable Book Society

Printed Matter

Women's Studio Workshop
Directory of Artists' Books Collections

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  • Artists and MFA Thesis Files

Artists Files  

The Fine Arts Library collects donated pamphlets and flyers and materials from local sources.  There are three vertical files that can be found on the north east side of the reading room.  One is arranged by subject and is devoted to a wide range of art related topics.  Another holds materials about individual artists.  A third, separate file is kept in the library work room for present and former Indiana artists, the IU Art Museum and similiar topics of local interest.

MFA Thesis Files

All MFA students must submit a copy of their thesis statements and a set of slides to the Fine Arts Library as a part of the graduation requirements of the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts. To view past MFA Thesis Statements and slides please ask a staff member at the Fine Arts Library.

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  • Journals

*Alphabetical by title

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z 

 A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | W | X | Z

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AA files : annals of the Architectural Association School of Architecture NA1.A1 A22

A-N magazine for artists N6480 .A5

Afterimage TR640 .A2

American art N6505 .S56

American art review N6505 .A465

American artist N1 .A45

American arts quarterly N8700 .A43

American ceramics NK4005 .A46

American Indian art magazine E98.A7 A43

Apollo N1 .A52

Architect NA1 .A53

Architectural design NA1 .A54

Architectural record NA1 .A6

Architectural review NA1 .A65

L'Architecture d'aujourd'hui  NA2 .A7

Archives of American Art journal N560.A1 J86

Ars N6 .A7

Art book : international publishing review N7479 .A76 

Art bulletin N1 .A65

Art calendar (as of August 2011, new title: Professional Artist) N8350 .A76

Art criticism N7475 .A77

Art documentation : bulletin of the Art Libraries Society of North America Z5937 .A19

Art journal N1 .C6

Art libraries journal Z675.A85 A78

Art monthly N1 .A595

Art New England N1 .A725

Art newspaper NX1 .G562

Art nexus N6675 .A78

Art papers magazine NX506 .A77

Arte al día internacional N6502.5 A78

Artes de México N1 .A658

Artibus Asiae N8 .A79

Artlink NX590.A1 A785

Arts of Asia NX572 .A79 

Axis NK1160 .A94

Belle armoire NK4700 .B45

Biuletyn historii sztuki N6 .B62

The blue notebook N7433.3 .B57

Bulletin monumental N13 .S6

Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art N610 .A21 

Burlington magazine N1 .B8

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Cabinet NX456 .C2

Canadian art C1 .C36

Central Booking magazine N7433.3 .C46

Ceramics, art and perception NK3700 .C47

Cinefex TR858 .C45

Clay times NK3700 .C53

Close-up PN1993 .C645 

Conservation Perspectives CC135 .C577 

Crafts TT1 .C73

Crafts report NK1 .C75

Critica d'arte N4 .C9

Critical interventions ML1 .C93

Curator QH70.A2 C97


Domus N4 .D63

Elle Decoration NK1700 .E44

N4396 .E54

Exposure TR1 .E93



Films & events (George Eastman House) (latest 2 years only)



Gagarin     N6495 .G37

Gallery guide. Chicago/Midwest (NEW)

Gems & jewellery NK7342 .G46

Gesta N6280 .G393

Gu gong xue shu ji kan (National Palace Museum research quarterly) AS455.K855 K9

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Hand papermaking newsletter (latest 2 years only)

Harvard design magazine NA2300.H352 G72 

ICMA newsletter N5960 .I58



Image (George Eastman House) TR1 .I31

Image : a journal of the arts & religion N72.R4 I43 

Information design journal : IDJ  NK1510 .I53

International review of African American art NX164.N4 B5


Iskusstvo N6 .I81


Jewelry Artist NK7300 .L36 

Journal für Kunstgeschichte N380 .J66

Journal of interior design NK1700 .J68

Journal of museum ethnography GN301 .J68

Journal of the American Institute for Conservation N8554 .A53

Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians NA200.A1 S67

Kalliope NX504 .K34

Khramozdatel' (NEW)

Konteksty NK8 .P7

Kunstchronik N3 .K95
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Letter arts review Z43.A1 C35


Loupe  (NEW)



The magazine antiques  NK1125 .A6


Make : technology on your time  T1 .M124

Marg NA1 .M32

Master drawings N1 .M42


Member magazine     N530 .A35

Mitteilungen des Kunsthistorischen Institutes in Florenz N2551 .K96

Modern painters N6480 .M63

Museum AM1 .M985  

NCECA journal NK4005 .N37


Nashe nasledie N6981 .N37

Native peoples E75 .N385 

News-sheet / ARLIS UK & Ireland Z675.A85 A7

Newsletter / Midwest Art History Society NX1 .M6


Newsletter / Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain NA12 .S635

Nineteenth century N6450 .N53

Nka : journal of contemporary African art NX587 .N54

Novum: das Forum für Kommunikations-Design NC997.A1 G3


L'Œil N2 .O28

Oriental art N8 .O69

Orientations N7260 .O7

Österreichische Zeitschrift für Kunst und Denkmalpflege N9201 .O18

Oud Holland N5 .O93

Oxford art journal N1 .O98


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Pacific arts : the journal of the Pacific Arts Association  NX1 .P322


Paragone. Arte N4 .P22

PARI journal F1219.3.A7 P35

Piecework TT740 .P54

Plastik NX28.F8 N58

Print quarterly NE1 .P838

Printmaking today NE1 .P7


Professional artist  N8350 .A76

Prospettiva N4 .P76

Public art review N8700 .P83

Raw vision N7432.5 .A78 R39

Register of the Spencer Museum of Art N582.L25 A3

Revue de l’art N2 .R38

Revue du Louvre : la revue des musées de France N2 .R45

Römische Quartalschrift für christliche Altertumskunde und Kirchengeschichte BX940 .R72

SAH news : newsletter of the Society of Architectural Historians (current year only)

Schmuck magazin NK7300 .S36


Sculpture journal NB1 .S39

Sculpture NB1 .I5

Sculpture review NB1 .N27

Selvedge NK8800 .S45

Simiolus N5 .S589

Source : notes in the history of art N5300 .S687

Storia dell’arte N4 .S984

Studies in conservation N8560 .S853

Studies in the decorative arts NK1 .S78

Sunshine artist N4390 .S86

Surface design NK8800 .S97


Surface design newsletter (latest 2 years only)

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Tate etc. N1080 .A35

TD & T (Theatre design & technology) NA6830.A1 T37

Technoetic arts B105.I28 T43

Textile forum TT699 .T494 2006

Textile history HD9850.1 .T52

Third text NX596.3.A1 T5


Treasures : antique to modern collecting (NEW)


Unique homes NA7100 .U5

The Victorian quarterly : newsletter of the Victorian Society in America  (NEW)

View camera TR1 .V53

Visible language Z119 .J86

Visual culture in Britain N6761 .V57

Visual resources N3998 .V57 


Walters magazine N5220 .W194

Winterthur portfolio N9 .W788 v.40,no.1-4 (2005)

Woman’s art journal N72.F45 W64

Women in the arts N858.N36 A3

Zebra’s voice N3885.G3 N38a 

Zeitschrift für Ästhetik und allgemeine Kunstwissenschaft N9 .J26

Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte N3 .Z494

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African arts NX8 .A26 (bound volumes in PERMANENT RESERVE)

American craft NK1135 .C8

Art AsiaPacific N7260 .A78

Art in America N1 .A67

Artforum international N1 .A76

ARTnews N1 .A73

Baseline Z119 .B37 (earlier issues in SPECIAL)

Bomb NX458 .B65

Bookforum NX645 .B66

Ceramic review NK3700 .C415

Ceramics monthly TP785 .C44 a

Communication arts NC997.A1 C2

Contemporary impressions NE508 .C67

Eye NC1 .E94


Flash Art N1 .F7232

Frieze N6480 .F754

Fuse magazine NX513.A1 F88 (earlier issues in SPECIAL)

Hand papermaking NK8553 .H36

International journal of comic art PN6710 .I58

The journal of artists' books : JAB N7433.3 .J68 (earlier issues SPECIAL)

Lightworks NX1 .L53

Luna córnea TR28 .L86 (earlier issues in SPECIAL)

Metalsmith NK6400 .M43

Ornament NK7300 .B42

Photo review TR640 .P46

Print Z119 .P87

Shots TR640 .S5 (earlier issues in SPECIAL)

Spot TR640 .I434

Studio potter NK3700 .S933

Tribal art N5310.7 .W675 



Abstracts of papers / Byzantine Studies Conference DF501.5 .B9

Acta historiae artis Slovenica N7255.S56 A38 

American art directory N9 .A52 (shelved in REFERENCE)

American Ceramic Circle journal NK3700 .A58

American illustration NC975 .A46

Annual directory / ARLIS UK & Ireland Art Libraries Society  Z675 .A85 A785 (shelved in STACKS; latest in REFERENCE) 

Annuario della Scuola archeologica di Atene e delle missioni italiane in Oriente DF11 .A86

Antike Kunst N5320 .A624

Antiquités africaines N2 .A633

Aperture TR1 .A64 (shelved in PERMANENT RESERVE)

Architectural history NA1 .A56

Archives of Asian art N11 .C53

Ars orientalis; the arts of Islam and the East N7260 .A88

Art AsiaPacific almanac  N7260 .A785 

Art directors annual NC997.A1 A7 

Art history N1 .A665

Art Institute of Chicago annual report N530 .A3


Art sales index     N8670 .A616     (shelved in REFERENCE)

Arte lombarda N4 .A7817

Arte medievale N5950 .A78

Arte veneta : rivista di storia dell'arte N6921.V5 A78

Artibus et historiae

Arts & cultures N5310.7 .A79

Arts asiatiques N2 .A788

Aurora : the journal of the history of art N5300 .A82

Awards for women in the Arts (N394 .W65)

Awards in painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and craft media  NX712.L68 A92

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Biennial exhibition / Whitney Museum of American Art N5020 .N663 


Blind spot TR640 .B556  (shelved in SPECIAL)


Boletín del Museo del Prado AM101.M238 A2

Brucke-Archiv N6868.5.E9 B88 

Bulletin (Hamilton Kerr Institute) N8554 .B85

Bulletin (Institut royal du patrimoine artistique (Bruxelles)) N13 .B7

Bulletin (University of Michigan. Museum of Art) N513 .A53

Bulletin antieke beschaving : babesch DE2 .V48

Bulletin de la Cathédrale de Strasbourg NA5551.S88 S58

Bulletin de la Société de l'histoire de l'art français N2 .S6

Bulletin de la Société nationale des antiquaires de France DC2 .S72

Bulletin of the Asia Institute N7280.A1 B8

Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Arts N560 .A3

Bullettino senese di storia patria DG975.S49 B8

Cahiers archéologiques CC3 .C13

Cahiers de Saint-Michel de Cuxa NA1043 .C13

Center ... record of activities and research reports N330.W3 C457

Ceramics in America NK3700 .C425

Chicago art journal N5300 .C55

Chora NA2500 .I54

Clay in art international TT919 .C53

Contact sheet TR640 .C66 (shelved in SPECIAL)

Design annual  N8 .G76

Dessin sous-jacent et la technologie dans la peinture N8554 .D46

Directory / Art Libraries Society Z675.A85 A785 (latest in REFERENCE)

Documenta katalog N5070.K3 K2 

Dumbarton Oaks papers N5970 .D8

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Espacio diseño NK1160 .E87 (some issues shelved in SPECIAL)

European photography TR640 .E78 (shelved in SPECIAL)

Felix Ravenna DG975.R25 F3


Finnish design yearbook     NK1471.F5 F56

Frühmittelalterliche Studien N5940.A1 F94




Handbook and list of members / ARLIS Z5937.A74 A2 (shelved in STACKS; latest in REFERENCE)


Harvard Art Museum annual report N1 .H37


Impressions : official publication of the Ukiyo-e Society of America NE1310 .I67

International directory of arts N50 .I61 (shelved in STACKS; latest in REFERENCE)

Iskusstvoznanie N6 .V96

Jahrbuch der Berliner Museen N3 .J16

Jahrbuch des Kunsthistorischen Museums Wien N9.3 .J34

Jewellery studies NK7306 .J476

Journal of decorative and propaganda arts NK1 .J66

Journal of glass studies NK5100 .J86

Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes AS122 .W2

Kaikodo journal N7343.5 .K3

Kokka N8.J28 K8 (shelved in SPECIAL)

Die Kunstgeschichte Ostasiens im Deutschsprachigen Raum Mitteilungsblatt N7262 .K7

Lalit kalā N7301.A2 L19

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Madrider Mitteilungen N14 .D48 

Marburger Winckelmann-Programm N5330 .M32 


Membership directory (Costume Society of America) NK4700 .C67

Mitteilungen zur spätantiken Archäologie und byzantinischen Kunstgeschichte DS56 .M58

Monuments et mémoires publiés par l'Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres N13 .A16

Münchner Jahrbuch der bildenden kunst N9 .M94

Muqarnas N6260 .M83

N.paradoxa N72.F45 N22

National directory of arts internships NX280 .N37  (shelved in STACKS; latest in REFERENCE)

National Gallery technical bulletin ND1630 .L66

Nederlands kunsthistorisch jaarboek N9 .N3

New American paintings ND212 .N3678


Oculus N1 .O27 

Parkett NX3 .P37

Photo TR690.A1 P57 (shelved in SPECIAL)

Photographic art market TR6.5 .P52 (shelved in REFERENCE)

Precolombart  E59 .A7 P74

Printworld directory of contemporary prints and prices NE885 .P7  (shelved in REFERENCE)


Professional Artist NE885.P7(shelved in REFERENCE)


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Record of the Art Museum, Princeton University N1 .P85


Res N5310.7 .R47


Revue roumaine d'histoire de l'art. Série beaux-arts.     N1.A1 R4

Rivista di archeologia cristiana BR130 .R62 

Saggi e memorie di storia dell'arte N4 .S12 

Soobshcheniia Gosudarstvennogo Ermitazha N3350 .A4

Studies in iconography N7565 .S82


 Textile Museum journal NK8802 .W32


Tribal arts guide N5310.7 .W6752 (shelved in REFERENCE)

21st : the journal of contemporary photography TR187 .A13 (shelved in SPECIAL)

USỌ : a Nigerian journal of art N7399.N5 U86

Volume of the Walpole Society N12 .W2

Wallraf-Richartz-Jahrbuch N6879 .W2

Who’s who in American art N6536 .W6 (shelved in REFERENCE)

Wiener Jahrbuch für Kunstgeschichte N9 .W64

Yale University Art Gallery bulletin N590 .A25

Zabytkoznawstwo i konserwatorstwo NA109.P7 Z34

Zeitschrift des Deutschen Vereins für Kunstwissenschaft N3 .D55

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  • Special Collections

The materials in the Special Collections in the Fine Arts Library are restricted to use in the Reference Office or in the staff workroom. The guidelines suggested below are not designed to inhibit use of the materials, but to help ensure their preservation, and to facilitate use of the collection. All items must be handled with great care.


Special Collection items may be viewed from 9:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday.  If you would like to view an item from special collections during weekday evenings or on weekends, please give 24-hour notice by either emailing your request to, calling (812) 855-3314, or coming in and filling out a request form.

*note: Viewing Special Collections at any time is contingent upon staff availability.

General guidelines to viewing Special Collections at the Fine Arts Library

  • The Special Collection is searchable in IUCAT.
  • To request a Special Collection item, go to the Fine Arts Library Circulation Desk and fill out a Special Book Request form, including your name and the title, author and call number of the item you are requesting.  You will be asked to present your IU ID or Library Borrowers Card.
  • You will be directed to a viewing area when your request is available.   
  • Food and drink are NOT permitted in the viewing area.  Patrons viewing Special Collection materials are asked to place brief cases, backpacks, coats, and any other personal property which are nonessential to their research onto a chair or the floor.
  • Laptops are permitted, provided they do not rest on the library materials.
  • Materials must remain on the table during use. They are not to be placed in your lap or propped against the edge of the table.
  • Readers are asked to handle materials with clean hands. Turn pages slowly and carefully, and touch only the margins if possible. Please keep arms and elbows off the books. No papers, books, or other objects may be laid on library materials.
  • Only pencils are to be used for note-taking. If you don't have a pencil, ask a staff member for one.
  • No marks may be added or erased, and no tracings or rubbings may be made.
  • Note-taking must not be done on top of library materials.
  • The order and arrangement of unbound materials must be preserved. Apparent irregularities should be called to the attention of the staff.
  • Requests for photocopying or scanning are considered on an individual basis. Oversized material cannot be photocopied without supervision. Fragile material can only be copied by library staff. If the material is too fragile it cannot be photocopied.

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  • Reference Collection

The Reading Room of the Fine Arts Library houses a reference collection of many standard art reference books divided into three classes:

Books, dictionaries, encyclopedias (Red Reference)
Library catalogs (Green Reference)
Indexes to periodicals (Blue Reference)

Current  Periodicals
 are also found in the reading room against the West wall.
Microforms are in the reading room near the reference collection.

A collection of Catalogues Raisonnés is in the reading room near the current periodicals.

For reference assistance ask at the circulation desk, or email a question  ( to the Fine Arts reference staff.


This is the largest section of the reference collection and contains many types of traditional reference resources to help the user. The researcher may also find extensive bibliographies on their subject of interest in this section. Besides subject reference, the Red Reference collection includes career reference materials for students with art backgrounds such as books on resume writing and resume building.


Printed catalogs of major library collections:

Columbia University. Libraries. Avery Architectural Library. Catalog of the Avery Memorial Architecture Library. Z5939.7 .C7 A9
Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y. Library Catalog. Z881 .N6624 1980
Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y. Catalog of the Robert Goldwater Library of Primitive Art. Z5939 .R62
Museum of Modern Art, N.Y. Catalog. Z5939 .N533
National Art Library (Great Britain). Victoria and Albert Museum. Author Catalogue. Catalogue of Exhibtion Catalogues. Subject Catalogue. Z5939 .V645
New York Public Library. Research Libraries. Dictionary Catalog of the Art and Architecture Division. N5950 .N562


The Fine Arts Library has replaced subscriptions to the print editions of several indexes with the electronic versions. Since electronic coverage generally begins in the mid 1980s, however, a complete search requires the use of both paper and electronic versions.

ARTbibliographies Modern Z5935 .L112
Art Index N35 .A71
Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA) Z5937 .B53
Design and Applied Arts Index NK1110 .D47 
Frick Art Reference Library, NY. Original Index to Art Periodicals Z5937 .F74
Repertoire d'art et d'archaeologie (RAA) Z5937 .R42
Repertoire International de la Litterature de l'Art (RILA) Z5937 .R16
Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals Z5937 .C726 

SELECTED ELECTRONIC INDEXES (see right hand frame)
ARTbibliographies Modern 
Art Full Text 
Art Index Retrospective 
Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals 
Bibliography of the History of Art [Also includes Repertoire d'art et d'archaeologie (RAA) and Repertoire International de la Litterature de l'Art (RILA).] 
Design and Applied Arts Index
Other electronic indexes useful to those studying the visual arts are available under the Recommended Resources tab on 
 the Fine Arts Library's home page.

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If you find a dead link anywhere on this website, please email the Fine Arts Library, or notify a staff member at the Fine Arts Library. Thanks!

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