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last updated: 12/15/2011

Research Guides

Advertising, Illustrations, Photographs: Selected Sites
     A quick list of sources for illustrations and images

Biographical Research
      A guide to Biographical sources online and in print

      A guide to copyright for authors and instructors; copyright basics, using images, obtaining permissions and links to coypright sites

Ebooks: a guide to using collections of ebooks
      Information on access to ebooks, reading, printing, downloading, copying and pasting

Finding Book Reviews
     A guide to general and subject area book reviews, scholarly and popular sources

Finding dissertations
     A guide to finding dissertations done in American institutions of higher learning and in colleges and universities in other countries.

Genealogy Research at the IUB Libraries
      Sources for genealogical research including a A Select List of Print and Microform Resources

Identifying Primary and Secondary Sources: A Preliminary Guide
      A guide for identifying primary and secondary resources, with examples

Journal Alerts
     A guide to alerting services from a variety of database vendors

Old News
      A selection of online newspapers and periodicals for keeping up with the past

     A brief guide to published public opinion polls

last updated: 12/15/2011