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last updated: 9/28/2010

Locating Maps in the Geosciences Library

Finding Geologic Maps

Some geologic maps in the Geosciences Library can be found using IUCAT by search the name of the place, county or state of  interest and the words "geology maps." Other resources that can be used to locate uncataloged geologic maps include Andriott's Guide to USGS Publications (Geology Reference Z 6027.U5 G94) and the USGS' National Geologic Map Database, which contains information on maps in publications. Most maps in the Geosciences Library are not cataloged. For assistance locating uncataloged geologic maps in the Geosciences Library, please see the reference librarian.

Finding Topographic Maps

Topographic Maps in the Geosciences Library are filed by state and quadrangle name. USGS topographic maps for a particular area can be identified using paper, graphical indexes, available in these libraries, or by using the following web resources:

  • Geographic Names Information System - can be used to identify the name of the topographic map for an area by searching for the name of the place. Enter the place name of interest in the Feature Name field and select the state with the pull-down menu.
Several web sites can be used to view small areas of topographic maps:
Terraserver can also be used to view aerial photographs of a particular area.

last updated: 9/28/2010