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last updated: 10/4/2010

Maps in the Geosciences Library

The Geosciences Library contains over 150,000 maps related to geology and geophysics. Maps in the collection include USGS topographic and thematic maps for every US state and territory as well as nautical and aeronautical charts, which are received through the Federal Depository Library Program. The Geosciences Library also receives maps from state and foreign geological surveys through the Indiana Geological Survey's exchange program. The Geosciences Library also contains atlases related to the geosciences.

Maps are also available in other IU-Bloomington Libraries, including the Geography & Map Library and the Government Information, Microforms and Statistical Services in the Wells Library. Use the links below to connect to descriptions of their collections.

For information on locating maps in the Geology Library and topographic maps, see the links below.

For more information about Map Collections at Indiana University, see the Map Collections home page.

last updated: 10/4/2010