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Online Film Reviews & Related Resources (Information Commons)

Online Film Reviews & Related Resources

A Selected Guide

Academic Search Premier

From the IUB Libraries page (click on Resource Gateway):

  • Click on the link to Academic Search Premier from the Top Recommended Resources.

  • Type the topic in which you are interested or the title of the film you are researching followed by and (film or movie or motion picture)

Violence and (film or movie or motion picture)
African-Americans and (film or movie or motion picture)
Gender and (film or movie or motion picture)
Eyes Wide Shut and (film or movie or motion picture)

Lexis-Nexis Academic

From the IUB Libraries page (click on Resource Gateway):

  • Click on the link to Lexis-Nexis Academic located in the "Top Recommended Resources" section.

  • Select Guided News Search tab.

  • Select Arts & Sports for News Category.

  • Select Books, movie, music & play reviews for News Source.

  • Enter search terms and use the pull down menu to choose from headline, headline and lead paragraph, full text, caption, or author.

  • Choose your date range, for example, All Available Dates.

  • Click on the Search button.

Other film-related information available in Lexis-Nexis Academic:

The following categories may also contain information on films.

Choose News under Academic Search Forms. Select Guided News Search tab:

  • World News may contain information on the film's reception in other countries or articles from a foreign film's home country.

  • News Wires includes reviews from AP, UPI, Reuters and other similar services.

  • News Transcripts covers reviews and features from television and radio programs.

  • University News contains film reviews from campus newspapers.

Choose Business under Academic Search Forms. Select Guided News Search tab:

  • Industry & Market provides information on movies from a film industry perspective. Select Arts & Entertainment from the Industry pull-down menu.

Choose Reference under Academic Search Forms. Select Guided News Search tab:

  • Biographical Information provides biographical and professional information on specific directors, producers or performers.


Internet Resources for Film Reviews

Indiana University Bloomington Libraries Film Studies Web Page:
A comprehensive list of resources related to all aspects of Film Studies including online sources for reviews and print resources available in the IU Libraries. Especially useful are: Sources for Film Reviews and Guide to WWW Resources in Film Studies.

The Internet Movie Database:
The Internet Movie Database is one of the best Web resources on specific films. Information includes reviews, cast and crew information, background material, and awards.
Extensive catalog of linked film reviews and review abstracts--primarily for more recent releases though the site is constantly being updated.

Movie Review Query Engine:
A searchable database of film reviews gathered from a variety of sources ranging from online newspapers to Web pages.


Other Electronic Resources with Film Reviews and Related Information

All of these resources are accessible from the IUB Libraries web site (Click on Resource Gateway).

Contemporary Women's Issues is a full-text database with a focus on the issues that influence women's lives around the world.

MLA Bibliography provides citations to scholarly analyses and reviews of films.

Ethnic NewsWatch and Gender Watch contain full-text film reviews focusing on ethnic and gender issues respectively.

International Index to the Performing Arts provides citations to performing arts journals as well as reviews, feature stories and obituaries from the New York Times and Washington Post.

Art Full Text indexes articles on all aspects of art and architecture published in over 370 periodicals from around the world. Full text coverage of selected journals begins in 1997. Abstracts of 50 to 300 words are available for articles published after January 1994.

Art Index Retrospective provides bibliographic information on articles and reviews cited in Art Index between 1929-1984.

last updated: 8/31/2007