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last updated: 8/30/2013

Tips for Speedy Processing of Class Reserve Items (Wells Library)

In order to speed the processing of requests for new reserve materials, we make the following recommendations:

  • Submit reserve requests as early as possible before the semester during which the readings will be needed. If some items are needed by your students immediately, write "Rush" in the section on the request form titled "Needed By" - otherwise, if materials are needed by a specific date, please include that date in this area. There is also a space on the electronic form for this information.
  • The process can be shortened by bringing us the actual material that you want placed on reserve if the item is library-owned -- the books from the stacks or the photocopies for electronic reserves. Insert the reserve request into the book or attach it to the photocopy and leave it with the clerk at the Research Collections circulation desk or at the Media and Reserve Services circulation desk. We will pick it up from there. If the book is already charged to you, we will discharge it when we place it on reserve.
  • If you submit the request for a library-owned book electronically, please allow us to find it in the stacks for you. While we appreciate you bringing in the material if you submit the request on paper, it can cause some confusion if the material and the request are given to us at different times.
  • Be sure to supply a call number for books. Do not give us a call number from a book on another campus; even if we own the book, we may have used another call number. If we do not own the book, we can rush order it right away if you note that the book is not listed in IUCAT - but please expect a slight delay if that is the case since delays often occur in the ordering process.
  • If you have special handling requirements or need the requests to be treated in an unusual manner, make sure to indicate this on the forms that are filled out. Both the paper and electronic forms have areas for you to indicate special instructions. You can also send us an email message at or speak to a supervisor directly by calling 855-1650.

last updated: 8/30/2013