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last updated: 11/24/2009

Reference Services (Information Commons)

Find the information you need for your courses and for your life outside of class.  We can help with any question:
  • What bus goes to the College Mall?
  • What database is best for psychology research?
  • What is deconstructionism?
  • Is the Main Library sinking?
  • Is Callaloo a peer-reviewed journal?
  • Do you have typewriters?
  • When is spring break?

* Answers to above Questions

Answers are available in-person (the IC is located in the Herman B. Wells Library, west tower) and by telephone (855-9857)

Fall & Spring Semesters                          Summer I & II

Sundays 11am-midnight                         Sundays 1pm-10pm
Mon-Thr 8am-midnight                            Mon-Thr 8am-10pm
Fridays 8am-9pm                                   Fridays 8am-5pm
Saturdays 10am-9pm                             Saturdays 10am-5pm


(Holiday hours may vary)

IM Undergraduate Library Services reference staff

Send e-mail inquiries any time .  Mon-Thr you?ll get an answer within 24 hours; inquires sent on Fri, Sat & Sun may take longer.

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last updated: 11/24/2009