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World AIDS Day Media Collection

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World AIDS Day has a special place in the history of the AIDS pandemic. Since 1988 1st December has been a day bringing messages of compassion, hope, solidarity and understanding about AIDS to every country in the world, North and South, East and West.

What prompted this extraordinary response? World AIDS Day emerged from the call by the World Summit of Ministers of Health on Programs for AIDS Prevention in January 1988 to open channels of communication, strengthen the exchange of information and experience, and forge a spirit of social tolerance. Since then, World AIDS Day has received the support of the World Health Assembly, the United Nations system, and governments, communities and individuals around the world. Each year, it is the only international day of coordinated action against AIDS. -- from the World AIDS Day website.

Below you will find several titles in our collection that can help educate and raise awareness. Several links and more information about World AIDS Day can be found at the World AIDS Day website
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Bill T. Jones  Still / Here
A look at dancer/choreographer Bill T. Jones's highly acclaimed dance, "Still/Here". At workshops around the country, people facing life-threatening illnesses are asked to remember the highs and lows of their lives, and even imagine their own deaths. They then transform these feelings into expressive movement, which Jones incorporates into the dance "Still/Here". Jones demonstrates the movements of his
life story--his first encounter with white people, confusion over his sexuality, his partner Arnie Zane's untimely death from AIDS, and Jones's own HIV status.

Call Number: GV1785.J55 B557 1997

Paul Monette the brink of summer's end
A biographical documentary which was shot over the course of three and a half years, explores Paul's life and work from his seemingly idyllic New England boyhood, and his closeted adolescence to his development into a successful writer, committed lover and activist, until his death from AIDS in
February, 1995.

Call Number: HQ75.8.M64 P385 1997

AIDS : biological perspective
Medical professionals, AIDS activists and persons infected with HIV discuss the biological mechanisms of HIV infection, the drug therapies currently available and the prospects for the development of preventive measures, such as vaccines.

Call Number: RA644.A25 A2864 1996

I shall not be removed the life of Marlon Riggs
A film biography of Marlon Riggs, the gifted, gay, black filmmaker who produced documentary films addressing issues of identity among Afro-Americans and gays. Clips from his films show how he evolved a unique experimental documentary style, mixing poetry, criticism, the personal and the political. It also documents his long battle against AIDS until his death in 1994 and includes interviews with family, friends, and co-workers.

Call Number: PN1998.3.R55 I2 1996

Sex and other matters of life and death
Chronicles a year in the life of STAR Theater, a teenage theater company which performs for adolescents throughout New York City, trying to raise awareness about the risks young people face growing up in the age of AIDS.

Call Number: HQ35 .S384 1996

White hotel
With video camera in hand, two women follow an American HIV research team to Eritrea, East Africa, and are catapulted into a land of joy and repression, promiscuity and sexual mutilation. They quickly are drawn into circumstances which shatter the filmmakers objectivity and turns their journalistic inquiry into an intimate investigation of their own capacities to love, suffer and forgive.

Call Number: RA644.A25 W447 1996

Posi+ive: life with HIV
First person perspectives, stories and examples intercut with animation, performance, and satiric pieces, offering a view of life from inside the epidemic.

Call Number: RA644.A25 P69 1995

A young Asian woman relives memories of her Hong Kong childhood and her triumph as a ballet dancer. She pays tribute to her brother who supported her on her path to success, but who died of AIDS.

Call Number: PN1997 .R45593 1995

California AIDS ride
A video news service published monthly providing the gay perspective on America.

Call Number: HQ76.5 .N488 v.3 no.2

Close to home : the Tammy Boccomino story
Presents the true story of Tammy Boccomino and her son who have been diagnosed with the AIDS virus, neither of whom did anything that would make them at high risk for this fatal disease.

Call Number: RC607.A26 C586 1994

The Heart of the matter
"Focuses on the inspiring story of Janice Jirau, an HIV- positive African American woman as she unravels the pieces of her life that contributed to her risk for HIV, and the powerful steps she took once she knew she had AIDS. A chorus of other HIV-positive women underscores the universal nature of the problems Janice confronted and draws attention to the alarming growth of the epidemic among women" -- Container.

Call Number: RC607.A26 H43 1994

Not a simple story
Presents two stories of Asian Pacific Americans, gay and straight, male and female who have gone public about being HIV positive.

Call Number: RA644.A25 N684 1994

AIDS, blood and politics
Investigates the ten year history of AIDS and the blood supply, including the American Red Cross and the FDA who failed to safeguard the blood supply from the deadly virus in the early 1980s.

Call Number: RA644.A25 A33294 1993

The Broadcast tapes of Dr. Peter
The honest, immensely moving story of Peter Jepson-Young, a physician who died of AIDS. Week-by-week he documented his illness on TV for Canadians and became a national symbol. This film condenses the 111 video diary episodes.

Call Number: RC607.A26 B752 1993

Fast trip, long drop
Autobiographical documentary by Gregg Bordowitz chronicles his day to day life after testing positive for the HIV virus in 1988.

Call Number: RA644.A25 F384 1993

Living proof HIV and the pursuit of happiness
Presents interviews of persons who have AIDS or are HIV positive. Kermit Cole discovers a diverse community, straight and gay, female and male, young and old, active people who live contrary to the image presented by the media.

Call Number: RA644.A25 L5796 1993

Puppets against AIDS township to tundra
The African Research and Educational Puppetry Program has created a show called "Puppets Against Aids", which they perform in the townships of South Africa, educating people about AIDS. The troupe toured Canada, bringing their message of AIDS prevention to the small towns and larger cities of Canada.

Call Number: RA644.A25 P86 1993

Side by side women against AIDS in Zimbabwe
Follows a social worker and a theater director/magazine editor as each uses her skills to overcome the effects of AIDS.

Call Number:   RA644.A25 S524 1993

Silverlake life:  the view from here
Presents the story of Tom Joslin and Mark Massi, a gay couple who both have AIDS. Documents their life together and the process of living with AIDS.

Call Number: RC607 .A26 S55 1993

AIDS drugs unapproved access
Discusses the reasons why it takes so long for the FDA to approve new drugs that can help fight AIDS while patients who are infected with HIV are running out of time.

Call Number: RA644.A25 A33296 1992

A native of eastern Kentucky, Belinda Mason was ... a small- town journalist and young mother who became infected with the HIV virus in 1987. In this program, Belinda talks about her own experiences dealing with AIDS and the support she found within her rural community.

Call Number: RC607.A26 B455 1992

The faces of AIDS
Shows the human experience of living with AIDS in Africa as people in Cameroon and Zimbabwe tell their stories.

Call Number: RA644.A25 F327 1992

In the midst of winter
AIDS patients, their families and caregivers, and health care personnel discuss their personal experiences related to living with and dying from AIDS. Topics covered include: the AIDS stigma, attitudes of patients and those around them, dealing with death, the grief process, and the quality of life from a terminal illness perspective.

Call Number: RA644.A25 I52 1992

"Non, je ne regrette rien" (No regret)
Five gay Black men who are HIV-positive discuss how they are battling the double social stigmas surrounding their infection and homosexuality.

Call Number: RA644.A25 N663 1992

A Promise kept
The wife of an AIDS victim tells her personal and intimate story to various groups and to high school students.

Call Number: RC607.A26 P764 1992

Through the eye of the needle AIDS & needle exchange
Discusses the pros and cons of needle exchange programs.

Call Number:  RA644.A25 T57 1992

AIDS & marijuana
Discusses the use of marijuana as medicine in the treatment of aids, glaucoma patients, and the terminally ill.

Call Number: RM666.C266 A375 1991

A Dangerous affair
Tells the true story of Kim Frey, a young woman who tested HIV positive a few years after she graduated from college.

Call Number: RC607.A26 D364 1991

Common threads: stories from the quilt
The story of the AIDS Memorial Quilt established by the San Francisco NAMES Project Foundation in 1987 to commemorate the lives lost to AIDS. From the thousands memorialized in the quilt, profiles five individuals--including a recovered IV drug user, a former Olympic decathlon star and a boy with
hemophilia--whose stories reflect the diversity and common tragedy of those who have died from AIDS. Celebrates their unique personalities and achievements, interweaving these personal histories with a chronology of the epidemic's development and the negligence of the government.

Call Number: RC607.A26 C665 1990

DiAna's Hair Ego: AIDS info up front
This provocative, funny and informative videotape documents the growth of the South Carolina AIDS Education Network,  which operates out of DiAna's Hair Ego, DiAna's beauty salon.

Call Number: RA644.A25 D535 1990

Kissing doesn't kill : gran fury
Four versions of a 30 sec. public services announcement for public involvement with aids prevention.

Call Number: P96.A39 K577 1990

Shooting up AIDS
Explores issue of providing clean syringes to drug addicts to prevent AIDS.

Call Number:  RA644.A25 S496 1990

AIDS, a matter of corporate policy
A national teleconference featuring a panel of business executives who share their experiences in formulating and implementing AIDS policy. Noted experts comment on legal aspects, employee communications, and public relations needs in the development of AIDS policies in the workplace.

Call Number: RA644.A25 A3325 1988

AIDS, the global challenge
Reports from journalists around the world examine the global fight against AIDS. Looks at who is at risk in various countries and what is being done to protect them, reports on the latest research and treatment strategies, and examines education and prevention efforts.

Call Number: RA644.A25 A434 1988

"I have AIDS" a teenager's story
The story of Ryan White of Kokomo, Ind. who got AIDS from a blood transfusion. Ryan answers questions asked by his school friends about AIDS. Learn why one need not be afraid to go to school with a student who has AIDS.

Call Number: RC607.A26 I155 1988

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