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Asian & Pacific Islander Feature Films

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My Brown Eyes

A young Korean boy rises early and prepares for his first day at school. He makes his lunch and breakfast for his parents who work until early morning, but he is not prepared for the challenge that awaits him at school. Call Number: PN1997 .M936 1998


A little bit of heart (Dim Sum)

A charming, delightful comedy about a Chinese-American family in contemporary San Francisco trying to maintain a link to their cultural heritage while confronted with the changing world around them. Call Number: PN1997 .D485 1987



A young Asian woman relives memories of her Hong Kong childhood and her triumph as a ballet dancer. She pays tribute to her brother who supported her on her path to success, but who died of AIDS. Call Number: PN1997 .R45593 1995


Picture bride

A beautiful Japanese young woman goes to Hawaii to marry a man she knows only through his picture. Although she is disappointed when he turns out to be older than his picture led her to believe, she finds that life in this new land is more exciting and satisfying than she expected. Call Number: PN1997 .P487 1995


Aces Go Places II (Tsui chia p`ai tang ta hsien shen t`ung)

An ex-criminal is sought after by two parties of underground diamond traders in Hong Kong. One party wants his assistance, the other wants his life. But he chooses to cooperate with the police. The ensuing battle takes place not just among these various groups but also involves the use of killer robots. Call Number: PN1997 .T7984 1990z


Autumn moon (Ch`iu yueh)

Clara Law's Autumn Moon is set in contemporary Hong Kong, where a young Japanese tourist is bargain-shopping and loooking for food, sex, or preferably both. He meets a fifteen-year-old waif and the friendship that develops allows the young man's passion for food to be assuaged by the girl's grandmother, the wielder of a magic wok. But sex is a different matter than friendship-- which is what this film is really about. Call Number: PN1997 .C418 1992


In the Realm of The Senses (Ai No Corrida)

Based on one of Japan's most notorious scandals, this erotic masterpiece is the story of an ex-prostitute who becomes involved in an obsessive love affair with the master of the household where she is employed as a servant. Call Number: PN1997 .D2665 1994


Pan pien jen (Ah-ying)

A young university student becomes friends with a director who has just returned from the United States and intends to make a film. While showing the director Hong Kong culture and life, the student develops a relationship with the director.Call Number: PN1997 .P283 1989


Rhapsody in August (Hachigatsu no kyoshikyoku)

A visit from her grandchildren and the discovery of a half-American relative cause an elderly woman to relive her memories of the atomic bomb that fell on Nagasaki. Call Number: PN1997 .H234 1994


The Bad Sleep Well (Warui yatsu hodo yoku nemuru)

Features a grieving son who seeks revenge for his father's murder as he infiltrates the corrupt construction company that was responsible for his father's death. Call Number: PN1997 .W367 1998


Late spring (Banshun)

The story of a young woman, who lives with her father, and finds herself growing past the marriageable age. Call Number: PN1997 .B249 1994


The Battle of Taierzhuang (Hsieh chan T`ai-erh-chuang)

In the spring of 1938, General Li Zongren commanded the National Revolutionary Army 5th Army Group to fight against the Japanese army, eliminating more than 10,000 Japanese aggressors, and winning the battle of Taierzhuang. His victory resounded throughout China. Call Number: PN1997 .H794614 1980z


Beijing kebabs (Hei, ko men erh!)

Young Haizi can't seem to get anything right. Always a failure in school, he messes up his job as a postman because he can't read the names and addresses right. Meanwhile, his parents are pressuring him to better himself by learning Japanese. After he meets his old schoolfriend Xiao Biao, who makes a good living selling kebabs on the streets, Haizi begins to think that would suit him Call Number: PN1997 .H434 1988


A Mongolian Tale (Ai tsai ts`ao yuan ti tien k`ung)

Someyer's fiance unexpectedly returns to Inner Mongolia years after his assignment in the city had ended. When he perceives a shocking surprise as an act of Someyer's betrayal, Beiyinpalica will ultimately feel forced to leave Mongolia and his dreams with Someyer forever. Now a famous troubadour, Beiyinpalica recounts his true love for the woman he abondoned while his search to find her again ensues. Call Number: PN1997 .A3137 1998


The Joy Luck Club

Follows the story of four lifelong friends, whose lives are filled with joy and heartbreak, and shows how their experiences have affected the hopes and dreams they hold for each of their children. Based on the novel by Amy Tan. Call Number: PN1997 .J683 1994b


Why has Bodhi-Dharma left for the East? (Dharmaga Tongjoguro Kan Kkadalgun)

In a remote monastery high up in the mountains, an old master, a young monk, and an orphaned boy devote themselves to their Buddhist teachings. As the master faces death, he must lead his disciples away from their past ties to the outside world and its rapidly changing values, and point them toward their quest for enlightenment. Call Number: PN1997 .D45569 1996


Shall we dance? (Shall we dansu?)

A middle-aged workaholic's incredibly dull life takes a funny turn when he signs up for a ballroom dance class--just to meet the sexy dance teacher. But when he finally muscles up the nerve for lessons, he winds up with a different instructor and her colorfully eccentric class of beginners! And now he'll have to step lightly and do some fancy footwork if he expects to keep his new secret passion from his family and friends. Call Number: PN1997 .S3838 1998


Dandelion (Tampopo)

"Tampopo" follows a young widow who runs a small noodle restaurant in Tokyo and Goro, a cowboy hat wearing truck driver, as they attempt to devise the perfect bowl of top ramen. Call Number: PN1997 .T3656 1998


The record of a tenement gentleman (Nagaya shinshiroku)

This timeless classic follows the hilarious misadventures of an abandoned child who picks an unwilling surrogate mother. Although the little boy's chronic bedwetting threatens to ruin their relationship, ultimately the hardened, childless woman realizes her life is richer and sweeter because of the child. Call Number: PN1997 .N2463 1995


The family game (Kazoku game)

A film that pokes fun at contemporary Japanese ideals, portraying a middle-class family as it battles against the Japanese educational system. Call Number: PN1997 .K379 1988


The funeral (Ososhiki)

An old man's unexpected death creates hilarious havoc with his family. The traditional three-day undertaking becomes a sly comedy of manners as the younger generation struggles with the complex rituals of the Buddhist ceremony. Call Number: PN1997 .O676 1988


Dragons forever (Fei lung meng chiang)

A lawyer fighting a case for a shady businessman realizes his client is actually running a cocaine factory. The lawyer and his bumbling buddy team up with his mentally deranged friend to take on the villains. Includes deleted scenes plus Hong Kong and U.S. trailers. Call Number: PN1997 .F35735 1998


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