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The Greenhouse Effect
Examines the global warming that appears to be occuring as the result of the release into the atmosphere of carbon dioxide from burned fossil fuels and other gases produced by human activities. Call Number: QC912.3 .G732 1988

Trinkets and Beads
Documents the lives of the Huaorani, a small tribe of Ecuadorian Indians who, after 20 years of pressure from foreign oil companies, agreed to allow oil-drilling on their land. Focuses on the introduction of massive environmental pollution and cultural change, and the tribe's subsequent efforts to regain control of their lives and lands. Call Number: HD9574.E22 T755 1996

A Naturalist in the Rainforest
Tells the story of Alexander Skutch and reveals the splendors of tropical nature that have captivated him for over half a century. One of the great naturalists of our time, Skutch
travelled around Central America for years uncovering the secrets of tropical birdlife. His later efforts to live and farm in harmony with the rainforest in Costa Rica, make Skutch's remarkable story especially relevant today. Call Number: QL31 .S53 N388 1995

Garbage Into Gold
Profiles a new breed of environmental innovators, from students to scientists, who are taking recycling to a new level, creating new businesses and job opportunities. Call Number: TD794.5 .G373 1995

Rage Over Trees: Ancient Forests
Looks at the struggle over the Pacific Northwest's last ancient forests between the logging companies and various environmental organizations. Call Number: SD538.2.W2 R347 1990

Blowpipes and Bulldozers
Presents the tribal culture of the Penan Tribe of Sarawak, Malaysia and the threat to their environment, the rain forests of Borneo. Call Number: GF54.5 .B578 1988

Desert under siege
A beautifully shot production that provides a concise overview of desert ecology, a brief history of the human presence in the region, and documents the human endeavors that are
seriously threatening this diverse, fragile ecosystem. Emphasis is on the deserts of California.Call Number: QH541.5.D4 D474 1991

Rachel Carson's Silent Spring
Presents the story of a book that changed the course of history and of the woman who wrote the book...Rachel Carson, a marine biologist and well-known author who delivered to the American public a then-radical message about the dire consequences of unregulated use of pesticides.Call Number: QH545.P4 C38 1993

Green Plans
A look at the comprehensive national environmental policies, or green plans, that The Netherlands and New Zealand have developed. Profiles how this new approach works and looks at efforts underway to adopt similar Green Plans in the U.S. Call Number: GE190.N45 G733 1995

Decade of Decision
A film which examines the problem of an ever increasing world population and the resultant impact upon the natural environment. If the rate of population growth remains
unchecked a major environmental disaster is inevitable. To forestall such an event, contraceptive education and materials, along with a reduction in wasteful consumption
are suggested. This approach is considered inexpensive but would require political will and action. Call Number: HB871 .D333 1994

Living Under The Cloud:  Chernobyl today

Dr. Vladimir Chernousenko, scientific directory of the cleanup of Chernobyl, discusses the devastating impact of the  accident in terms of the environment and humanity. Eight
years later the death toll is still rising and the land and its life forms are still suffering. Call Number: TK1362.S65 L585 1993

Solid Solutions
Presents a positive look at how four rural communities in three Southern states are creatively coping with the growing waste crisis, thanks to the leadership of local people. Call Number: TD788 .S647 1993

Battle for the trees

Examines the strategies of both sides (environmentalist vs. the logging industry) in the battle to control the old growth forests of British Columbia. Call Number: SB387.O43 B386 1993

Mississippi Waters

Shows the environmental and historical significance of the Mississippi River headwaters region in Minnesota, using scenic footage, historic art, photographs and maps.Call Number: F597 .M577 1991

The Renewable Tree
Examines the clear-cutting method of logging, which lumber companies defend as the only economical way they can meet the skyrocketing demand for wood. Conservationists have been critical of this method because the cycle of nutrient replenishment is destroyed. Solutions to the problem of conserving this resource while meeting needs are explored. Call Number: SD411 .R46 1970z

Forces of the Wild (volumes 1-10)
Offers a dynamic and comprehensive portrait of earth and our place on it. The episodes build on one another and combine to create a story that is as stunningly visual as it is
informative and entertaining. Uses spectacular natural history footage, computer animation and time-lapse sequences to explain universal concepts.
v. 1. In the beginning, v. 2. Fire and ice, v. 3. Creating rainforests and deserts, v. 4. Spirits of wind and water,   v. 5. Influences of sun and moon,  v. 6. Spring, v. 7 The human effect, v. 8.The risk factor, v. 9. Explorers of volcanoes and earthquakes, v. 10. Explorers of hurricanes, oceans and space .
Call Number:  QB631 .F673 1998

Race To Save The Planet (parts 1-10)
Shows ways that the physical environment of the Earth is being changed by man and suggests actions to preserve it.
#1. Environmental revolution, #2. Only one atmosphere, #3. Do we really want to live this way?, #4. In the name of progress, #5. Remnants of Eden, # 6. More for less, #7. Save the earth, feed the world, #8. Waste not, want not, #9. It needs political decisions, #10. Now or never.
Call Number: GF75 .R322 1990

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