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A Century Of Women (Series)
Tells the story of women in the 20th century--how they lived, loved, worked, played and, most importantly, changed the course of American history.
Work and Family - Call Number: HQ1410 .C395 1994  pt. 1
Sexuality and Social Justice - Call Number: HQ1410 .C395 1994  pt. 2
Image and Popular Culture - Call Number: HQ1410 .C395 1994  pt. 3

The Petticoat Expedition 
This film recounts the captivating stories of three British women whose pioneering spirits led them to travel in 19th-century Canada.
Call Number: HQ1123 .P488 1997

The Speeches of Famous Women: From Suffragette to Senator
Traces the progression of the women's movement with speeches from suffragettes through senators, including Elizabeth Stanton, Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford, who endorses the Equal Rights Act, and leaders Betty Friedan, Senator Carol Mosely-Braun and Barbara Boxer.
Call Number: HQ1236 .S6844 1995

Illuminated Lives: A Brief History of Women's Work In The Middle Ages
An animated film using artwork inspired by medieval illuminations, which takes a look at the realities of women's everyday life in the Middle Ages. Points out that the tasks performed by women varied according to class and locale.
Call Number: HQ1143 .I44 1989

Equality: A History of the Women's Movement in America
Chronicles the lives of women who were prominent in the various women's movements that emerged in response to a variety of injustices perpetrated against women in their personal, public, and professional lives. From Abigail Adams in 1776 to the present day.
Call Number: HQ1410 .E683 1996

Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives
Recounts the experiences of Canadian lesbian women in the 1950's and 1960's who sought romance in gay beer parlours and bars. Their stories are interwoven with a fictional love story and set against the tabloids and pulp novels of the time and illustrate the stereotypes and intolerance they faced.
Call Number: HQ76.3.C2 F67 1992

Women First (Series)
Within the individual stories of the progress and accomplishments of a history of women, one can only illustrate by example and hope that their courage--against often incredible odds--leads to an understanding of some of the ladies who, with wit, perseverance and strong determination, enlighten us about earning their place in the pages of history
Remember the ladies - Call Number: HQ1121 .W644 1996 v. 1
Touching the Clouds With Pen and Plane - Call Number: HQ1121 .W644 1996 v.2
A Lady in the Spotlight - Call Number: HQ1121 .W644 1996 v.3

Women in American Life (Series)
An overview of women's roles in the development of the United States from the Civil War through the 1950's.
1861-1880: Civil war, recovery and westward expansion - Call Number: HQ1410 .W645 1988 no.1
1880-1920: Immigration, New Work and New Roles - Call Number: HQ1410 .W645 1988 no.2
1917-1942: Cultural image and economic reality - Call Number: HQ1410 .W645 1988 no.3
1942-1955: War work, housework and growing discontent - Call Number: HQ1410 .W645 1988 no.4

Woman's Place
Examines the role of women in village society in ancient Egypt and the functions of the colossal temples built along the banks of Nile.
Call Number: DT61 .W654 1985

One Woman, One Vote
Documents the 70-year struggle for women's suffrage which culminated in the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920.
Call Number:  JK1896 .O542 1995

How We Got the Vote
Tells the history of women's suffrage. Features pioneers in the movement, popular songs lampooning women's rights, newsreels, photos, and cartoons on the subject, and feature films depicting the plight of women, and others ridiculing their aspirations.
Call Number: JF848 .H689 1986

With Babies and Banners
Traces the role of women in the formation of the United Auto workers. Combines archival footage and interviews with participants as they met on the fortieth anniversary of the strike. Focuses on the contributions of the Women's Emergency Brigade to the labor movement of the 1930's.
Call Number: HD6079.2.U5 W57 1989

Miss Amy and Miss May
Presents, by means of interviews and dramatizations, the lives of Amy Bailey and May Farquharson, women's and civil rights activists in 20th-century Jamaica.
Call Number: HQ1517.B35 M5 1990

The Changer: A Record Of The Times
Documents some of the early history of women's music through the making of Cris Williamson's album, The Changer and the changed.
Call Number: ML82 .C474 1991

Adelante, Mujeres!
"Focuses on the history of Mexican-American/ Chicana women. The major themes, organizations and personalities are introduced chronologically in a tribute to the strengths and resilience of women at the center of their families, as activists in their communities and as contributors to American history" -- container.
Call Number:E184.M5 A2965 1992

Shoulder to Shoulder
Based on letters, diaries, newspaper accounts, speeches, and court and prison records, this series commemorates the campaign for woman's suffrage in Great Britain.
Call Number: JN979 .S558 1988

Hearts and Hands
A film in which diaries, letters, photographs, and quilts are pieced together to tell a story of nineteenth century women from New England, the South, the Midwest, and the West. This program shows the roles of women and their textiles in the great movements and events of the nineteenth century.
Call Number: HQ1418 .F437 1987

Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter
Five women reminisce about their jobs and working conditions during World War II. Their testimony is interwoven with rare archival recruitment films, stills, posters, ads and music from the period.
Call Number: D810.W7 L544 1987

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Historical Women

Some Spirit in Me
Here is a film that looks at the feminist movement from a new perspective-- that of women who were not high profile activists, but whose lives were none the less affected by the changes in society. The women featured here came of age in the early 1950's from varied racial, ethnic and social backgrounds.
Call Number: HQ1154 .S585 1993

Science for Survival
Activist and ecologist Vandana Shiva is the leader of a people's movement in India that opposes "reductionist Western science". She argues that the failure of the Green Revolution was due to the fact that women's knowledge of traditional seed varieties was ignored. Shiva is devoting her scientific knowledge to proving that local farming methods, which recognize diversity and complexity in their polycultures, are vital to the survival of the Indian ecosystem. Millions of women, with their managerial,economic and scientific skills, are the backbone of India's rural economy. The film also looks at the work of Dr. Sharadini Dahanukar who has set out to prove that ayurvedic medicine, which relies heavily on women's knowledge of plants and herbs, has scientific validity. Also the film looks at silk technology from the ultra-modern biotech laboratories where the cocoons are bred, through the ancient process of silk reeling, to the bustling auction halls.
Call Number: HQ1742 .S375 1995

Who's counting? : Marilyn Waring on sex, lies & global economics
Elected to the New Zealand parliament at the age of 22, Waring eventually became the foremost spokesperson for global feminist economics. This program is an entertaining primer for anyone who suffers from what she refers to as "economics anxiety."
Call Number: HC79.I5 W535 1995

Margaret Sanger
"Birth control advocate, self-styled libertarian, and ardent proponent of women's rights--Margaret Sanger was all of these, as this balanced, probing documentary attests. Using rare archival footage, diary excerpts, and commentary from historians, critics, and relatives, the program traces Sanger's extraordinary life and exhaustive work in the promotion and legalization of contraception. The documentary examines Sanger's legal battles, her work to distribute scientific birth control information, and her best-known achievement: the establishment of Plannned Parenthood. Grandson Alexander Sanger--himself a birth control activist--offers insight into her Bohemian life as well as the fierce opposition she faced from conservative religious and social groups. Margaret Sanger is seen in both triumph and failure. At the start of her career, she opened the first birth control clinic in the United States. She finished her work a half-century later after launching the research that led to the birth control pill. But her darker side--her use of the racist and elitist arguements of eugenics--haunts her memory to this day"--Container.
Call Number: HQ764.S3 M369 1998

Two Dollars and a Dream
Biography of Madame C.J. Walker, a child of freed slaves who  became America's first self-made millionairess by parlaying a homemade beauty formula into a prosperous business manufacturing and marketing hair and skin care products for Black women. Also traces the life of Madame C.J. Walker's daughter A'Lelia, a New York socialite who figured prominently in the Harlem Renaissance.
Call Number: HD9970.5 .T652 T886 1987

When Women Get To Hurting
Examines McCaysville Industries, an independent garment factory established by five women garment workers following an unsuccessful strike against the local Levi Strauss factory in McCaysville, Georgia. Factory managers Bernice Ratcliff and Eva Chancey relate the history of McCaysville Industries and discuss the problems and advantages of operating their own business.
Call Number: HD9940.U6 M23 1976

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Female Filmmakers

My Film Making, My Life
Matilde Landeta discusses her life as a film producer and director in Mexico.
Call Number:PN1998.3.L3 M9 1990

Calling the Shots
Interviews with women filmmakers such as Sandy Wilson, Ann Wheeler, Martha Coolidge and many others.
Call Number: PN1995.9.W6 C255 1988

Women who Made the Movies
Although women have been making films as long as men, their contribution has been largely ignored. This documentary attemps to correct that oversight by tracing the careers of such filmmakers as Alice Guy Blache, Ida Lupino, Ruth Ann Baldwin, Leni Riefenstahl, Lois Weber, and many more. Included are rare clips from their films, and the film's score was composed and played by a variety of all-women jazz orchestras of the era.
Call Number:  PN1995.9.W6 W668 1992

The Wonderful, Horrible Lif eof Leni Riefenstahl
Tells the story of Leni Riefenstahl, a woman film director and German actress around the time of the Third Reich.
Call Number: PN1998.3.R54 W665 1993

Ia i loshad', ia i byk, ia i baba, ia i muzhik ( I am an ox, I am a horse, I am a man, I am a woman)
A group of motion picture actresses and women motion picture writers and directors in the Soviet Union discuss their work. Included are film clips of examples of their work.
Call Number: PN1995.9.W6 I22 1990

Invocation: Maya Deren
Profile of the life and work of Maya Deren, a pioneer producer of avant-garde films. Includes film clips of examples of her work.
Call Number: PN1998.A3 D4577 1987

The Silent Feminists: America's First Women Directors
Contrary to popular belief, women have been directing films since the silent era of the American film industry. The first document of it's kind, The Silent Feminists is an innovative film that examines the work of America's Pioneering women directors, whose achievements are often overlooked in favor of that of their male counterparts.
Call Number: PN1998.2 .S548 1996

Zero Budget
Looks at the emergence of lesbian feature filmmakers in the
U.S. and how they produce films on a small budget. Interviews with directors Rose Troche (Go Fish); Sharon Pollack (Everything Relative); Kimberley Pierce (Stone); and Alex Sichel (All Over Me) as well as producer Dolly Hall, executive producer Christine Vachon and writers Sylvia Sichel and Guinevere Turner.
Call Number: PN1995.9.W6 Z475 1996

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Ripples of Change
Nanako Kurihara came to the U.S. to escape being trapped as a woman in a repressive Japanese society. In New York she met a woman named Fumiko who had been active in the women's liberation movement in Japan. After the death of Fumiko, Nanako returned to Japan to find out what ever happened to the women's movement there.
Call Number: HQ1763 .R56 1993

The Mark of Lilith
Discusses women's power role in folklore and in the present, via sexual relationships with men and with women.
Call Number: HQ29 .M375 1986

And Still I Rise
Prominent black women comment on the history and experiences of the Afro-American slave woman in white European society. Includes interviews with Caron Wheeler (singer), Buchi Emecheta (novelist), Stella Dadzie (writer) along with many others.
Call Number: HQ1587 .A524 1993

Some American Feminists
Interviews and newsreel footage place the American feminist movement in an historical perspective. Six of the women who gave impetus to the movement discuss those issues that most concern them.
Call Number: HQ1154 .S583 1980

The F-Word
Presents various definitions of feminism as defined by feminists, opponents of feminism, and ordinary men and women.
Call Number: HQ1421 .F2 1994

My Feminism
Presents several women's standpoints on feminism and their thoughts as feminist.
Call Number: HQ1180 .M9 1997

I Need Your Full Cooperation
In 1892 Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote "The Yellow Wallpaper" about a woman undergoing a rest cure for an unidentified ailment. Using archival footage, film clips, interviews and live action Kathy High dramatizes the social control exerted by male doctors over women to keep them in their place.
Call Number: HQ1154 .I14 1989

Meeting of Two Queens
In this witty, luminous tape Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich star in the roles of their lives-- cast as lovers. Queen Christina meets the Scarlet Empress; Anna Karenina and Blonde Venus transcend tragedy. This beguiling tape links the queens of the silver screen through motifs such as the cigarette and a circuitry of meaningful gazes and gestures. Clips from their signature roles are remounted in silent film style vignettes to tell a burgeoning tale of desire and destiny.
Call Number: HQ1185 .M448 1991

Mirror Mirror
Explores women's perceptions of their own bodies compared with society's definition of the "perfect" figure. Women of various ages, races, and body types comment about their own bodies and tell how they think others perceive and treat them based on their physical appearance.
Call Number: HQ1219 .M5776 1990

One Fine Day
Illustrates the song , "One fine day", using archival stills and film footage as well as contemporary images. Presents a picture of historical and contemporary women whose lives serve as examples of what women can achieve.
Call Number: HQ1121 .O54 1984

Take the Power
Illustrates the song, "Take the power." Presents a story of women working in all types of jobs while also performing the
traditional women's roles in society.
Call Number: HQ1121 .T354 1987

What Does She Want?  (Series)
We Are Not Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice - A collection of short videorecordings and films representing alternative views of family and relationships, primarily from women's points of view.
Call Number: HQ1111 .W482 no.1
Bad Attitude  -  A collection of five short films and videorecordings and four political campaign commercials that offer views of politics in its various manifestations.
Call Number: HQ1111 .W482 no.2
Fact is Stranger Than Fiction - A collection of seven short videorecordings and films which comprise worlds made up of fantasy, illusion, fact, and speculation. Focusing primarily on women, each work addresses the ambiguous questions of what and how we believe.
Call Number:HQ1111 .W482 no.3
A Crack in the Tube - A collection of short videorecordings that illustrate the images television injects into modern life, especially those of women, and their social effects. Includes three contemporary video productions, a commercial of the 1950s, and a Nicaraguan game show.
Call Number: HQ1111 .W482 no.4
Variety is the Spice of Life - A collection of seven short pieces exploring the subjects of love and sex with a sense of humor and an understanding of the construction of sexuality.
Call Number: HQ1111 .W482 no.5
Women With A Past - Combines interviews with four women artists and film makers, Christine Choy, Yvonne Rainer, Martha Rosler, and Nancy Spero, who discuss their lives and work and offer their insights into contemporary social issues.
Call Number: HQ1111 .W482 no.6

A Woman's Place: Short Stories
Six 10 minute videos by women about the status and condition of women in 6 countries. <1> In Fiji women are involved in new sea farming projects. <2> In South Africa a literacy campaign gives birth to an effective anti-liquor campaign. <3> In South Africa, the Women's Health Project ensures that women will have a voice in shaping the new health care system. <4> A new generation of Caribbean women are using drama and reggae to focus attention on domestic violence. <5> Thousands of Filipino women are leaving children and country behind to work as domestics in Hong Kong. <6> Guatemalan women widowed in the civil unrest have formed an organization, Conavigua, to conduct literacy classes and encourage political participation.
Call Number: HQ1154 .W857 1995

Wayward girls and Wicked Women
Features animated films produced and directed by women. Highlights a diversity of techniques, styles and subject matter.
Call Number:  PN1997.5 .W398 1990z  vols. 1-3

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Current Issues

War Zone
Filmmaker Maggie Hadleigh-West believes that for women, walking the streets is like traversing a mine field. The anxiety that is produced by gestures and verbal attacks (leers, taunts, catcalls, and misguided "compliments") are perceived by women as a threat to their safety and are a reminder of their powerlessness in society. Armed with a movie camera, Hadleigh-West recorded men in the act of harassing her on the city streets, filming 112 incidents of street abuse in 7 1/2 hours. War zone documents one woman's experience with this damaging behavior and attempts to define this phenomenon as well as raise the awareness of both men and women to this degrading and debilitating epidemic.
Call Number:  HQ1237.5.U6 W379 1993

Who will cast the first stone?
Takes a look at the impact of Islamization on women in Pakistan, showing the oppression and injustice which has led Pakistani women to the forefront of the political struggle for equal rights.
Call Number: HQ1236.5 .P18 W487 1988

Pro and Con: Women in American Life
Host Thomas Ehrlich leads a panel of Indiana University faculty in a discussion of feminism and the status of women in American society today and the degree of feminism and concern about gender-related issues among today's women college students.
Call Number: HQ1420 .P759 1989

37 Stories About Leaving Home
A fascinating and lyrical film about the lives of women, as daughters, mothers, and grandmothers, in contemporary Japan. It traces several two or three generation mother-daughter and grandmother-mother pairs talking singly about the events in their lives, and implicitly about the interactions among them. The women range in age from some near teenagers to women in their seventies talking about their lives as daughters around the turn of the century.
Call Number: HQ1762 .A113 1996

My Second Life: East German Women in a Changed World
The collapse of socialism meant the loss of a giant support structure which had enabled 91% of East German women to be employed. Today there is a widespread notion that these women are the losers of the reunification. Yet interviews with these very women   show a surprisingly wide spectrum of responses to the changes in their lives.
Call Number: HQ1630.5 .M993 1996

See Jane Run: How Women Get Elected
Program depicts the experience of women seeking careers as elected politicians and of the training they receive at Yale University's Women's Campaign School. Includes interviews of students and women politicians currently in office.
Call Number: HQ1391.U5 S44 1996

Stories of Honor and Shame
The Gaza Strip endured 27 years of Israeli occupation and a prolonged Palestinian uprising. It is now partially administered by the Palestinian National Authority. This behind-the-scenes film reveals the hidden lives of the Palestinian women who live there. Fifteen women reveal their roles in a patriarchal Islamic society where men dictate most aspects of life. Shows the resilience and courage of women who, despite very difficult circumstances, all speak with enormous dignity and grace.
Call Number: HQ1170 .S766 1996

Working Women: Personal and Social Goals
Shows the role of Japanese women since WW II both at home and at work.
Call Number: HQ1762 .W887 1991

The Courageous Women of Colombia
Investigates whether the U.S. government uses the "Drug War"as a smokescreen to justify arms sales to Colombia and exposes the human rights abuses of the Colombian army against its people and how women specifically have responded to this. In 1996, a delegation sponsored by the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) travelled to Colombia to take part in the International Day of Actions Against Violence Against Women. The delegation traveled to Apartado in support of its mayor, a courageous young woman named Gloria Cuartas, who is trying to govern the city in an atmosphere of terror. Includes an interview with Mayor Cuartas.
Call Number: HN310.Z9 C68 1997

A Question of Rights
World of Difference - This film is an introduction to the series A Question of Rights. It sets the scene, tracing the background to the international agreements on women rights. Host Bella Abzug shows that when women are excluded from basic rights and decision making, the economy, development, and environment suffer.

Call Number: HQ1236 .W684 1998
Girls from Chaka Street - This film deals with the flourishing sex industry in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Underage girls - earning more in a night on the street than a trained doctor does in a month - face physical and psychological risks, and Mafia involvement is growing.

Call Number:  HQ1236.5.L35 G574 1998

Welcome to Womanhood
In a follow-up to the 1996 documentary The Cutting Edge, BBC- TV correspondent, Donu Kogbara returns to the Kapchorwe region of Uganda to look at the success and failure of the REACH project in northern Uganda which tried to replace the dangerous practice of female genital mutilation with ceremonies for the exchange of cattle and gifts to welcome young girls into the adult community.
Call Number: HQ1233 .W353 1998

Not the Numbers Game
Looks at how several developing countries have progressed in meeting the agreements signed at the Cairo Conference on Population and Development in which peoples' needs rather than population numbers were emphasized in discussions. Video contains six short segments that examine the conditions of women in these countries and their efforts to attain their dreams while dealing with pregnancy, poverty, lack of birth control, lack of education, genital mutilation, low social status, low paying industrial jobs, and other problems that make their lives difficult.
Call Number: HQ1870.9 .N683 1997

Women and men in the Satkhira district of southwestern
Bangladesh show their progress in creating economic opportunity while addressing the issue of women's rights.
Call Number: HQ1745.6 .C64 1996

Half the sky : the women of the Jiang family : a film
Women members of the Jiang family discuss the progress made by women in China, both socially and economically, in recent times.
Call Number: HQ1768 .H354 1995

Rising Above: Women of Vietnam 
A survey of the social and economic progress made by women in Vietnam since, and before, the end of the Vietnamese Conflict in 1975, including sequences showing the participation of women in the Vietnamese Conflict.
Call Number: HQ1750.5 .R575 1995

When abortion was illegal untold stories
Presents the stories of women who had illegal abortions from 1930 to 1960, along with comments of doctors and others who helped them deal with later trauma.
Call Number: HQ767 .W54 1992

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