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African Crime Fiction Written by Authors from Germany

African Crime Fiction consists of crime, detective, and mystery novels that are set in Africa, feature African characters, or are authored by African writers. Further information regarding the scope of this project is available on the main page of the African Crime Fiction Project.

 Author  Title  Nation(s) of Origin
 Akombi, Wilfred Ndum
 A Dirty Game
 Cameroon, Germany
  Blaudez, Lena
  Spiegelreflex: Ada Simon in Cotonou
  Blaudez, Lena   Farbfilter: Ada Simon in Douala
  Dubbe, Daniel

 Tropenfieber: Kriminalroman

  Graf, Edgar
 Bombenspiel Linda Roloffs Fünfter Fall  Germany
  Graf, Edgar  Leopardenjagd Linda Roloffs Vierter Fall
  Graf, Edgar  Elefantengold der Dritte Linda Roloff Krimi
  Graf, Edgar Löwenriss: Ein Afrika-Krimi  Germany
  Graf, Edgar  Nashornfieber: Ein Afrika-Krimi  Germany

Prepared by Sarah Keil, August 2012.

last updated: 8/2/2012