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Title VI: April 20, 2012 Notes

Title VI Librarians Meeting
Friday, April 20, 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Pyle Center, Room 226
University of Wisconsin- Madison


Tim Johnson (NYU), Patricia Kuntz (Madison, WI), David Westley (Boston University), Esmeralda Kale (Northwestern University), Araba Dawson-Andoh (Ohio University), Beth Restrick (Boston University), Loumona Petroff (Boston University), David Easterbrook (Northwestern University), Dan Reboussin (University of Florida), Michelle Guittan (Northwestern University), Joe Lauer (Michigan State University), Peter Limb (Michigan State University), Ruby Bell-Gam (UCLA), Miriam Conteh-Morgan (Ohio State University), Karen Fung (Stanford University), Laverne Page (Library of Congress), Deborah Lafond (SUNY-Albany), Charles Riley (Yale University), Laura Martin (UW-SLIS), Edward Miner (University of Iowa), Jason Schultz (UC Berkeley), Patricia Ogedengbe (Northwestern University), Bassey Irele (Harvard University), Emilie Songolo (UW-Madison).

1. Budget update:
Judy Alspach was unable to attend the meeting and Frank-Wilson reported on her behalf. Because of the recent Title VI cuts, contributions to cooperative library projects were reduced, with only 6 institutions contributing $1000 each. Amount currently available for projects: add

Frank-Wilson reported that the Title VI budget for the coming fiscal year (beginning in August 2012) is expected to be the same (including the almost 47% cuts) as this year’s budget. In light of such severely reduced budgets, she stressed the importance of promoting cooperative library projects in individual meetings with center/program directors throughout the year.

2. Project Reports:
  • Kabarole District Archives Project: Edward Miner reported that the project was progressing well and that it was expected to meet its anticipated completion date in 2013. He had sent a detailed progress report to the group and to CAMP before the meeting, and there were no further questions.

  • Digitizing the photographs of William V.S. Tubman (Liberia): Verlon Stone did not attend the meeting, and Marion Frank-Wilson reported on his behalf. The project “Rescuing Liberian History – Preserving the Photographs of William V.S. Tubman, Liberia’s Longest Serving President) is now complete. It was funded by the British Library’s Endangered Archives Programme, and the Title VI Librarians had contributed 12,500 British Pounds.

    From Verlon Stone’s report: “Check out the newest finding aids at including the 40,000 digitized pages of the William V. S. Tubman papers at The 5,550 William V. S. Tubman photos are online and searchable now at (although much description left to do)“

    3. Discussion of Future Directions – new proposals
  • Archiving websites: Frank-Wilson proposed a project to archive websites through an annual subscription to Archive-it (for more information see .

    How Archive-it works: the subscriber works with Archive-it representative to develop a budget, which is based on the number of webpages to be archived, and the amount of storage space the documents take up. Throughout the subscription period, the Archive-it representative will monitor the budget to make sure the subscriber stays within the set amount, or advice on how to avoid going over budget. The data would be stored at Archive-it, and subscribers link to the website. If at the end of the year a subscriber is unable to renew their subscription everything archived during that year will remain (although static, since no more recent crawls of the websites will be added).

    An advantage of Archive-it vs. the Wayback machine is that is makes the websites fully functional.

    Frank-Wilson pointed out the Open Folklore project at IU which uses Archive-it for key folklore websites. For that project, two student interns are employed to set up the project and, once the website crawls have been developed, to monitor the websites and crawls.

    Based on IU’s experience with Archive-it projects, a budget of $5000 would translate into 30-40 archived websites.

    Frank-Wilson proposed to spend $5000 from the Title VI funds currently available for an Archive-it subscription, plus additional money for a student assistant, to archive websites related to Africa. The selection of those websites would be done jointly by the group. She stressed that, while such a project is an important contribution to our mission of preservation and providing access, it can also be seen in the larger context of connecting and expanding partnerships with our colleagues on the continent. Moreover, it would address some issues voiced by area directors about the need for more innovative projects.

    During the discussion of the proposal several questions and concerns were noted:
    - What are the copyright/permissions implications for such a project?
    - Are there samples/trials so we can get a better idea?
    - In case we are unable to maintain our subscription to Archive-it beyond one or two years, is there an ongoing access fee for the storage of already collected websites?
    - What are the significant difference between Archive-it and the Wayback machine, in addition to the search function?

    Frank-Wilson agreed to follow up on these questions and send her findings to the list, with a potential vote on the proposal via email.

  • Digitization of Liberian Government Archives: Frank-Wilson reported on behalf of Verlon Stone Proposal by the Indiana University Liberian Collections to digitize and electronically publish the Liberian Government Archives papers, a subset of the Liberian National Archives documents collected y Dr. Svend E. Holsoe (only existing copy; originals were destroyed by poor storage conditions and/or war-time looting).

    Requested amount: $5,600

    The group agreed to recommend the proposal for consideration by CAMP at the Saturday morning meeting and, should CAMP not pursue it, re-visit it then.

    4. No other business.
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