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Title VI: November 17, 2011 Notes

Title VI Librarians Meeting
Thursday, November 17, 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Howard University
Carnegie Building Conference Room, 2nd Floor
Washington, D.C.

Meeting Notes

Present: Araba Dawson-Andoh (Ohio U.), Esmeralda Kale (Northwestern), David Easterbrook (Northwestern), Dorothy Woodson (Yale), Al Kagan (U of IL), Peter Limb (Michigan State U.), Karen Fung (Stanford U), Miki Goral (UCLA), Ruby Bell-Gam (UCLA), Laverne Page (LC), Jason Schultz (UC Berkeley), Patricia Ogedengbe (Northwestern), Bassey Irele (Harvard), Edward Miner (U of Iowa), Beth Restrick (Boston), Yuusuf Caruso (Columbia), Judy Alspach (CRL), James Simon (CRL), Bernard Reilly (CRL), David Westley (Boston), Regina Roberts (Stanford), Margaret Hughes (Stanford), Deborah LaFond (SUNY Albany), Loumona Petroff ( Boston), Marion Frank-Wilson (Indiana University)

Title VI Matters:
Judy Alspach presented the budget report ($17,000.00 available).
Marion noted that there was no information on the new Title VI budget and/or potential cuts yet.

Project Reports:
  • Arquivo Historico de Mocambique project:
    The group discussed at length what next steps for the Arquivo Historico de Mocambique project should be. $10,000.00 had been approved for this project at an earlier meeting, but in the meantime, a problem arose where, citing a cultural heritage law, Mocambique will not be able to make master copies of the digitization available to CAMP/Title VI. We would still have free access to the materials but would depend on the Mocambique Archive’s website for that access. The Title VI librarians decided to cut their originally approved funding of $10,000.00 by $9000, with $1000 still allocated for potential future collaboration with the Arquivo.
  • Kabarole District Archives (Western Uganda) digital project:
    The Title VI Librarians had allocated funding towards the preservation and digitization of the Kabarole District Archives the previous year. The project was progressing smoothly, although the project leaders realized that additional funding would be needed to complete the digitization. Again, after detailed discussion, the Title VI librarians group approved an additional $12,636 to complete the project. Anticipated completion is in 2013.

    Future Projects:
    There was no time to discuss this agenda item, although the concept of cooperative collection development was raised as a future discussion item.
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