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FAQ 1. Connection files
The EndNote program provides a large number of connection files.
In addition to connection files for library catalogs, which are freely available for importing references, there are connection files for various vendor databases. Some vendors allow you to search with a connection file; many do not.
Among the vendors who allow a connection file to search their databases are:
Project Muse
Web of Knowledge
WorldCat (OCLC)
*When connecting remotely, use a VPN connection

FAQ 2. Corporate Authors
Put a comma after the name of the organization:

Department of State,
National Bar Association,

If the name contains a comma, place a comma after the first comma in the name:

Department of Health,, Education and Welfare
Crosby,, Stills, Nash & Young

FAQ 3. Google Scholar
To download references from Google Scholar, go to "Scholar Preferences"
Under Bibliography Manager "check Show links to import citations into": EndNote
Save preferences
When you search, each reference will have a link beneath it: Import into EndNote
Click on Import into EndNote and EndNote will open
References import directly into EndNote
Only one reference will import at a time

FAQ 4. Find Full Text settings in EndNote
To Configure your EndNote program to import the full text of references in an EndNote library:
  • Go to Edit
  • Go to Preferences:
  • In the OpenURL box Under URLs & links replace: ?sid=ISI:WOS with ?sid=sersol
  • Also in Preferences go to Find Full Text, check all boxes and set Open URL path to:
  • In Authenticate with enter:
  • These settings will help when you use the Find Full Text function of EndNote to locate and import the full text of references in your EndNote library

  • FAQ 5. Field Codes
    If your text looks odd, you probably have Word's Field Codes turned on:

    The document {ADDIN EN.CITE <EndNote><Cite><Author>Hasman</Author><Year>2006</Year> <RecNum>100</RecNum><record><rec-number>100</rec-number><ref-type name="Journal Article">17</ref- type><contributors><authors><author>Hansman, Andreas</author><author>Hope, Tony</author></authors></contributors><titles><title>Health Need: Three Interpretations</title><secondary-title>Journal of applied philosophy</secondary- title></titles><periodical><full-title>Journal of applied philosophy</full- title></periodical><pages145></pages><volume>23</volume><number>2</number> dates><year>2006</year></dates><urls><related- urls><url>;issn=02643758;title=Journal%2 0of%20Applied%20Philosophy;volume=23;issue=2;date=20060801;atitle=Health%20Ca re%20Need%3A%20Three%20Interpretations.;spage=145;sid=EBSCO%3Aaph;pid=%3 Cauthors%3Ehaseman%2C%20Andreas%3BHope%2C%20Tony%3B%C3%98terdal%2 C%20Lars%20Peter%3C%2Fauthors%3E%3Cui%3E20785798%3C%2Fui%3E3Cdate %3E20060801%3C%2Fdate%3E%3Ddb%Eaph%3C%2Fdb%3E</url></related- urls></urls></record></Cite></EndNote> { ADDIN EN.REFLIST } Use Alt-F9 to toggle off field codes

    FAQ 6. Lost Libraries
    If you have deleted library by mistake, it is possible to recreate it if the .DATA folder is still intact. Use a text editor like Notepad to create a blank text file and save it with the same name as the .DATA file with the extention .enl (My EndNote Library.enl for example). Save it in the same folder as the .DATA folder. The library will regenerate from the .DATA folder.

    FAQ 7. Corrupted Libraries
    If you cannot repair an EndNote library in Windows, you may be able to fix it by opening the library on a Mac, saving it and then trying to open it again in Windows

    FAQ 8. Unreadable older EndNote libraries
    If you have an older EndNote library, especially one created with EndNote 7 or earlier, you may have trouble opening it with a later version of EndNote. Assuming you have a copy of EndNote 7, install it and open the EndNote library. Save it. Open it again in the latest EndNote version, and it should work.

    FAQ 9. Problems with the Cite While You Write Tools in EndNote 8 and EndNote 9
    On some machines, when EndNote 8 and 9 are both installed, or if EndNote9 is installed after removing EndNote8, the EndNote8 CWYW add-in files may remain in a startup folder. They may cause trouble when you try to use Cite-While-You-Write with EndNote9.
    You will need to remove the old EndNote8 add-ins (EN8Cwyw andEN8CWYW.WordXP) which you will find in:
    C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP
    Show hidden files, if they are not showing
    Go to:
    My Computer --> Local Disc C: --> Documents and Settings --> Username --> Application data --> Microsoft --> Word --> STARTUP
    Remove the previous version 8 files
    From the EndNote folder, copy into the STARTUP folder:
    EN9Cwyw (the Microsoft word template)
    EN9CWYW.WordXP (the word add-in)
    You may also have to set security to a lower level to enable macros.

    FAQ 10. Word 2007 CWYW with older Endnote versions
    In Word, click on the Office icon > Word Options > Add-Ins> Change Manage to Disabled Items and click Go.Highlight the EndNote item(s) and click Enable.Click Close and then click OK. If prompted, select to allow this file to be loaded. Close and re-open Word when this is done. If you are still getting this error message, make sure you have updated EndNote with the latest patch. The directions for installing the patch can be found here:

    Once the patch has been installed, reboot your machine and do the following to repair EndNote:

    Quit EndNote. Click on the Start menu, go to settings and select Control Panel or if the Control Panel is visible on the Start menu itself select it there.
    In the Control Panel, open Programs > Programs and Features. Highlight EndNote and click Change. Select the Repair option and click Next. Follow the process to complete the repair. Reboot your machine when this finishes.
    Next, click on the Start menu > Programs (or All Programs) > EndNote > Configure EndNote. Follow the steps to install the Cite While You Write (CWYW) tools again. When this is done, first open your EndNote library and then Word.

    FAQ 11. Problems with direct download not downloading directly and opening the file in notebpad instead
    Set a new default to open the file
    Control Panel -- Default Programs -- Set Associations
    "Associate a file type to view the program that curriently opens it by default"
    Go down the list to .ris
    Set .ris to ResearchSoft Direct Export Helper (or EndNote)

    FAQ 13. EndNote X2 missing from the Word Ribbon
    When a word document crashes, Word may disable certain programs to help it fix itself. One of those programs my be the EndNote add-in.
    To restore the add-in:
    Go to Word
    Click on the Word ball at the upper left
    Go to Word options
    Go to Add-ins
    Look at the drop-down menu at the bottom for "disabled items"
    Check EndNote CWYW.dotm to enable it

    FAQ 14. Importing records from Online searching
    When searching with a connection file from inside EndNote my library is importing all the search results automatically, unlike previous versions. Is it possible to modify this behavior?

    FAQ 15. Reference type and global change
    This can be especially useful if many references have imported as "generic".
    Select the references you want to change
    Show the references you want to change (References --> Show Selected References)
    When the desired records show, use Edit --> Find and Replace --> Select Reference Type
    Find: type Generic (or whatever reference type you want to replace)
    Replace with: type Book (or whatever reference type you want the record to become)
    Click on: Change
    Click on: OK
    The reference type will change in your EndNote library

    FAQ 16. PDFs
    If you have PDF files and internet connection, you can create references and attach the PDF files to the references automatically.
    If the PDF file contains a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), EndNote uses the DOI to retrieve the bibliographic data from the online CrossRef Database. EndNote then creates a full bibliographic record and attaches the PDF file to the record in the EndNote library.
    If the PDF does not contain a DOI, EndNote creates a blank reference with only the filename of the PDF file in the Title field and attaches the PDF file to the blank reference.
    You may import single PDF files or a folder of PDF files all at once.
    To import a single PDF
    In EndNote, select File --> Import --> File
    Choose the PDF file as the Import File
    Choose PDF as the Import Option
    Click on the Import Button.
    To import a folder of PDFs
    In EndNote, select File-- > Import --> Folder
    Choose the folder containing the PDF files as the Import Folder
    Choose PDF as the Import Option
    Click the Import Button

    FAQ 17. Firefox, Zotero and EndNote
    If you are using Firefox and have added Zotero, you will see that references will download to Zotero, rather than to EndNote. In Firefox, go to Add ons, then Extensions, then Zotero. Choose to disable Zotero. References will now download into EndNote.

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