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last updated: 9/4/2012

Next Steps

During Spring 2012 semester, subject and area librarians will be scheduling meetings with faculty in their departments and research/teaching groups to continue these important discussions. These meetings will focus on the following questions:


  1. What services, policies or spaces would you need if the majority of physical collections were transferred to the ALF or shared repository?
  2. Are there categories of materials that in your opinion are more or less appropriate to shelve off-site?
  3. How would you describe your preferences for electronic or print materials? For example, is it by format (e.g., journal, scholarly monograph, reference work, etc.), date, or the scholarly purpose for which you need it? Or other?
  4. How do you envision collaborating with librarians beyond building/preserving collections: partner in research and teaching, new scholarly communication paradigms, building discovery systems beyond library collections, other?

As meetings with departments and research/teaching groups progress, please return to this web site for reports on our findings and information about future campus discussions.

last updated: 9/4/2012