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last updated: 2/13/2012

Education Advisory Board Report


About the Education Advisory Board:

The Education Advisory Board provides best practice research and practical advice to academic, business, and student affairs leaders at the nation's leading universities. With teams of consultants and analysts dedicated to uncovering the best ideas from across higher education, our members benefit from the learning of thousands of universities nationwide, with findings tailored to their particular area of concern



Redefining the Academic Library: Managing the Migration to Digital Information Services


Academic libraries are faced with a daunting series of challenges brought on by the digital revolution. In an era when millions of books, articles, images, and videos available instantaneously via the web, libraries across all institutional types are experiencing declining demand for their traditional services, built around the storage and dissemination of physical resources. At the same time, new demand for digital information services and collaborative learning spaces promise new areas of opportunity and engagement with patrons. A rapid and orderly transition to “the library of the future” requires difficult trade-offs, however, as no institution can afford to continue expanding both its commitment to comprehensive, local print collections as well as new investments in staff, technology, and renovations.


This report illustrates how progressive academic libraries are evolving in response to these challenges, providing case studies and best practices in managing library space, staff, and resources:

    • Understanding the implications of digital technology for information services
    • Managing investment in ebooks and third-party digital collections
    • Transitioning to “just-in-time” acquisition models
    • Exploring alternative access models for scholarly literature
    • Rightsizing print collections while repurposing library space
    • New roles for library staff in teaching and research support

last updated: 2/13/2012