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  • Librarian: Marion Frank-Wilson
  • Location: Herman B Wells Library E660
  • Phone: (812) 855-1481
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A732: Schedule of Class Meetings

Spring Semester 2012 - Schedule of Classes

Unless otherwise noted, the class will meet in Wells Library, Room E174.

Please note: The information below is only the schedule of classes. For complete syllabus information (including course requirements, etc.) please visit:

January 10/13:
  • Introduction, Discussion of Syllabus (course scope, requirements, etc.), Tour of the 6th floor.
  • Reading Assignment: Pearl Robinson, "Area Studies in Search of Africa," in David Szanton (ed.), The Politics of Knowledge: Area
    Studies and the Disciplines
    (University of California Press, 2004).
  • Film: "Herskovits at the Heart of Blackness"

  • African Studies in the U.S.

  • Reading Assignment: “Africa,” in P. Altbach, International Book Publishing: an Encyclopedia, London, Chicago: Fitzroy, Dearborn, 1995: 366-415.

    January 20:
  • African Studies in the U.S.  cont.
  • Publishing in Africa
  • Introduction to the African Studies Collection website

    January 27:
  • Discussion of updated syllabus
  • Publishing in Africa
  • African Studies Collection website cont.
  • African Studies web resources
  • Introduction to the Library of Congress classification
  • Discussion of Gretchen Walsh “Can we get there from here…”

    February 3:
  • Online databases: Coverage, search strategies, links to full-text and Alert Services
  • Evaluation of web resources
  • Selected Recent Electronic Initiatives
  • In-class exercise: web based information versus information from online databases versus print resources -- discussion of results

    February 10:
  • Introduction to Bibliographic Software: Zotero and Endnote
  • File Management
  • Chanitra Bishop, Emerging Technologies Librarian

    February 17:
  • Meet in Fine Arts Library/Access to images
  • Break/walk back to Wells Library
  • Discussion of Course Projects/Topics
  • Compiling and Evaluating Bibliographies
  • Access to current research
  • Funding opportunities

    February 24:
  • Kagan chapters 1, 2 [Kagan, Alfred, Reference Guide to Africa: A Bibliography of Sources, 2nd ed. Lanham, Md., & London: the Scarecrow Press, Inc., 2005]
  • Periodical Indexes and dissertations
  • Bibliographies -- national, trade, and country focused
  • General reference materials (guides, handbooks, encyclopedias, current events, etc.)
  • Visit Lilly Library

    March 2:
  • Kagan, chapters 3, 14, 9, 17
  • Subject specific sources - Humanities: History / Biographical sources / Anthropology / Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) / Literature, Film, Theatre

    March 9 (Can we change date to Wednesday, March 7?)
  • Primary sources
  • Archives -- Sarah Keil
  • Field Notes
  • Oral Tradition/History

    March 16: NO CLASS -- SPRING BREAK

    March 23:
    Carrie: Conducting research in ethnomusicology (overview of research methods) and presentation of resources for music
    Mpolo: Development studies (overview of research methods) and presentation of resources
  • Linguistics

    March 30:
  • Kagan, chapters 10, 19
    Kirk: Conducting research in political science (overview of research methods) and presentation of resources
  • Government publications -- Michael Courtney
  • Development Studies

    April 6:
  • Kagan, chapter 8
  • Human Rights
  • Communications/Media
  • Newspapers
  • Social Media

    April 13:
  • Open access (institutional repositories, Hathi Trust, Google Books, etc.) vs. fee based publishing
  • Break
  • Publishing in Journals
  • Samuel Obeng, Director of the African Studies Program, and Editor-in-chief of Africa Today

    April 20: NO CLASS

    April 27:
  • Presentations
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