Information Fluency Grants

Together with the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and The College of Arts & Sciences, the Indiana University Libraries are pleased to offer three instructional development grants of $1500 each for the design or revision of a course to incorporate information fluency into undergraduate curricula. The purpose of these grants is to offer faculty the opportunity to create and reenergize courses that teach students how to do scholarly research. These courses will give students practice in creating projects, papers, or lab reports that incorporate, build upon, and challenge a variety of sources with the end goal of presenting original ideas. It is our assumption that proposed courses would not focus exclusively on information fluency but will incorporate it into the examination of discipline-specific subject matter as a means of developing better research skills among students. Such courses, whatever their subject matter, will teach students to select, cite, and even reject sources; identify and articulate the arguments of these sources; and build upon and respond to the work done by other scholars.


Proposals are now being accepted for the 2014-2015 academic year (the deadline is Friday, March 14th 2014). Full-time members of the faculty (including permanent lecturers) are eligible. Although courses that have a strong writing component are well-suited to teaching the research process, information fluency can be appropriately taught through coursework in any discipline and at any level. Librarians will work closely with faculty members to ascertain what kinds of informational fluency and research skills students at different points in their academic careers and from various majors need to have. One of the goals of these courses is to build upon work that students have previously done and help them to prepare for the challenges that they will face in the rest of their time at IU.


Successful proposals will demonstrate how students will benefit from the opportunity to gather information, analyze and select sources, and use the information to learn and create new knowledge. Applications should be submitted electronically via email to and should include the following:


  1. Applicant’s name
  2. Course (name and number) into which you intend to integrate information fluency
  3. Course syllabus
  4. A statement
    1. indicating whether the proposal is for the creation of a new course or the redesign of an existing course
    2. approximating the number of students enrolled
    3. explaining the importance of this course to the department's course offerings, the General Education Curriculum, etc.
    4. describing the role of a librarian as collaborator in this project
    5. indicating learning outcomes
    6. describing how information fluency will be integrated into the course
    7. identifying specific learning outcomes for information fluency and how these connect to course/discipline-related content
    8. explaining the methods that will be used to assess student learning
    9. concerning how the results of the course re/design will be shared or disseminated
    10. ensuring there is sufficient equipment or resources to support the re/design (if additional funds would be required, please indicate the source)
  5. A letter of support from a dean or department chair
  6. A current CV for each applicant

last updated: 7/22/2013