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last updated: 10/25/2011

David S. Bradley Film Collection

Photograph courtesy of Lilly Library


The Lilly Library at Indiana University acquired the Bradley Film Collection in 1997 following the death of collector and filmmaker, David Shedd Bradley.  

The 3,964 16mm films comprise one of the most comprehensive film collections ever assembled by an individual collector. The collection spans the history of cinema in the United States and Europe, including both classic and obscure films from France, Germany, Italy, Russia, England, and Scandinavia, as well as the films of the world’s most acclaimed filmmakers.

The silent era is represented particularly well by the collection, which contains many  short and feature-length films, including comedies produced by Mack Sennett and dramatic films by D.W. Griffith, Cecil B. DeMille, and F. W. Murnau. 

Circulation policy:  the Bradley Film collection circulates to faculty and assistant instructors for seven days for class use, items may be renewed.  Researchers, graduate, post-doctorate, and undergraduate students may request to preview films through IUCAT (link to IUCAT on this page), but will have to preview the films in Media & Reserve Services unless other arrangements have been approved by the media librarian.  Undergraduate students must obtain permission from instructor before requesting to preview a film in the collection.

Patrons are encouraged to request alternative formats, such as VHS or DVD, when available.  Patrons may watch Bradley films in Media & Reserve Services during normal business hours.


last updated: 10/25/2011