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Access Policy:

The Indiana University Libraries Film Archives recognizes that their primary commitment is to preserve the materials in their care, and - provided always that such activity will not compromise this commitment - to make them permanently available for research, study and public screening.

The Libraries' film collections are archival, research collections and access is limited to: scholarly research, film class use or projection in the IU Cinema.

To view films, 16mm and 35mm flatbed viewers are available for use by researchers on-site at the Wells Library and are available by appointment during normal business hours. Media reference staff supervise all researchers viewing appointments.

Projecting the films should be limited to classroom screenings and special showings.

NOTE: To access the Lilly Library's John Ford and Orson Welles collections, contact Cherry Williams, Lilly Curator of Manuscripts for permission.

Collection Development Policy:

The Indiana University Libraries Film Archive will continue to expand the motion picture film collections using the following guidelines:

  • 1) The Lilly Library and University Archives will continue to acquire film according to their collection policies.
  • 2) For the Wells Library film collections:
    • a. At present, the scope of the individual films and film collections to be acquired should fit the scope of the current holdings which are - educational, industrial, instructional and documentary films; the history of film and individual filmmaker collections.
    • b. A collection can also be evaluated by its relevance to programming in the Indiana University Cinema as well as to individual scholarship.
    • c. The condition of a collection must be of the level to be stored in the conservation level facility without concern of acetic acid off gassing and deterioration contamination to the other holdings.
    • d. Storage space must be available within the climate controlled facility.

Print Loan Policy & Procedures:

While the Indiana University Libraries Film Archive does not maintain a rental film library, we are happy to loan prints from our motion picture collection for occasional public screenings by qualified non-profit organizations, subject to print availability and certain terms and conditions.

Print loans will be restricted to films that are in good condition. Most films are available in 16mm only. The Archive has a right to refuse to loan a print based on the poor condition of the film or in the event that the requesting borrower does not meet the equipment and handling requirements.

Archive prints will only be loaned to organizations that use a conventional two-projector (changeover) system. Prints will not be loaned to organizations that use a platter projection system, or that build up prints onto larger reels in order to reduce the number of changeovers required.

Print loan requests should be submitted in writing by post or e-mail a minimum of 30 days in advance of the desired playdate. Requests should be addressed to:

Rachael Stoeltje
Film Archivist
Indiana University Libraries Film Archive
Wells Library
(812) 855-2523