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Online resources in Slavic and East European studies: A primer


The following list (currently available at was compiled in early 2011 for one-hour session that aimed to introduce beginning graduate students in Slavic and East European studies to a variety of electronic resources available through the Indiana University Libraries and some stable and useful open-access resources. Needless to say, the list will be regularly modified and updated to incorporate new resources. Please direct any suggestions and comments to Wookjin Cheun (



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Extended list of online resources
Transliteration tables

Online library catalogs
IUCAT: holdings of the IU Libraries (*No periodical articles)
WorldCat (1971- ): beyond IUCAT
Foreign library catalogs (16 countries): collection of foreign library online catalogs

Svodnyi katalog bibliotek Rossii: union catalog of about 500 Russian libraries

OneSearch@IU: simultaneously search books and articles that are available to IU users

ABSEES (American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies, 1990- ): index to North American

EBSEES (European Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies, 1990-2007): index to European

Russian Academy of Sciences bibliographies (1980- ): index to INION (Institut Nauchnoi Informatsii po

  Obshchestvennym Naukam) holdings

Vernacular newspapers and journals
UDB (Universal databases)-Russian Central Newspapers: 63 titles
UDB (Universal databases)-Russian Regional Newspapers: 112 titles
UDB (Universal databases)-Humanities and Social Sciences Journals: 81 titles
UDB (Universal databases)-CIS & Baltic Periodicals: 34 titles
CEEOL (Central and East European Online Library): about 640 titles 
Izvestiia (1917-2010)
Pravda (1912-2009)

Zhurnal’nyi Zal: 38 Russian “thick” journals

English journals and newspapers
Academic search premier: over 8,000 journals and newspapers, all in English 
MLA international bibliography (1963- ): over 3,000 journals in literature, linguistics, folklore
JSTOR: full-text archive of ca. 1,700 journals
LexisNexis academic: English-language newspapers with some foreign papers


Online news services

Balkan insight
TOL (Transitions online)

Translation resources
Current digest of the Soviet press (1949- ): weekly, published by East View
FBIS full-text (1974-1996): daily, published by CIA
World news connection (1996- ): continuation of FBIS

Ebook collections
ACLS humanities e-book 
Ebsco eBook collection 

Census, statistics
2002 All-Russian census: online version of the 14-volume print (2004-2007)

Bserossiiskaia perepis’ naseleniia 2010
Federal’naia Sluzhba Gosudarstvennoi Statistiki 

Primary sources (archival documents, old newspapers, etc) 
Russian military intelligence on Asia
The world of children in the USSR
Olonetskiia gubernskiia viedomosti
Vologodskiia gubernskiia viedomosti


Teaching aids
Making the history of 1989
Seventeen moments in Soviet history
Lingvokul'turologicheskii tezaurus "Gumanitarnaia Rossiia"

ProQuest dissertations and theses: English-language dissertations from 1861 
Elektronnaia biblioteka dissertatsii


Digital libraries
Bibliophika: Elektronnaia biblioteka GPIB Rossii 

Biblioteka Maksima Moshkova (1994- )
Cyfrowa biblioteka narodowa “Polona”
Elektronnaia biblioteka, RGB

Elektronnaia Sibir’
Elektronnyi fond Rossiiskoi Natsional’noi Biblioteki (2001- )

Federacja bibliotek cyfrowych
Fundamental’naia elektronnaia biblioteka (2002- )
Kujawsko-Pomorska biblioteka cyfrowa
MaƂopolska biblioteka cyfrowa

Meeting of frontiers (1999- )

Polska biblioteka internetowa

Prezidentskaia Biblioteka im. Borisa Nikolaevicha El’tsina

Primorskaia Kraevaia Publichnaia Biblioteka

Rossiiskaia Assotsiatsiia Elektronnykh Bibliotek (2005- )

Russkaia virtual’naia biblioteka (1999- . Click here for more information on the



Studentam i abiturientam

Tsarskoe selo
Wielkopolska biblioteka cyfrowa


Search engines


Annotated webliographies
REESWeb (University of Pittsburgh)
REENIC (University of Texas)
SRC (Hokkaido University)
Intute (2006- )

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Created in January 2011

Updated in September 2012

last updated: 9/17/2013