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African Crime Fiction Written by Authors from Canada

African Crime Fiction consists of crime, detective, and mystery novels that are set in Africa, feature African characters, or are authored by African writers. Further information regarding the scope of this project is available on the main page of the African Crime Fiction Project.

 Author  Title  Nation(s) of Origin
 Bennett, Jack
 Ocean Road
 Canada, India
 Black, Lionel
 Chance to Die
 Canada, India
 Brechin, David
 Nic Barber, I.D.B.
 Canada, India
 Brechin, David  Uncut Diamonds
 Canada, India
 Drin, Michael
 Signpost to Fear
 Canada, South Africa
 Gedge, Pauline
 The Hippopotamus Marsh
 Canada, New Zealand
 Gedge, Pauline  The Oasis
 Canada, New Zealand
 Gedge, Pauline  The Horus Road
 Canada, New Zealand
 Knight, David
 Farquharson's Physique
 Woods, Sara
 Most Grievous Murder
 Canada, Great Britain
 Wyllie John
 The Butterfly Flood
 Canada, India
 Wyllie John  Death is a Drum....Beating Forever
 Canada, India
 Wyllie John  The Killer Breath
 Canada, India
 Wyllie John  The Long Dark Night of Baron Samedi
 Canada, India
 Wyllie John  A Pocket Full of Dread
 Canada, India
 Wyllie John  Riot  Canada, India
 Wyllie John  Skull Still Bone
 Canada, India
 Wyllie John  A Tiger in Red Weather
 Canada, India
 Wyllie John  To Catch a Viper
 Canada, India

Prepared by Sarah Keil, August 2011. Updated August 2012.
last updated: 8/6/2012