Class Pages

Below is an alphabetical listing of course pages in Art History and Studio Art.  These pages include links to library resources to support research for class assignments.


Fall 2013

A341 - Nineteenth-Century European Art: Envisioning the World Transformed. Professor Michelle Facos.

A354 - Contemporary Art: 1960 to the Present. Professor Dawna Schuld.

A400 - Art and Art Writing in Renaissance and Baroque Europe. Professor Giles Knox.

A442 - 20th Century Art: Visual Culture of the Interwar Years. Professor Jeffrey Saletnik.

A510 - Critical Theories and Methods in Art History, ca. 1900-Present. Professor Dawna Schuld.

F411 - Dress Studies: Behavioral Analysis. Professor Sharron Lennon.

R404 - International Textiles and the Apparel Trade. Professor Mary Embry.

R490 - International Fashion Consumers & Retailers. Professor Sharron Lennon.

S220 - Textiles I. Professor Carissa Carman.

S260 - Ceramics I. Professor Katherine Jacobs.

S321 - Textiles II. Professor Carissa Carman.

S695 - A.I. Training Seminar. Professor Malcolm Mobutu Smith.

U401 - Discovering the Artist's Book. Professor Yara Clüver.

Z521 - Humanities Information. Professor Catherine Minter.


Spring 2013

Artists' Books. Professor Karen Baldner.

R404 - International Textiles and the Apparel Trade. Professor Mary Embry

DART Seminar. Professor Jennie Mynhier.

African Bibliography. Adam Clemons and Sarah Keil.


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