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African Crime Fiction Written in English, Authors O-Z

African Crime Fiction consists of crime, detective, and mystery novels that are set in Africa, feature African characters, or are authored by African writers. Further information regarding the scope of this project is available on the main page of the African Crime Fiction Project.

 Author  Title
 Ogbobine, R.A.
 Death in the Triangle
 O'Keefe, Bob
 Diamonds Can Be Dangerous
 Omotoso, Kole
 Fella's Choice
 Oppong, Peggy
 The Lemon Suitcase
 Orford, Margie
 Blood Rose
 Orford, Margie
 Daddy's Girl
 Orford, Margie  Like Clockwork
 Orford, Margie  Gallows Hill
 Orji, Gabriel
 Baals of the Niger
 Palmer, Ralph
 Code Orange
 Palmer, Ralph
 Rough Justice
 Park, Tony  African Dawn
 Park, Tony
 Park, Tony  Far Horizon
 Park, Tony  African Sky
 Park, Tony  Ivory
 Park, Tony  Silent Predator
 Park, Tony  The Delta
 Park, Tony  Safari
 Patterson, A.L.
 I See the Moon
 Patterson, James
 Cross Country: A Novel
 Paul, Ernest
 The Komespi Affair
 Pearce, Michael
 The Mamur Zapt Mysteries Series
 Penrose, Margaret
 Death on the Files
 Penrose, Margaret  The Fatal Fifth
 Pepetela  Jaime Bunda, Secret Agent
 Peters, Elizabeth
 The Amelia Peabody Series
 Phil-Ebosie, Philip
 Dead of Night
 Pitt, Bridget
 The Unseen Leopard
 Quartey, Kwei
 Wife of the Gods
 Quartey, Kwei
 Children of the Street
 Rabie, Sue
 The Boston Snowplough
 Rabie, Sue  Fallout
 Rabie, Sue  Blood at Bay
 Radford, Edwin and M.A.
 Murder Magnified: A Doctor Manson Detective Novel
 Robinson, Lynda S.
 The Lord Meren Series
 Samachai, Kawengo
 Promises on the Wind
 Scholefield, Alan
 The Hammer of God
 Scholefield, Alan  The Eagles of Malice
 Scholefield, Alan  The Last Safari
 Scobie, Alastair
 Murder for Magic
 Scobie, Alastair  The Cape Town Affair
 Scobie, Alastair  Stalk a Long Shadow
 Sharpe, Tom
 Riotous Assembly
 Sharpe, Tom  Indecent Exposure
 Slovo, Gillian
 Morbid Symptoms
 Slovo, Gillian  The Betrayal
 Slovo, Gillian  Red Dust
 Smith, Roger
 Mixed Blood
 Smith, Roger  Wake Up Dead
 Smith, Roger  Dust Devils
 Smith, Wilbur
 Various series
 Sotabinda, Maurice
 Dangerous Waters
 Sotabinda, Maurice  The Money-Doublers
 Stanley, Michael
 A Carrion Death
 Stanley, Michael  A Deadly Trade
 Stanley, Michael  Death of the Mantis
 Stanley, Michael  "An Issue of Women and Money" in Once Upon a Crime (eds. Bush & Everheart)
 Taylor, Jane
 Of Wild Dogs
 Thomas, Ross
 The Seersucker Whipsaw
 Thomas, Ross
 Cast a Yellow Shadow
 Thorpe, Victor
 The Exterminators
 Thorpe, Victor  The Instrument
 Thorpe, Victor  Stone of Vengeance
 Thorpe, Victor  The Worshippers
 Tlholwe, Diale
 Ancient Rites
 Tlholwe, Diale  Counting the Coffins
 Tyler, L.C.
 The Herring on the Nile
 Ulasi, Adora Lily
 Many Thing You No Understand
 Ulasi, Adora Lily  Many Thing Begin for Change
 Ulasi, Adora Lily  Who is Jonah
 Umelo, Rosina
 Finger of Suspicion
 Usman, Adamu Kyuka
 The Butcher's Wife
 van den Berg, Zirk
 Nobody Dies
 Van Rensburg, Helen and Louwrens
 The Man with Two Ties
 Van Rensburg, Helen and Louwrens  Death in a Dark Pool
 Walus, Yvonne Eve
 Murder @ Play
 Walus, Yvonne Eve  Murder @ Work
 Whisken, J.
 The Huntress
 Williams, Michael
 Who Killed Jimmy Valentine?
 Williams, Michael  Hijack City
 Williams, Michael  The Eighth Man
 Wilson, David
 Murder in Mozambique
 Wilson, Robert
 Instruments of Darkness
 Wilson, Robert  The Big Killing
 Wilson, Robert  Blood is Dirt
 Wilson, Robert  A Darkening Stain
 Woods, Sara
 Most Grievous Murder
 Wyllie, John
 The Butterfly Flood
 Wyllie, John  Death is a Drum...Beating Forever
 Wyllie, John  The Killer Breath
 Wyllie, John  The Long Dark Night of Baron Samedi
 Wyllie, John  A Pocket Full of Dead
 Wyllie, John  Riot
 Wyllie, John  Skull Still Bone
 Wyllie, John  A Tiger in Red Weather
 Wyllie, John  To Catch a Viper
 Xenopoulos, Rahla
 Bubbles: A Novel
 York, Jeremy
 Safari with Fear

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