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African Crime Fiction Written in English, Authors M-N

African Crime Fiction consists of crime, detective, and mystery novels that are set in Africa, feature African characters, or are authored by African writers. Further information regarding the scope of this project is available on the main page of the African Crime Fiction Project.

 Author  Title
 Mabanckou, Alain  African Psycho
 Mabanckou, Alain
 Memoirs of a Porcupine
 Macaskill, Glenn
 Crime Lords
 Mackenzie, Jassy
 Random Violence
 Mackenzie, Jassy  My Brother's Keeper
 Mackenzie, Jassy  Stolen Lives
 Mackenzie, Jassy  Worst Case [also published as The Fallen]
 MacKenzie, Nigel
 Strange Happening
 MacKinnon, Clark
 Lost Hyena
 MacKinnon, Clark  Leopard Valley
 MacKinnon, Clark  The Flame Lily
 MacLeod, Robert
 The Iron Sanctuary
 Mainmane, Arthur
 Hate No More (originally Victims)
 Makholwa, Angela
 Red Ink
 Makoloo, Omondi
 Too Young to Die
 Mangut, Joseph
 The Blackmailers
 Mangut, Joseph  Have Mercy
 Mangut, Joseph  Women for Sale
 Mankell, Henning
 Kennedy's Brain
 Mankell, Henning  The White Lioness
 Marnewick, Chris
 The Soldier who Said No
 Marnewick, Chris  Shepherds & Butchers
 Marnewick, Chris  A Sailor's Honour
 Marsh, Rob
 The Serpent Under
 Marsh, Rob  Beasts of Prey
 Mason, Clifford
 The Case of the Ashanti Gold
 McCall Smith, Alexander
 The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
 McCall Smith, Alexander  Tears of the Giraffe
 McCall Smith, Alexander  Morality for Beautiful Girls
 McCall Smith, Alexander  The Kalahari Typing School for Men
 McCall Smith, Alexander  The Full Cupboard of Life
 McCall Smith, Alexander  In the Company of Cheerful Ladies
 McCall Smith, Alexander  Blue Shoes and Happiness
 McCall Smith, Alexander  The Good Husband of Zebra Drive
 McCall Smith, Alexander  The Miracle at Speedy Motors
 McCall Smith, Alexander  Tea Time for the Traditionally Built
 McCall Smith, Alexander  The Double Comfort Safari Club
 McCall Smith, Alexander  The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party
 McClure, James
 The Song Dog
 McClure, James  The Artful Egg
 McClure, James  The Blood of an Englishman
 McClure, James  The Sunday Hangman
 McClure, James  The Steam Pig
 McClure, James  The Caterpillar Cop
 McClure, James  The Gooseberry Fool
 McClure, James  Snake
 Meyer, Deon
 Meyer, Deon  Blood Safari*
 Meyer, Deon  Devil's Peak*
 Meyer, Deon  Heart of the Hunter*
 Meyer, Deon  Dead at Daybreak*
 Meyer, Deon  Dead Before Dying*
 Meyer, Deon and Seegers, K.L.
 Thirteen Hours*
 Milne, Shirley
 The Hammer of Justice
 Milne, Shirley  False Witness
 Milne, Shirley  Stiff Silk
 Monig, Christopher
 Once Upon a Crime
 Moodie, Edwin
 The Great Shakes
 Mukoma wa Ngugi
 Nairobi Heat
 Mwangi, Meja
 The Bushtrackers
 Mzobe, Sifiso
 Young Blood
 Ndunguru, S.N.
 Divine Providence
 Ndunguru, S.N.  Spared
 Ngugi wa Thiong'o
 Petals of Blood
 Ng'weno, Hilary
 The Man from Pretoria
 Nicol, Mike and Hitchens, Joanne
 Out to Score
 Nicol, Mike
 Nicol, Mike  Killer Country
 Nicol, Mike  Black Heart
 Nunn, Malla
 A Beautiful Place to Die
 Nunn, Malla  Let the Dead Lie
 Nwankwo, Arthur Agwuncha
 Reckoning at Storm End
 Nwankwo, Arthur Agwuncha  The Day of the Long Shadow
 Nwankwo, Arthur Agwuncha  Shadow over Breaking Waves
 Nwankwo, Arthur Agwuncha  Sand-Dunes and Windblows
 Nwokolo, Chuma
 The Extortionist
 Nwokolo, Chuma  Cross-fire!
 Nwokolo, Chuma  On the Road
 Nwokolo, Chuma  The Smugglers
 Nwokolo, Chuma  The South African Affair
 Nzekwe, Amaechi
 A Killer on the Loose

* indicates a translation from Afrikaans.

Prepared by Sarah Keil, August 2011. Updated August 2012.
last updated: 8/7/2012