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African Crime Fiction Written in English, Authors F-L

African Crime Fiction consists of crime, detective, and mystery novels that are set in Africa, feature African characters, or are authored by African writers. Further information regarding the scope of this project is available on the main page of the African Crime Fiction Project.

 Author  Title
 Farrington, Joseph
 The Hand
 Fearon, Diana
 Nairobi Nightcap: A Detective Story
 Ferey, Caryl
 Folscher, Barbara
 Blind Faith
 Fouche, James
 Jack Hanger
 Fullerton, John
 White Boys Don't Cry
 Garba, Mohmed Tukur
 The Black Temple
 Garba, Mohmed Tukur
 Stop Press: Murder
 Gazemba, Stanley
 The Stone Hills of Maragoli
 Gedge, Pauline
 The Hippopotamus Marsh
 Gedge, Pauline  The Oasis
 Gedge, Pauline  The Horus Road
 Gilman, Dorothy
 Mrs. Pollifax on Safari
 Gilpin, Tracy
 Double Cross
 Godfrey, Peter
 Death Under the Table
 Golakai, H.J.
 The Lazarus Effect
 Good, Peter
 Ndlovu: The White Elephant
 Gray, Andrew
 The Fence
 Gray, Dulcie
 Baby Face
 Green, Layton
 The Summoner
 Green, Layton  The Egyptian
 Hamrick, Janice
 Death on Tour
 Haney, Lauren
 The Lieutenant Bak Series
 Harman, Neal
 Yours Truly Angus MacIvor
 Harris, Peter
 Cry Hold
 Harris, Peter
 Letters of Discredit
 Harris, Rex
 A Hand in Diamonds
 Head, Bessie
 "Looking for a Rain God" in The Collector of Treasures and other Botswana Village Tales (Head)
 Head, Bessie
 "The Collector of Treasures" in The Collector of Treasures and other Botswana Village Tales (Head)
 Head, Matthew
 The Cabinda Affair
 Head, Matthew
 Congo Venus
 Head, Matthew
 The Devil in the Bush
 Head, Matthew
 The Accomplice
 Head, Matthew
 The Smell of Money
 Head, Matthew
 Another Man's Life
 Head, Matthew
 Murder at the Flea Club
 Heath, Rachel
 The Finest Type of English Womanhood
 Henson, Pauline
 Case Closed
 Heyns, Michiel.
 Lost Ground: A Novel
 Hitchens, Joanne
 Bad Company
 Hitchens, Joanne  Divine Justice: A Rae Valentine Mystery
 Huxley, Elspeth
 Murder at Government House
 Huxley, Elspeth
 Murder on Safari
 Huxley, Elspeth
 The African Poison Murders
 Huxley, Elspeth
 The Red Rock Wilderness
 Huxley, Elspeth
 The Incident at the Merry Hippo
 Huxley, Elspeth
 A Man from Nowhere
 Ibe, Adimchinma
 Treachery in the Yard
 Ibizugbe, Uyi
 The Mysterious Ebony Carver
 Ige, Muyiwa
 Dream Killers
 Igwe, B.C.
 Crime Wave
 Ike, Chukwuemeka
 Expo '77
 Irungu, James
 The Lost Generation
 Irungu, James and Shimanyula, James
 The Border Runners
 Jacq, Christian
 Various series
 Jenkins, Geoffrey
 A Twist of Sand
 Jenkins, Geoffrey
 The Watering-Place of Good Peace

 Jenkins, Geoffrey

 A Grue of Ice, published in the US as The Disappearing Island
 Jenkins, Geoffrey
 The River of Diamonds
 Jenkins, Geoffrey
 Jenkins, Geoffrey
 Scend of the Sea, published in the US as The Hollow Sea
 Jenkins, Geoffrey
 A Cleft of Stars
 Jenkins, Geoffrey
 A Bridge of Magpies
 Jenkins, Geoffrey
 South Trap
 Jenkins, Geoffrey
 A Ravel of Waters
 Jenkins, Geoffrey
 The Unripe Gold
 Jenkins, Geoffrey
 Jenkins, Geoffrey
 In Harm's Way
 Jenkins, Geoffrey
 Hold Down a Shadow
 Jenkins, Geoffrey
 A Hive of Dead Men
 Jenkins, Geoffrey
 A Daystar of Fear
 Justin, Derek
 Shark's Rock
 Kaye, M.M.
 Death in Kenya
 Kaye, M.M.
 Death in Zanzibar
 Keegan, Tim
 Tromp's Last Stand
 Khadra, Yasmina
 In the Name of God
 Khadra, Yasmina
 Wolf Dreams
 Khadra, Yasmina
 Khadra, Yasmina
 Double Blank
 Khadra, Yasmina
 Autumn of the Phantoms
 Khadra, Yasmina
 Dead Man's Share
 Knight, David
 Farquharson's Physique
 Knight, Frank
 Captains of the Calabar
 Kubuitsile, Lauri
 The Final Payout
 Kubuitsile, Lauri  Murder for Profit
 Kubuitsile, Lauri
 Anything for Money
 Kunzmann, Richard
 Bloody Harvests
 Kunzmann, Richard  Salamander Cotton
 Kunzmann, Richard
 Dead-End Road
 Kwakye, Benjamin  The Sun by Night
 Kwakye, Benjamin  The Clothes of Nakedness
 Lazarus, Greg
 When in Broad Daylight I Open My Eyes
 Launko, Okinba (Femi Osofisan)
 The Pirates
 Leonard, Elmore
 Leonard, Elmore  Pagan Babies
 Lessing, Doris.
 The Grass is Singing
 Lotz, Sarah
 Exhibit A
 Lotz, Sarah

 Tooth and Nailed

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