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African Crime Fiction Written in English, Authors A-E

African Crime Fiction consists of crime, detective, and mystery novels that are set in Africa, feature African characters, or are authored by African writers. Further information regarding the scope of this project is available on the main page of the African Crime Fiction Project.

 Author  Title
 Achebe, Chunua
 Things Fall Apart
 Ajaegbo, Ifeanyi
 Sarah House
 Akombi, Wilfred Ndum
 A Dirty Game
 Alily, Valentine
 Mark of the Cobra
 Amis, Rob, ed.
 Africa Fresh: New Voices from the First Continent
 Anderson, John
 Death in the Greenhouse
 Andersson, Muff
 Bite of the Banshee
 Asong, Linus
 A Legend of the Dead
 Asong, Linus
 The Crown of Thorns
 Asong, Linus
 No Way to Die
 Atoyebi, Muda
 Countdown to Perdition
 Badal, Sean
 The Ice on Mars
 Badoe, Yaba
 True Murder
 Beeck, Oliver
 The Brass Go-Between
 Bennett, Jack
 Ocean Road
 Beukes, Lauren
 Zoo City
 Bilal, Parker
 The Golden Scales: A Makana Mystery
 Blackburn, John
 Deep Among Dead Men
 Bosman, Herman Charles
 Brechin, David
 Nic Barber I.D.B.
 Brechin, David
 Uncut Diamonds
 Brown, Andrew
 Brown, Andrew
 Coldsleep Lullaby
 Brown, Andrew
 Brown, Guy
 Hijack!: Cracking one of South Africa's Most Violent Carjacking Syndicates
 Brownlee, Nick
 Brownlee, Nick  Blood and Fire
 Brownlee, Nick  Machete
 Brownlee, Nick  Snakepit
 Bulbring, Edyth
 The Club
 Butler, K.R.
 A Fall of Rock
 Carsten, Brandon
 Project  H
 Casley, Dennis
 Death Under Par
 Casley, Dennis
 Death Underfoot
 Casley, Dennis
 Death Understates
 Casley, Dennis
 Death Undertow
 Caulfield, John
 In All My Sad Dreaming
 Caulfield, John
 The Atom Heart Murders
 Chapman, Michel, ed.
 The Drum Decade: Stories from the 1950s
 Chase, James H.
 The Vulture is a Patient Bird
 Chislett, Dave, ed.
 Urban One
 Chraibi, Driss
 Flutes of Death
 Chraibi, Driss
 Mother Spring
 Chraibi, Driss
 Birth at Dawn
 Christie, Agatha
 Death on the Nile
 Chuka II, Ulysses
 For the Fairest
 Church, Peter
 Dark Video
 Church, Peter
 Bitter Pill: A Novel
 Cleeve, Brian Talbot
 Portrait of My City
 Cleeve, Brian Talbot
 Dark Blood, Dark Terror
 Coetzee, Amanda
 Bad Blood
 Coetzee, Amanda  Redemption Song
 Corbett, Trevor
 An Ordinary Day
 Corbett, Trevor
 Couto, Mia
 The Last Flight of the Flamingos
 Creasey, John
 Call the Toff
 Creasey, John
 Murder, London-South Africa
 Creasey, John (as Ashe, Gordon)
 A Promise of Diamonds
 Croudace, Glynn
 The Scarlet Bikini
 Croudace, Glynn
 Croudace, Glynn
 Motives for Murder
 Desmond, Hugh
 The Jacaranda Murders
 Diki, Basil
 Two Hangmen, One Scaffold [two volumes]
 Dison, David
 Death in the New Republic
 Dlovu, Aanoi
 Angle of Death
 Diovu, Aanoi
 Race Against Rats
 Doherty, Paul (and various pen names)  Various series and novels
 Dow, Unity
 Far and Beyond
 Dow, Unity
 The Screaming of the Innocent
 Dow, Unity
 Juggling Truths
 Dow, Unity
 The Heavens May Fall
 Dow, Unity
 Saturday is for Funerals
 Drin, Michael
 Signpost to Fear
 Driscoll, Peter
 The Barboza Credentials
 Driscoll, Peter
 The Wilby Conspiracy
 Driscoll, Peter
 Driscoll, Peter
 Drummond, June
 The Black Unicorn
 Drummond, June
 Farewell Party
 Drummond, June
 Welcome, Proud Lady
 Drury, Allen
 A God Against the Gods
 Drury, Allen  Return to Thebes
 Du Camp, Alwyn
 Dube, Hope
 State Secret
 Duchi, David
 Assassins on Safari
 Earle, Peter
 The Barros Pwans
 Earle, Peter  Purgatory Road
 Eaton, Tom
 The De Villiers Code
 Ebersohn, Wessel  The Top Prisoner of C-Max
 Ebersohn, Wessel
 A Lonely Place to Die
 Ebersohn, Wessel
 The Centurion
 Ebersohn, Wessel
 Store Up the Anger
 Ebersohn, Wessel
 Divide the Night
 Ebersohn, Wessel
 Closed Circle
 Ebersohn, Wessel
 The October Killings
 Ebersohn, Wessel
 Those Who Love Night
 Ekwensi, Cyprian
 Yaba Round-About Murder
 Eland, Charles
 The Desperate Search
 Emecheta, Buchi
 Naira Power
 Erasmus, Barbara
 Erasmus, Barbara  Below Luck Level
 Eyo, Harry
The Dawn of Time
 Ezeani, Geo'Ben
 Died in Exile: Murdered for His Honesty

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