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last updated: 10/7/2011

Group Collaboration Rooms

Wells Library has eight Group Collaboration rooms, and three Laptop Group Collaboration rooms. These rooms (4th floor of the West Tower) are only available to students.



The eight Group Collaboration rooms have full STC software as well as Skype to allow students to make video calls and conduct video job interviews.



The three Laptop Group Collaboration rooms allow multiple students to connect their personal laptops to a wall mounted monitor for group viewing and discussion.



Important policies and information regarding use of the rooms:


• Flash drives and DVD/CD discs may be purchased at the East Tower Circulation Desk in the Wells Library.


• The rooms are locked. Students may check out a key to the rooms (two hour loan period) from the Information Commons Circulation Desk located in the West Tower.


• Keys must be returned on time. Overdue fines for room keys are $10 per hour. Students may renew the key once in person, only, if no one is waiting for a room.


• The rooms may not be reserved in advance. They are available on a first come, first served basis.


• Do NOT lend the key to ANYONE. Please lock and shut the door when you exit the room. Students are responsible for all equipment and should report any damaged or missing equipment immediately to the IC Circulation Desk. Students who use the rooms should not allow other students in to use the room after them.


• On-demand technology support is not provided for the room. If you experience technical problems, return the key to the circulation desk and report it. You may request another room if one is available.

last updated: 10/7/2011