Cross-National Time-Series Data Archive (2010)

The Cross-National Time-Series Data Archive is a longitudinal data series. The Archive was launched in the fall of 1968 by Arthur S. Banks under the aegis of the Center for Comparative Political Research (subsequently the Center for Social Analysis) and includes national and international statistics from 1815 to 2010. The archive has 194 variables and contains data for over 200 country units, with provision for entries from 1815 to 2010 (excluding the two modern wartime periods, 1914-1918 and 1940-1945). The basic structure of the archive is that of a rectangular matrix of periodically augmented records, each encompassing data for one country-year.

The following files are available in this archive:

You need to be on the IU Bloomington campus to access the archive.

For questions about this archive, please contact Bob Goehlert, librarian for the Political Science collection, at

last updated: 4/1/2011