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Career Resources for the Geosciences

Welcome to the Geosciences Library's career resource page. 

The resources on this page have been provided to help you learn about professional organizations in your field,

find scholarships and funding for research, and find relevant social media feeds. Be sure to check out the career resource display in the Library for career development books related to the geosciences.


Professional Organizations | Social Networking | Funding

Professional Organizations

Joining professional organizations is a great way to keep current in your field by attending conferences and through reading the publications. Most organizations have a discounted student membership rate.


American Association of Petroleum Geologists    


American Geological Institute


American Geophysical Union


American Institute of Professional Geologists


American Rock Mechanics Association


American Society of Limnology and Oceanography


Association for Women Geoscientists


Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists


Geochemical Society


Geological Society of America


Mineralogical Society of America


National Association of Black Geologists and Geophysicists


The Paleontological Society


Professional Geologists of Indiana


Seismological Society of America


The Society of Economic Geologists


Society of Exploration Geophysicists


The Society for Organic Petrology


Society for Sedimentary Geology


YES Network

To see more professional organizations please visit:

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American Congress on Surveying and Mapping                                 


American Geophysical Union: Atmospheric Sciences Section


American Planning Association


American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing


Association of American Geographers
The AAG has over 60 specialty groups for various sub disciplines

within geography so be sure to visit the Specialty Groups page.


American Institute for Hydrology


American Meteorological Society


Cartography and Geospatial Information Society


Geospatial Information and Technology Association


National Council for Geographic Education

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Social Networking

Social networking tools are a great way to connect with colleagues and potential employers. Below are some Twitter feeds that might be useful for you.


Tweet My Jobs  @tweetmyjobs
 Get Geology Jobs  @GetGeologyJobs
 YES Network  @NetworkYES
GeoConnection  @tweetmyjobs
 American Geophysical Union  @theAGU
 National Science Foundation  @NSF
 Geology News   @geologynews
 Geological Society of America   @geosociety
 Geospatial Information and Technology Association   @GITAssociation
 Association of American Geographers   @theAAG
 ESRI   @Esri
 National States Geographic Information Council   @nsgic
 American Planning Association  @APA_Planning
 American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing    @ASPRSorg
 GIS Geospatial News  @gisuser
 U.S. Geological Survey  @USGS

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Still a few semesters away from graduation? Planning on pursuing graduate study? Then you will be interested in funding opportunities. Professional organizations are a good place to start in the search for funding.

AEG Foundation Scholarships
AGI Minority Participation Program
American Mineralogist Undergraduate Award
Mineralogical Society of America's Grants for Student Research In Mineralogy And Petrology
National Science Foundation

The NSF has various funding opportunities
SEG Foundation Scholarships
Spackman Award

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    last updated: 4/14/2011