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The Literature of Literature

Primary Sources: Print Bibliographies


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French literature -- Bibliography

French literature -- Bio-bibliography

French literature -- Dictionaries etc.


German literature -- 18th century -- Bibliography

German literature -- 20th century -- Bio-bibliography etc.


Authors, Russian -- Bibliography

Authors, Russian -- 19th century -- Dictionaries etc.


Italian literature -- Women authors -- Bibliography

Women authors, Italian -- Bio-bibliography

Japanese drama -- Bibliography

English poetry -- 18th century -- Dictionaries

German fiction -- 19th century -- Bio-bibliography etc.



Primary Sources: Online Bibliographies/Databases


Access subscription resources through the A-Z list under Resource Gateway on the Libraries' home page, or through individual subject pages. Some online bibliographies have the advantage of being full-text databases.


Depending on your topic, you may also find that some important bibliographic tools are freely available via the Internet. Two useful portals intended to help researchers locate free web resources in their disciplines are Intute and Voice of the Shuttle.



Secondary Sources: Library of Congress Subject Headings


Originally designed for use by the Library of Congress, but now used for subject cataloging internationally, LCSH has its idiosyncrasies. It does not always use the most current terminology (e.g. 'Motion pictures' not 'Movies' or 'Films'); elements are not always listed consistently (e.g. 'Art, German' but 'Drama (Germany)' or 'German drama'); the forms of authors' names and the titles of works may also, occasionally, offer some surprises.



Secondary Sources: Individual Thesauri


LCSH aims to cover the entire universe of knowledge. Many individual databases have their own, subject-specific thesauri, or lists of terms they employ in indexing: e.g. ABELL, MLA International Bibliography.



last updated: 3/26/2011