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Kenneth Anger


Kenneth Anger Bibliography


“Every Man and every Woman is a Star.”

—Aleister Crowley (quoted in Anger’s Hollywood Babylon)


Anger’s writing:


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On Anger:


Anger, Kenneth


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Experimental film:


Experimental films—History

Experimental films—History and Criticism


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Online e-book


Gay and queer film:

Homosexuality in motion pictures

Sex in motion pictures


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Magick and the occult:




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Web resources:

Official website

“Spotting UFOs with a Manson Killer!”

Interview with Anger


Senses of Cinema

Essay about Anger from Senses of Cinema’s “Great Directors” series


Anger and Magick

Essay on Anger’s use of occult symbolism in Invocation of My Demon Brother


“No, I Am Not a Satanist”

2010 interview with Anger


Anger and Page

Kenneth Anger discusses his collaboration with Jimmy Page


“Do What Thou Wilt”

Video of Anger’s lecture on Crowley at UCLA’s Hammer Museum


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