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last updated: 9/23/2013

Request Library Instruction

Library Instruction Sessions:

IUB faculty and instructors are welcome to schedule a library instruction session, taught by a librarian or graduate assistant, for their students.  Each instruction session is tailored to meet the information requirements of a specific course or assignment.   

To request a library instruction session, fill out and submit the  Request Instruction Form.  


When requesting an instruction session:

  • Please allow for a minimum of 10 working days advanced notice when scheduling library instruction.
  • The presence of the course instructor or faculty member is required during library instruction sessions. 

Please note: starting in January 2014, the Teaching & Learning Department will be accepting requests for Instructional Consultation, rather than direct requests for library instruction. These consultations will happen via email, phone, or in-person and may result in a variety of instructional interventions, including library instruction, online course guides, librarians' participation in OnCourse, etc.

To report a library instruction session (library staff only), fill out and submit the Report Instruction Form.

last updated: 9/23/2013