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IUCAT is hard to use. How do I just get results for a title I am looking for?

Good question! IUCAT title searches are not restricted to the title of the book, journal, etc. It also finds the words you are looking for in the title of a series, alternate titles, and titles of articles in compendia of articles. If you know the exact title that you are looking for, it may be a good idea to use the options listed on the left side of the website.


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How can I get just e-books in IUCAT? 
In the left side of the IUCAT home page click on Online Only. Type your query and hit Search. If you click on each of the results, you may find more details including an URL that links to the full text.


Need more help using IUCAT? Ask a librarian!



Does IUCAT include individual articles?

No, it does not. Good starting points for finding chemistry articles are Web of Science, and SciFinder. You may find more information here.



Can I export a reference directly from IUCAT to EndNote

Yes, you can! After clicking on a search result in IUCAT, several citing options will appear directly under the title.  Click on Export to Endnote and the citation will start to download.  Once it has downloaded completely, open the citation to select Endnote as the specific program for your computer to use.

last updated: 8/30/2013