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last updated: 1/22/2014

Room Reservations

Room Reservations in the NMBCC Library

The Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center has two rooms available for use by IU students, staff, and faculty, a small Group Study Room and a moderately sized Exhibit Room. Both rooms are wireless and are available to reserve during library hours. To reserve a room for your office hours, meetings, lectures/discussions, or film showings, please send an email message to  You will receive confirmation via email, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. 

Group Study Room:

The NMBCC Library Group Study Room is 105 sq. ft. It contains a small, oval-shaped table with three chairs, a computer without printer setup, an office chair.

Exhibit Room:

The NMBCC Library Exhibit Room is 225 sq. ft., with a picture hanging rail running about 12 inches below the ceiling along the top of the walls. There are three windows, facing out toward the stacks, with UV protective coating. When scheduling, please include any requests for additional tables, chairs, or other equipment, so NMBCC staff can coordinate with the Facilities Coordinator. 


last updated: 1/22/2014