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Basic Reference Sources for Journalists

Information Resources in Journalism

If a resource can be found online, the URL is provided in addition to the location of the book.  All item locations will be in square brackets following the information [ ].  Research Collections, Undergraduate Library, and GIMMS (Government Information, Microforms, and Statistical Services) are located in the Herman B Wells Library.  Check IUCAT for complete holdings information.


Fact Books, and Yearbooks

A fact book contains information on statistics, trends, and highlights on a wide range of topics, and is not necessarily limited in its coverage.   A yearbook contains information, such as facts, statistics, and events that occurred in the previous year.  Yearbooks are usually limited to a particular country or subject.


Europa World Year Book.  JN1 .E89 2005,v.#
[Research Collections Reference Desk]


Facts on File.  AG5 .F159
[Journalism Library Reference Area]

Guinness World Records


International Year book and Statesmen's Who's Who.  JA51 .I61 2005
[Research Collections Reference Desk]


ProQuest Statistical Insight

ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the United States.

World Almanac & Book of Facts.

AY67.N5 W9

[Research Collections Reference Desk]


Biographical Sources

Biographical sources contain information about people. While biographies of historically important people are usually easy to locate, it is usually more difficult to find information on living person who are not yet famous.  Almost every country, social group, and profession has some kind of "Who's Who."  Additionally, biographical information may be found in newspapers and magazine articles. 


Finding Aids
Biography Index.  Z5301 .B6 2003-2004
[Research Collections Reference Services Department]

A guide to biographical information appearing in articles and books.  It also has a subject index arranged by profession.  The index does not provide the actual biographical information.  Instead, it directs you to other sources.


Biography and Genealogy Master Index.

An alphabetical listing of people containing the biographical sources where that person appears.


Direct Sources
Biography Resource Center

Biographical information on individuals throughout history, with current reference sources.


Contemporary Authors.  Z1224 .C763 v.# 2005
[Research Collections Reference Services Department]
(as Biography Resource Center)
Contains information on current authors, including personal information, career information, and the author's bibliography.


Current Biography Illustrated.  CT100 .C9
[Research Collections Reference Services Department] International in scope.  Covers all areas, such as politics, sports, and literature.  Entries contain photographs and citations to magazine and newspaper articles.

Dictionary of American Biography.  E176 .D52 v.#
[Undergraduate Services Reference Services Department]
Information on deceased Americans in all time periods.


Dictionary of National Biography.  CT213 .A68 1999 v.#
[Research Collections Reference Services Department]
British version of above.

International Who's Who.  CT120 .I6 2006
[Research Collections Reference Desk]


Who Was Who.  CT770 .W65
[Research Collections Reference Services Department]
British version containing information on people who were in Who's Who after their death.


Who Was Who in America.  CT210 .W62
[Undergraduate Library Reference Area]
American version containing information on people who were in Who's Who after their death.


Who's Who.  CT770 .W6 2005
[Research Collections Reference Desk]


Who's Who in America.  CT210 .W6 2005, v.#
[Research Collections Reference Desk]



Directories are used to find correct names, addresses, and telephone numbers for people and organizations.  Specialized directories will provide information about business firms, institutions, political groups, and other organizations.


Advertising Red Books.  HF5805 .S63
[Journalism Library Reference Area]


Bloomington City Directory and Monroe County Gazetteer.  F534 .B6
[Research Collection Stacks]
Contains local information.


Bowker's News Media Directory.  PN4875 .W9 2005,v.#
[Research Collections Reference Services Department]


Broadcasting/Cablecasting Yearbook.  TK6540 .B822
[Research Collection Stacks]
Lists information on radio , television, and cable stations by state and city.


Congressional Directory.


Editor and Publisher International Yearbook.  PN 4700 .E253 2004, pt. #
[Journalism Library Reserve Area].
Includes U.S. and Canada newspaper market surveys.


Associations Unlimited. Contains information on business, government, scientific, cultural, social, and hobby-related organizations.

Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media.  Z6951 .A9 140th ed,v.# 2005
[Research Collections Reference Desk]
A listing of newspapers and magazines published in the U.S. and Canada, arranged by state and city.  Contains information on circulation figures, advertising rates, and specialized categories of publications, such as women's publications and religious publications in addition to normal directory information.


Here is your Indiana Government.  JK 5601 .I39
[Journalism Library Reference Area].


News Media Yellow Book of Washington & New York.  PN4899.W304 N49 v. 12, no. 2
[Journalism Library Reference Area].
Directory information for news services, newspapers, networks, television, radio, and magazines.


Select Phone.  HE8811 .S45
[Research Collections Reference Desk]

Several discs containing almost all of the published directory information in the United States.  Includes both residential and business listings.

Television and Cable Factbook.  HD9696.T46 T442 no.73,pt.#,v.# 2005
Similar to the Broadcasting/Cablecasting Yearbook listed above.
[Research Collections Reference Desk]


Washington Information Directory.  JK 1012 .W317
[Journalism Reference Area]


Atlas of the 1990 Census.  G1201.E2 M3 1992
[Undergraduate Library Reference Area]
[Research Collection Stacks]
Sections include population, households, housing, race/ethnicity, economy, and education.


Image Collection.

A searchable collection of images ranging from photographs and maps to illustrations and etchings.



Street Atlas, U.S.A.  G1201.P2 S87 1999
Computerized resource available on CD-Rom.


Times Atlas of the World.  10th ed.  G1021 .T5644 1999
[Life Sciences Library]
(This copy is missing).


Yahoo! Maps.
Maps and driving directions.

Other Useful Online Sources


LexisNexis Academic.

United States Census.

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