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last updated: 12/16/2011

List of Equipment

Title (name of equipment) Model No. Quantity Software
Workstation 1- GA Optiflex GX620 1 N/A
Workstation 2- GA Optiflex GX620 1 N/A
Workstation 3- Audio Transfer/Editing Precision 7400 1 Adobe Creative Suite; 
Workstation 4- Sound Analysis Precision 690 1 Multispeech; Visualizaer; Audacity
Workstation 5- HD/ Storage MacPro 1 Adobe Production Suite; Final Cut Pro; MPEG Streamclip; Expose; Livetype; TinkerTool; iMovie
Workstation 7- not specific yet MacPro 1 Final Cut Pro.; Soundscape; EVIADA Software; Nikon Software; MPEG Streamclip; Adobe Production Suite
Workstation-6- Analog Video Mac G5 1 FinalCut Pro.; Soundtrack Pro
Nikon 35mm/ IX240 Film Scanner Slide Scanner CoolScan 4000 1 N/A
Tascam Cassette Deck 302 1 N/A
Tascam DAT Deck DA-20 mkII 1 N/A
Apogee A/D-D/A Converter PSX-100 1 N/A
Makie Audio Mixer/ Sound Board 1402-VLZ Pro 1 N/A
Panasonic Monitor- Video 1 CT-1383Y 1 N/A
Panasonic VHS Recorder- Video 2 AG-3200P 1 N/A
Sony Video Cassette Recorder- Video 3 RDR VD-500 1 N/A
Samsung VHS- Video 4 SV-3000W 1 N/A
Panasonic VHS Recorder- Video 5 AG-W1 1 N/A
Sony DVCam- Video 6 DSR-20 1 N/A
Sony HDV 1080i- Video X HVR- M15AU 1 N/A
Sony Video Hi8 Recorder- Video 7 EVO-9850 1 N/A
Aurora Video System 1 N/A
Tripp-Lite Power Protection N/A
Canon HD miniDV Camcorder HV30 2 N/A
Marantz Solid State Recorder PMD660 1 N/A
Marantz Solid State Recorder PMD661 1 N/A
Sony Condenser Mic ECM-999PR 2 N/A
Audio-Technica Condenser Mic Pro 37 1 N/A
Audio-Technica Condenser Steroe Mic AT822 1 N/A
Audio-Technica Condenser Steroe Mic AT825 1 N/A
Uher  Mic M538 2 N/A
Audio-Technica Lavalier Mic AT831b 1 N/A
Marantz Solid State Recorder PMD620 1 N/A
Kramer 4X4 Super-VHS Switcher VM-4S N/A
Mic Stuff Box 1 N/A
conference Grabber Mic Boundary 1 N/A
Cable Box 1 N/A
Sony Dynamic Stereo Headphones MDR-7506 3 N/A
JVC Headphone HA-G77 1 N/A
52mm UV Filter 1 N/A
Tiffen 62mm FL-D Filter 1 N/A
Nikon ED Lense 70-300mm, 1:4-5.6 1 N/A
Nikon Film Camera Body N60 1 N/A
Nikon Lense 35-80mm, 1:4-5.6 1 N/A
Sony Cassette-corder TCM-359V N/A
Sony Servo Control Stereo Cassette-corder TC-D5M N/A
Sony Digital Video Camera Recorder DCR-TRV8 1 N/A
Panasonic HD Camcorder PV-GS180 1 N/A
Marantz Solid State Recorder PMD670/U1B 1 N/A
AKG Condenser Mic C1000 1 N/A
RCA/ S-Video/ Component Cables Box N/A
XLR/ 1/4" Cables Box N/A
Micorphone Table Stand 2 N/A
Euro Connction Cable 1 N/A
Flash Drives/ Media Cards Box 1 N/A
Batteries + Camera Batteries Box 1 N/A
Cord Ties Box 1 N/A
Adaptors Box 1 N/A
RME Stuff Bag 1 N/A
Randoms/ More RCAs Box 1 N/A
Printer/ Monitor cables + Accessories Box 1 N/A
Gasduster Officemax 2 N/A
Lighted 2X2 Slide Viewer Pana-Vue 1 1 N/A
Panasonic Cassette Recorder RQ 2107-A 1 N/A
Tiffen Filters & Lens Accessories Kit 1 N/A
Adaptec PCI Cord 2940U2W 1 N/A
Mic Stand/ Tripods # N/A
Camera Light Ambica V-0850 1 N/A
Universal Shock Mount PSC00350 1 N/A
MOTU A/D D/A converter 1 N/A
Pioneer DVD LD Plaer DVL-909 1 N/A
Technics Direct Drive Turntable SL-1200 MK2 1 N/A
Panasonic Professional Digital Audio Tape Recorder SV-3800 1 N/A
ASHLY Stereo Eight Channel Line Level Mixer LX308 1 N/A
UL Open-reel Tape Player 384K 1 N/A
Tascam Cassette Deck 202MKIII 1 N/A
Canon Rebel Digital Camera DS126071 1 N/A
Audio-Technica Shotgun Mic AT 835b 1 N/A

last updated: 12/16/2011