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Cyrillic: Other Cyrillic Map Collections in the U. S.

Arizona State University - Tempe, Arizona - University of Arizona University Libraries' Map Collection.
This link will take you to the homepage and description of the collection. Searches for maps within this university's colection are done on the "Map Index"
Central Intelligence Agency - Washington, D.C. - Reference Maps: The World Factbook.
This index leads to an index of current regional maps (such as Central Balkans Region and Commonwealth of Independent States) which range from about 300 to 700 kilobytes in size.
Federation of Eastern European Family History Society (FEEFHS) - Salt Lake City, Utah - Background and Map Index.
This index leads to on-line maps of Central and Eastern Europe from the 1882 Comprehensive Atlas and Geography of the World.
Library of Congress - Washington, D.C. - Country Studies.
Maps are provided for countries listed in bold-type.
Library of Congress - Washington, D.C. - Library of Congress Catalogs - Maps - Subject Search.
This is the easiest way to search for Library of Congress maps for the area/areas you are interested in. In the Guided Search, click "Set Search Limits" and choose "Cartographic Material" before performing your search.
North Dakota State University Libraries - Fargo, North Dakota - Germans from Russia Heritage Collection.
Information about German colonies in Russia, Ukraine, and Moldova is provided via data tables, map lists, and on-line maps. Large maps of Crimea and Ukraine provided.
University of California, Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara, California - Alexandria Digital Library.
Digital maps of Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, and Macedonia along with other countries, regions, earth, and the universe are provided.
University of Illinois at Chicago - Chicago, Illinois - Introduction.
General summary of the map collection of the University of Illinois at Chicago. This site is listed because it mentions having 16th to 19th century maps of Eastern Europe and Russia.
University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, Minnesota - James Ford Bell Library.
Early maps of Russia at the James Ford Bell Library has selected maps of Russia from 1452 to 1794 displayed in a frames format.
University of Texas at Austin - Austin, Texas - The Perry-Castaneda Library.
This site has online maps of various regions. The link will take you to the list of special interest and general interest maps. Other university map libraries direct their users to these maps and resources as well.

last updated: 9/12/2013