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Cyrillic: Resource Guide

This guide leads to resources about geography and cartography of East & Central Europe, Russia, Central Asia, and Mongolia in two ways:


Bibliographic information and short abstracts of books, media items (videotapes, films), journals and magazines (series themselves and articles), and websites.

Favorite Titles

  • Hoffman, George W. The Balkans in Transition. New York, N.Y.: Van Nostrand Company. 1963. More on this title.
  • Milner-Gulland, Robin with Nikolai Dejevsky. Cultural Atlas of Russia and the Former Soviet Union. New York, N.Y.: Checkmark Books. 1998. More on this title.
  • Room, Adrian. Placenames of Russia and the Former Soviet Union. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Company, Inc., 1996. More on this title.

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last updated: 5/31/2013