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last updated: 10/16/2013


Agreement to Work in SAVAIL


SAVAIL Use and Services Policy

SAVAIL is a teaching lab. Its mission is to assist users in their analysis or production projects so that ultimately they can proceed independently. It is not the policy of the lab to accept media projects, dropped off by students or faculty expecting to have their media processed by SAVAIL staff. Except under special and limited circumstances, technical assistants will not undertake editing, copying, or analysis work on behalf of clients who have no interest in learning the procedures their projects entail. Staff will, however, be pleased to assist and instruct users in their own efforts.


Equipment Loan Policy 

SAVAIL has available a limited number of video cameras and audio recorders for use by faculty and students. Because this equipment is in high demand at certain points in the semester, users are advised to reserve it as early as possible before the date on which it is to be borrowed. Except under special circumstances, the loan period for a particular camera or recorder is limited to one week, though it can be renewed if no other reservation claims it. Equipment rentals will be logged on the SAVAIL Outlook Calendar. Generally speaking, equipment may not be taken out-of-state unless a user arranges insurance for the equipment they borrow in case of damage or theft. If you require a long-term loan, or wish to take equipment out of state, please contact Kara Alexander (


Equipment in “kits” may only be checked out as a “kit”. Individual items from kits may not be checked out individually.


Equipment is checked out through the Library's circulation desk, with assistance from SAVAIL staff. Equipment must be returned to SAVAIL at a time that the lab is open. Equipment may not be returned directly to the Circulation Desk when SAVAIL is closed. Care will be taken at the time of check-out that the due date / time is a day and time when SAVAIL is opened and the user will be available to return the equipment.


Equipment that is not turned in on the day it is due is subject to a fine of $1.20 per hour up to a maximum of $25. This fine is per item checked out. If you find that you will not be able to return equipment on the date it is due please contact SAVAIL ( Fines will not normally be forgiven.


Other Policies 

Food and drink is not allowed in SAVAIL. There are tables in the Library lobby available for meals and snacks. Files may not be stored on the lab machines. Please bring an external hard drive with you to the lab and save your project files on your own drive. You may not leave your drive in the lab overnight. All lab machines will be wiped clean every Monday morning. If you save files on the lab machines and do not back them up on your own drives you run a serious risk of losing work. Please be careful.


MiniDV tapes, CDR’s, DVDs, and flash drives are available for purchase at the Circulation Desk.

last updated: 10/16/2013