Making War, Making Peace: Themester 2011

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Picasso's Guernica, 1937





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This site is intended for students and faculty who are interested in researching the 2011 COAS Themester topic of Making War, Making Peace.  It includes resources which cover pacifism, peace studies, anti-war movements, conflict resolution, nuclear disarmament, the theory of just war, and the sociology of military conflict among other related topics.   


Top Recommended Resources
Academic Search Nobel Peace Prize site
Armed Conflict Database Peace Research Abstracts
JSTOR Veterans for Peace


*Library Presentation*    "War and Peace, Visualized with Maps"
The Fall 2011 Themester  topic of War and Peace provides an opportunity to explore access to cartographic resources used during war and peace times which provide a unique and specialized view of some of the world’s history. 

When:  Tuesday, September 20  4:00-5:00

Where:  Library E252.  Near elevators on the 2nd floor of the East Tower, Herman B Wells Library.

Instructor:  Lou Malcomb, Head Government Information, Maps and Microform Services




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