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Film: Women

Regions: Latin America (general)Caribbean, Central America, South America, Hispanics in the U.S., Iberia
Special Topics: Authors & Artists, Environment, Indigenous Peoples, Music & Dance, Political Leaders, Women
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Abortion: stories from North and South. VHS, 55 min. B-ALF EC2558
Visits Ireland, England, Japan, Canada, Colombia, and Peru to identify legal and religious factors, feelings, attitudes, and solutions regarding unwanted pregnancy, abortion, and contraception.

AIDS: the woman's story. DVD-R, 65 min. RC606.6 .A765 2004  
Travels to Kenya, Brazil and Thailand to tell the personal stories of women with AIDS.

Americas. 10 VHS, 60 min/each. F1408 .A565 1993 no. 1-10
[5] In women's hands: the changing roles of women

Andean women. VHS, 18 min. B-ALF GC1390
Shows the paradoxical position of Aymara women who perform many tasks vital to society but who see themselves only as helpers in the male-dominated world. [Bolivia]

Angélica Gorodischer. VHS, 34 min. PQ7798.17.O73 A5 1990z
Gerardo Guthmann interviews Argentinean writer Angélica Gorodischer about her literary work.

At highest risk: maternal health care in the high Peruvian Andes. DVD-R, 42 min. RG963.P4 A8 2007  
Looks at maternal health services in the Peruvian Andes.

Benedita Da Silva. VHS, 29 min. B-ALF CC4605
Documents the story of Brazil's first black female federal representative, a resident of the impoverished Chapeau Manquiera of Rio de Janeiro, elected in 1986 and re-elected in 1990.

Birth stories: Jody. VHS, 13 min. B-ALF HC1690
Depicts a Hispanic couple's childbirth experience, which involves an induced vaginal birth with epidural anesthesia. [U.S.]

Blossoms of fire. DVD, 74 min. GN479.5 .B556 2006
The beauty and strength of the women of the Juchitán have inspired legends and songs for centuries, as well as recent tabloid stories of male harems and free love. [Mexico]

Born in Brazil. VHS, 52 min. RG761 .B675 2002  
Interviews of women and their doctors, and the results of research on the preferences of Brazilian women for normal or cesarean delivery.

Botín de guerra = Spoils of war. DVD, 112 min. F2849.2 .B684 2004
First-hand accounts from the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo, who dared to challenge the ruthless dictatorship of Argentina from 1976 to 1983 and have sought to find their missing grandchildren.  

Carmelita Tropicana, Your kunst is your waffen. VHS, 28 min. B-ALF CC5225
Spends a day with Carmelita Tropicana, a Latina performance artist living in New York City.

Carmen Miranda: bananas is my business. DVD, 90 min. 5666878   1) Reserve Desk
Goes behind-the-scenes to convey the true life story of the "Brazilian Bombshell," Carmen Miranda.

Celia Cruz: an extraordinary woman--azúcar! DVD, 145 min. B-MUSIC 5810656
Traces the career of Celia Cruz, the "Queen of Salsa", from her beginnings with Cuba's Sonora Matancera to her international superstardom with The Fania All-Stars.

City of dreams. VHS, 45 min. HV6535.M43 C435 2001  
In the last decade over 200 young women have been murdered, many who have come to work in the factories of the Mexican border city of Juárez.

Las compañeras tienen grado = Zapatista woman. VHS, 28 min. F1256 .C685 1998  
Women insurgents of the Zapatista National Liberation Army speak of how they came to be in the army, how their lives are within the army, and what they are fighting for. [Mexico]

Corpus: a home movie for Selena. VHS, 47 min. ML3930.S43 C676 1998  
Corpus focuses on the singer's fans -- the people on both sides of the border who saw in Selena a symbol of hope and cultural pride, and the chance to emerge from a background of poverty and despair.

Las cuatro hermanas. VHS, 15 min. HQ759.96 .C837 1998
A portrait of four sisters who decide to live in the Sierra Maestra mountains and never get married. [Cuba]

Daughters of Ixchel: Maya thread of change. VHS, 29 min. F1435.3.A7 D285 1993  
Looks at Maya women today and their ancient process of weaving while also examining the forces at work which are profoundly affecting both the women and the weaving. [Guatemala]

Dreaming in color. VHS, 25 min. B-ALF RC1841
Documents the life and painting of Pilar Pobil, a Spanish-born woman who migrated to Utah in 1943.

Ecuador: The Indian Women. VHS, 57 min. B-ALF CC5537
Uses interviews, narrative, and extensive footage shot on location to examine the situation of indigenous women in Ecuador.

Ella es frontera = Border she is: a video. VHS, 25 min. B-LILLY PS591 ,M49 E67 2001
Based on writings of Pilar Rodríguez Aranda and the following Chicana poets: Lucha Corpi, Sandra Cisneros, Ana Castillo, Miriam de Uriarte, Liliana Valenzuela, and Yolanda Luera. [U.S.]

Frida: naturaleza vida. VHS, 108 min. Video Browsing
Biographical film about Frida Kahlo, a painter, political activist and woman of the world.  

From Sleepy Lagoon to Zoot suit: the irreverent path of Alice McGrath. VHS, 30 min. F869.L89 M435 1996  
The life and work of Alice Greenfield McGrath, with emphasis on her work in defending the rights of young Mexican American men in the Los Angeles area in the early 1940's. [U.S.]

Girl beat: power of the drum. DVD, 47 min. ML3487.B78 S26 2005  
Profiles members of Banda Didá, an all-girl drumming and vocal group in Salvador, Brazil.

Las huellas de Nilita. VHS, 80 min. PQ7439.V5 H845 2002  
Documents the life and works of noted journalist and writer, Nilita Vientós Gaston. [Puerto Rico]

In women’s hands: the changing roles of women. B-ALF CC4585
Examines the changes Chilean women of every social class effected as they organized during the Pinochet years to create better living conditions for their families.

Into the fire: American women in the Spanish Civil War. DVD, 58 min. DP269.8.W7 I57 2007
Profiles sixteen women who volunteered, in defiance of the United States government, to help the Spanish fight the Fascists' attempt to overthrow their newly elected democratic government in 1936.

Isabel Allende. VHS, 55 min. PQ8098.1.L54 Z468 1986
Magdalena Garcia Pinto interviews Chilean novelist Isabel Allende.

Isabel Allende. DVD-R, 28 min. PQ8098.1.L54 Z4680 2000
Isabel Allende discusses her years in Chile, Venezuela, and the United States, and the importance of spiritualism in her creative process.

Isabel Allende: a documentary. DVD-R, 58 min. PQ8098.1.L54 Z713 2007
Allende discusses how various familial relationships influenced her life and literary career.

Isabel Allende: possessed by her art. VHS, 28 min. B-ALF KC0869
Focuses on the life and work of the Chilean writer Isabel Allende, a self-proclaimed feminist, agnostic, and socialist.

Judy Baca. VHS, 30 min. B-ALF RC1764
Judy Baca is known for her mile-long mural in Los Angeles depicting Chicano history. In this program she concentrates on completing a mural on the UCLA campus.

The kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt. VHS, 77 min. F2279.22.B48 K53 2003  
While running for the office of President of Colombia, Ingrid Betancourt was kidnapped by the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC).

Killer's paradise. DVD-R, 83 min. HV6250.4.W65 K555 2007  
Since 1999, more than two thousand women have been murdered in Guatemala, with the numbers escalating every year, yet lawmakers and government officials turn a blind eye.

Latin American women artists: 1915-1995. DVD-R, 26 min. N6502.5 .L425 2005  
Features the work of important artists of the recent past, like Brazil's Tarsila do Amaral and Mexico's María Izquierdo and Frida Kahlo.

The life and times of Frida Kahlo. VHS, 90 min. ND259.K33 L54 2005
This film combines Kahlo's artwork with photos, archival films and interviews.

Luchando por la vida: las despalilladoras de tabaco y su mundo. DVD-R, 40 min. HD6073.T62 L834 2007  Documents the role of women in the tobacco industry of Puerto Rico.

Luisa Capetillo: pasión de justicia. VHS, 40 min. HQ1522 .C37 L854 1993 | B-ALF CC5381
Dramatic portrayal of the life of feminist Luisa Capetillo in late 19th and early 20th century Puerto Rico.

Luisa Valenzuela: desenmascaramientos. VHS, 50 min. PQ7798.32.A48 Z468 1986
Sharon Magnarelli interviews Argentine writer Luisa Valenzuela.

Las Madres: the mothers of Plaza de Mayo. VHS, 64 min. F2849.2 .M328 1986  
From 1970-1985, presents the story of the mothers who banded together to demonstrate in the Plaza de Mayo against the Argentinean government's kidnapping of their children.

Maquilapolis = City of factories. DVD, 68 min. HD6101.Z6 T54 2006  
Explores the environmental devastation and urban chaos of Tijuana's assembly factories and the female laborers who have organized themselves for social action. [Mexico]

Marcela Serrano: a new voice. DVD-R, 28 min. PQ8098.29.E726 Z75 2000b
Serrano assesses the diverse concerns that have influenced her life and work, including the elimination of apartheid and the importance of creating genuine and loving relationships.

Mexico: rebellion of the Llorona. VHS, 60 min. HQ1462 .M479 1997  
Examines life in Mexico through the eyes of its women.

Miss Universo en el Peru. VHS, 40 min. B-ALF CC5106
Presents images and scenes from the 1982 Miss Universe pageant in Lima, contrasting the portrayal of women in publicity and on television with the situation of most women in Peru.

Mother’s day in Cuetzalan: Panchita the weaver. VHS, 59 min. B-ALF CC6267
Follows without narration Panchita, an Aztec woman, as she weaves, cooks, and sells her wares at a market. [Mexico]

Mujeres unidas = Women united. VHS, 16 min. HD3424.M6 M854 2000  
A look at indigenous women's collective work in the autonomous municipality of 17 de Noviembre, Chiapas, Mexico. [Mexico]

Mujeres viequenses, cruzando fronteras. DVD-R, 20 min. E183.8.P9 M847 2000  
The Vieques Women's Alliance raises awareness of the problems the U.S. Navy has caused during 60 years of military maneuvers in Vieques. [Puerto Rico]

La operación. VHS, 40 min. B-WELLS ISS CC5310
Examines the practice of sterilization of women as a means of population control in Puerto Rico.

Performing the border. DVD-R, 42 min. HN120.C48 P474 1999  
Investigates the growing impact of the global economy on Mexican women who live and work in Ciudad Juarez.

Piqueteras. VHS, 42 min. B-ALF CC6443
Documents the activities of "piqueteras," women picketers, in Argentina.

Rosita: a documentary. DVD-R, 57 min. HQ767.5.N47 R675 2005  
When a nine-year-old Nicaraguan girl becomes pregnant as a result of a rape, her parents--illiterate campesinos working in Costa Rica--seek a legal therapeutic abortion to save their only child's life.

Scraps of life. VHS, 28 min. B-ALF CC4634
Presents the women's groups of Chile as they sew scraps of cloth together to form murals called "arpilleras" in commemoration of their relatives who disappeared during the rule of General Pinochet.

La Señora Eva Peron. VHS, 64 min. B-ALF CC6370
Chronicles the life of Eva Peron (1919-1952) and takes an in-depth look at the influences in her life through interviews with political associates and friends.

Señorita extraviada. VHS, 76 min. B-WELLS Reserve HV6535.M43 S46 2001
250 young women were kidnapped, raped and murdered in Juárez, Mexico. The perpetuators of these crimes have not been apprehended, though the crimes have been occurring regularly since 1993.

Single mothers: living on the edge. VHS + guide, 29 min. HQ759.915 .S555 1989 | B-ALF CC4187
Introduces a single white mother, a teenage black mother, and a Spanish-speaking Hispanic mother, each of whom tells her own story of trying to support her family.  [U.S.]

The status of Latina women. VHS, 26 min. ISS CC4681
Looks at the differences between the U.S. Latina and her Latin American and American counterparts.

Teenage mothers, a global crisis. VHS, 56 min. HQ759.4 .T255 1990 | B-ALF EC2559
Looks at teenage motherhood in the world today by examining the phenomenon in four different socioeconomic cultures: Ghana, the United States, Cuba, and England.

Terra para Rosa. VHS, 83 min. B-ALF CC4607
Examines Brazil's agrarian reform movement through the eyes of women who occupied a ranch which had been classified by the government as unproductive and targeted for reallocation

Vidas paralelas: mujeres migrantes negociando la aldea global = Parallel lives : migrant women negotiating the global village. DVD-R, 52 min. HQ1514 .V533 2008  
Issues concerning migrant women in a global society, and how women negotiate their circumstances in the United States, Puerto Rico, Spain, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Women of hope: Latinas abriendo camino. VHS, 29 min. B-ALF CC5481
Examines the lives of Latina women in the U.S. through interviews with twelve influential figures in both politics and the arts.

Women of Latin America. 13 DVD-R (60min/each). HQ1460.5 .W648 2004 v.1  
[1] Bolivia: coca, food for the poor -- [2] Brazil: priests, samba dancers and mulattos -- [3] Chile: the drama of hope -- [4] Cuba: the children of Fidel -- [5] Dominicans -- [6] Guatemala silenced -- [ 7] Mexico: rebellion of the Llorona -- [8] Ecuador: the Indian women -- [9] Nicaragua: red to violet -- [10] Peru: rage of hunger -- [11] Puerto Rico: paradise invaded -- [12] To be a mother in Latin America -- [13] Venezuela: the 21st century to prehistory.






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