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Film: South America

Regions: Latin America (general)Caribbean, Central America, South America, Hispanics in the U.S., Iberia
Special Topics: Authors & Artists, Environment, Indigenous Peoples, Music & Dance, Political Leaders, Women
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Countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile - Venezuela


Las AAA son las tres armas: carta abierta de Rodolfo Walsh a la junta militar (1977). VHS, 17 min. F2849.2 .A223 1980z
Short about the disappearance of the body of the political Argentinean writer Rodolfo Walsh after he was shot in an ambush by a special military group in Argentina on March 25 1977.  

Afroargentinos = Afroargentines. VHS, 75 min. F3021.B55 A37 2002  
The history of black people in Argentina, from the slaves who fought in the revolutionary wars against Spain, to contemporary struggles against racism and marginalization.

Angélica Gorodischer. VHS, 34 min. PQ7798.17.O73 A5 1990z
Gerardo Guthmann interviews Argentinean writer Angélica Gorodischer about her literary work.

Argentina. VHS, 20 min. B-ALF GC1662
Examines the geography, customs, and cultural heritage of Argentina, the second-largest nation in Latin America.

Argentina, growth or disappearance. VHS, 55 min. HC175 .A695 2003  
Explains the current financial crisis from its roots in neoliberal economic policies implemented in the  1990s, and follows the various movements that have surfaced in response to the situation.

Argentina latente. DVD, 96 min. HC175 .A723 2007  
Documents historical and current accomplishments in Argentina as well as its rich natural resources.

Argentina: a work in progress. DVD-R, 18 min. HG3881.5.I58 A674 2000
This program analyzes Argentina's remarkable economic recovery, in which the nation's leaders turned to the IMF for advice and a loan of $3.4 billion.

Borges and I. VHS, 76 min. PQ779.B635 Z4619 1983
Weaves together dramatized sequences from Borges' stories with an interview of the author at his home in Buenos Aires

Botín de guerra = Spoils of war. DVD, 112 min. F2849.2 .B684 2004
First-hand accounts from the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo, who dared to challenge the ruthless dictatorship of Argentina from 1976 to 1983 and have sought to find their missing grandchildren.  

Cazadores de utopías. DVD region 4, 145 min. F2849.2 .C387 2006  
On the Organización Montoneros, a Peronist guerrilla movement in 1970s Argentina, and their struggle against the country's military dictatorship.

El Che. DVD, 150 min. F2849.22.G85 C433 1997  
Examines the myth and reality of Che Guevara including his friendship with Castro, his world travels, his days as guerilla leader and his death at age 39.

El Che: investigating a legend. VHS, 90 min. B-ALF CC6112
Highlights events in the life of Latin American revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara from his birth and education as a physician in Argentina to his execution by Bolivian soldiers in 1967.

Che: amor, política, rebelíon. DVD, 50 min. F2849.22.G85 C384 2006
Based on the homonymous book written by Liliana Bucellini which narrates Ernesto "Che" Guevara's life since his birth until his assassination in Bolivia.

Che: el hombre, el final. DVD, 51 min. F2849.22.G85 C385 2006  
Che was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, politician, author, physician, military theorist, and guerrilla leader.

Che Guevara: a guerrilla to the end. DVD, 51 min. F2849.22.G85 C442 2004
Traces the life of a man whose idealism and determination gripped the imagination of an era. Interviews with family members, partisans, enemies, and others share their recollections and impressions.

Che Guevara: restless revolutionary. VHS, 50 min. B-ALF CC6121
Covers important points in the life of Marxist revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara, including his liberal family upbringing.

Cortázar. VHS, 85 min. PQ7797.C715 Z534 1990z
Cortázar talks about life, literary work and ideology in this film which reconstructs his life using archival footage and sound recordings.

Del “kitsch” a Lacan. VHS, 50 min. PQ7798.26.U4 Z468 1984
Manuel Puig in an interview with Reina Roffé discusses each of his novels, giving clues to the understanding of his characters.

El día que me quieras: un número infinito de cosas. VHS, 30 min.
Investigating death and the power of photography, this film is a meditation on the last picture taken of Che Guevara, as he lay dead on a table, surrounded by his captors.

La dignidad de los nadies: historias y relatos de esperanza. DVD, 120 min. HC180.P6 D55 2005  
Focuses on the poor of Argentina and their recent battles against neo-liberalism and globalization.

The disappeared. DVD-R, 97 min. F2849.2 .D57 2007
Relives the horrors of Argentina's Dirty War (1976-83) through the experience of Horacio Pietragalla, a young man raised by the maid of the officer who kidnapped him.

De dolor y esperanza: el asilo un pasado presente. VHS, 60 min. HV640.4.M6 D425 2002  
Documentary about citizens of Chile, Argentina and Uruguay who sought asylum in Mexico during the military takeovers of those countries in the 1970's.

East of the Andes. VHS, 18 min. B-ALF CC4259
Compares and contrasts the resources, agriculture, industry, and people of Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

For these eyes. VHS, 60 min. HV6322.3.A7 P674 1997 | B-ALF CC5728
Profiles the case of Marianna Zaffaroni, who, at the age of 18 months was abducted with her Uruguayan dissident parents from Argentina by the military dictatorship then in power.

Frustrated Colossus—from Peron to present. VHS, 30 min. B-ALF CC3589
Chronicles the troubled history of Argentina from 1945 to the present.

The garden of forking paths: dilemmas of national development. VHS, 60 min. B-ALF CC4581
Follows Argentina's recent history, including the Peron years, the dictatorship of the 1970s and the Malvinas/Falklands War.

Grassland biomes. VHS, 20 min. B-ALF NC2400
Identifies the climates, life-forms, and behavioral adaptations in the pampas of Argentina, the veldt of South Africa, the steppes of Russia, and the prairies of the American west.

The grasslands. VHS, 16 min. B-ALF NC0754
Shows the world's grasslands, the variety of animal life they support and the use and misuse made of them by man: the dust bowl in the United States, the pampas of Argentina, and the savannah of Africa.

H.I.J.O.S.: el alma en dos. DVD, 78 min. HV6322.3.A7 H55 2005  
Children kidnapped by military officers during the dictatorship are now looking for their real origins and natural parents.

The inner world of Jorge Luis Borges. VHS, 28 min. PQ7797.B635 Z735 1991
Explores the private world of Latin American writer, Jorge Luis Borges. Discusses the violence and surrealism found in his work.

La hora de los hornos: notas y testimonios sobre el neocolonialismo la violencia y la liberación. DVD, 251 min. F2849 .H663 2000z   1) On reserve at: B-WELLS  
 A 1960s filmic manifesto on the liberation struggle being waged throughout Latin America, using Argentina as a historical model.

Jorge Luis Borges: the mirror man. VHS 47 min. PQ7797.B635 J674 2000
Examines the life and literary career of the charismatic Argentine writer, as well as the thematic, symbolic, and mythological underpinnings of his works.

Julio Cortázar, Argentina’s iconoclast. DVD-R, 28 min. PQ7797.C715 Z464 2004
Cortázar's preoccupation with 20th century life and his rejection of its values is placed in historical context and examined as a theme in his works.

Julio Cortázar: entrevista. VHS, 40 min. B-ALF KC0621
Profiles the Argentine exile-writer who discusses his sources, inspirations and forms.

Looking for Victoria: an Argentine story. VHS, 58 min. B-ALF CC6482
Follows Victoria, a young Argentine woman as she attempts to uncover the truth behind her parents' disappearance and murder at the hands of the Argentine government.

Luisa Valenzuela: desenmascaramientos. VHS, 50 min. PQ7798.32.A48 Z468 1986
Sharon Magnarelli interviews Argentine writer Luisa Valenzuela.

Las Madres: the mothers of Plaza de Mayo. VHS, 64 min. F2849.2 .M328 1986  
From 1970-1985, presents the story of the mothers who banded together to demonstrate in the Plaza de Mayo against the Argentinean government's kidnapping of their children.

Manuel Puig. VHS, 41 min. PQ7798.26.U4 Z775 1980z
An interview with Argentine author, Manuel Puig.

Marcos Aguinis: perfiles transparencias y espacios. VHS, 55 min. PQ7798.1.G814 M373 1995
Writer Marcos Aguinis recounts his life and work.

Martin Fierro de Jose Hernandez. VHS, 60 min. PN1997 .M375 1981 | B-ALF KC0628
Introduces this Argentine national epic poem about a free-spirited mestizo cowboy of the pampas who goes through life with his pride, his guitar, and little else.

May justice be done! DVD-R, 53 min. HC175 .M4974 2007  
Traces the roots of the financial crisis in scholarly detail, back to the irresponsible lending policies of the international lending financial institutions.

Memoria del saqueo = A social genocide. DVD, 114 min. F2849.2 .M456 2006  
Exposes the systematic despoiling of Argentina - not by a dictator or military junta but by an elected democracy.

Modelos para desamar. VHS, 55 min. PQ7797.C715 Z468 1983
In a candid interview with Saúl Sosnowski, writer Julio Cortázar talks about his life and work.

Montoneros, una historia. DVD Region 4, 89 min. F2849.2 .M645 2006  
Ana, an ex-Montonera, and others tell their personal and collective histories of experiences during the violent years in mid-20th century Argentina as participants in the Montonero movement.

Nietos: identidad y memoria. DVD, 75 min. HV6322.3.A7 N537 2005  
Documentary film about the people whose family members were 'disappeared' by the military during the "dirty war" in Argentina from 1976 on.

Perón: sinfonía del sentimiento . 2 VHS, 264 min. F2849 .P475 1999
A celebration of Juan Domingo Perón, Argentine dictator, and Peronism.

Los Pibes de la película = The Kids in the movie. VHS, 28 min. HC180.P6 P53 2002
Examines life in the Argentinean village of Santa Fe forty years after the classic film "Tire die." The trains no longer run and Sante Fe's residents must come up with alternative ways to survive.  

Piqueteras. VHS, 42 min. B-ALF CC6443
Documents the activities of "piqueteras," women picketers, in Argentina.

El proceso, 1976-1983 = The process, 1976-1983. DVD, 55 min. F2849.2 .P748 2003  
Examines the military dictatorship in Argentina, from the coup that brought it to power to the disastrous war over the Falkland Islands that led to its demise.

The quest for truth. VHS, 49 min. B-ALF CC5957
Traces truth-seeking missions of people in the aftermath of human rights abuses in South Africa, Argentina, and Guatemala.

Raul, the terrible: Argentina's Robin Hood. DVD, 52 min. No location.
In December 2001, the government of Argentina devalued the currency and froze Argentineans’ savings - pushing the middle class into the even larger pool of unemployed working poor.

Raymundo. DVD, 127 min. PN1998.3.G597 R39 2002
The life and work of Raymundo Gleyzer, Argentine filmmaker, kidnapped and murdered by that country's military dictatorship in 1976.

Los rubios = The blonds. VHS, 89 min. HV6322.3.A7 R834 2003  
Using a combination of fiction and documentary, Albertina Carri traces her parents' disappearance in 1977 during the regime of the Argentine junta.

Sacrificio: who betrayed Che Guevara? DVD, 60 min. F2849.22 .G85 S135 2001  
Guevara’s former lieutenant, Ciro Bustros, tells his version of Guevara’s assassination, combined with interviews with historians, former CIA agents and Bolivian army officers.

The search for the disappeared. VHS, 58 min. B-ALF CC3630
Follows Argentine and American scientists asked to help locate kidnapped children and to identify thousands of dead in the aftermath of a military reign of terror in Argentina from 1976 to 1982.

La Señora Eva Peron. VHS, 64 min. B-ALF CC6370
Chronicles the life of Eva Peron (1919-1952) and takes an in-depth look at the influences in her life through interviews with political associates and friends.

A Sus ordenes mi senador. VHS, 29 min. F3101.A4 S87 2001  
Examines the rise of the Allende Political Unity party in Chile and the subsequent takeover by the Augusto Pinochet government.

The take. DVD, 87 min. HC175 .T354 2006  
Follows 30 unemployed auto-parts workers, who stage a protest against their bosses and economic globalization by occupying their closed factory and refusing to leave.

Timerman: the news from Argentina. VHS, 29 min. B-ALF CC3691
Reviews the political and social trauma inflicted by the recent Argentine military juntas, including severe constraints placed on the press.

Tire dié = Throw a dime. VHS, 33 min. HC178.S3 T574 2000  
Examines life in the Argentinean village of Santa Fe. Footage of the villagers' daily existence shows the effects of poverty on people's lives and explores the way the nearby train affects the village.


Andean women. VHS, 18 min. B-ALF GC1390
Shows the paradoxical position of Aymara women who perform many tasks vital to society but who see themselves only as helpers in the male-dominated world.

The Aymara: a case study in social stratification. VHS, 28 min. B-ALF CC4958
Shows firsthand the inequities of a sharp class division between the Spanish-speaking mestizos and the subordinate Aymara Indians.

Bolivia: the tin mountain. VHS, 29 min. B-ALF CC3564
Chronicles the terrible living and working conditions of Bolivian tin miners by focusing on one family caught in the hopelessness and suffering of the region.

Can't do it in Europe. DVD-R, 46 min. TN434.B52 P67 2006  
A look at the unlikely tourist destination of Potosí, Bolivia, where wealthy travelers pay for the right to experience an authentic Third World silver mine.

The children know. VHS, 33 min. B-ALF GC1388
Explores the deep division in Andean society between campesinos and mestizos, rural and townspeople, which begins at birth, is perpetuated by the schools, and continues through life.

Choqela: only interpretation. VHS, 12 min. B-ALF CC3839
Documents the Choqela ceremony, a ritual of the Aymara Indians of Peru and Bolivia.

Cocalero. DVD, 94 min. F3327 .C637 2006  
An Aymara Indian coca leaf grower named Evo Morales travels through the Andes and Amazon in jeans and sneakers, leading a historic bid to become Bolivia's first indigenous president.

The devil's miner. DVD, 82 min. HD8039.M732 B535 2005  
The story of 14 year-old Basilio Vargas and his 12 year-old brother Bernardino as they work in the Bolivian silver mines of Cerro Rico (Potosí).

Five centuries later. VHS, 54 min. HD1265.L29 F584 1992 | B-ALF CC4887
Examines the lives of the native peoples of South America today, focusing on their struggles in Guatemala and Bolivia for civil and land rights.

Local heroes, global change, no.3: Power to change. VHS, 60 min. B-ALF CC4312
Covers three different instances of people gaining empowerment to change their lives in India, Bolivia and Zimbabwe.

Mama Coca. VHS, 25 min. B-ALF CC4498
Presents the mythical, historical, economic and cultural motivations for the cultivation of coca in the Bolivian Andes.

The money lenders: the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. VHS, 85 min. B-ALF BC0437
Focuses on criticisms of the World Bank and the IMF, two of the most powerful financial institutions in the world. Presents five case studies, in Bolivia, Ghana, Brazil, Thailand, and the Philippines.

The money lenders: update 2000. VHS, 85 min. ISS BC0457
Critical case studies of the World Bank and IMF activities in Bolivia, Ghana, Brazil, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Nature’s numbers: assessing species extinction. VHS, 50 min. B-ALF NC2360
Follows a four-member team sponsored by Conservation International as they attempt a Rapid Assessment Program (RAP), a count of all important species, in Bolivia.

The spirit possession of Alejandro Mamani. VHS, 27 min. F3310 .S7 1995  | B-ALF GC1391
A village elder, believing himself possessed by evil spirits, opens his heart to reveal his anguish.

Tyrants will rise from my tomb—Bolivia. VHS, 30 min. B-ALF CC3579
Describes the country's economy, style of government, and its founder, Simon Bolivar, and how all these factors combine to influence the way Bolivia is today.

Vintage La Paz films. DVD-R, 16 min. F3351.L24 V568 2007
Looks at 1940s La Paz, Bolivia, it's culture and people. Features footage of landscape scenery, street markets, industrial factories, food preparation, sports, and architecture.  

Viracocha: the Aymara of the Bolivian Andes. VHS, 30 min. B-ALF GC1387
Explores the relationship between the mestizos and the campesinos, the townspeople and Indians of Bolivia, who are linked in an exploitative economic system which heightens their mutual contempt.

The water is ours, damn it! VHS, 33 min. HD4465.B5 W384 2000  
Documentary about a revolt against the privatization of the water system of Cochabamba, Bolivia.



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