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Film: Political leaders

Regions: Latin America (general)Caribbean, Central America, South America, Hispanics in the U.S., Iberia
Special Topics: Authors & Artists, Environment, Indigenous Peoples, Music & Dance, Political Leaders, Women
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[Alberto Fujimori] The Fujimori empire. VHS, 34 min. B-ALF CC5644
Alberto Fujimori was re-elected president of Peru in 1995, but the excessive power he gave to the armed forces and secret service undermined Peru's weak democracy. [Peru]

[Augusto Pinochet] Chile: hasta cuando? VHS, 57 min. B-ALF CC3615
Reviews how the current government of General Augusto Pinochet came into power with American backing. [Chile]

Benedita Da Silva. VHS, 29 min. B-ALF CC4605
Documents the story of Brazil's first black female federal representative, a resident of the impoverished Chapeau Manquiera of Rio de Janeiro, elected in 1986 and re-elected in 1990. [Brazil]

[Cesar Chavez] The fight in the fields: Cesar Chavez and the farmworkers' struggle. DVD-R, 116 min. HD6509.C48 F472 2006  
The story of Cesar Chavez, founder of the National Farm Workers Association, which later became the United Farm Workers.  [U.S.]

Che Guevara [Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba]

El Che. DVD, 150 min. F2849.22.G85 C433 1997  
Examines the myth and reality of Che Guevara including his friendship with Castro, his world travels, his days as guerilla leader and his death at age 39.

El Che: investigating a legend. VHS, 90 min. B-ALF CC6112
Highlights events in the life of Latin American revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara from his birth and education as a physician in Argentina to his execution by Bolivian soldiers in 1967.

Che: amor, política, rebelíon. DVD, 50 min. F2849.22.G85 C384 2006
Based on the homonymous book written by Liliana Bucellini which narrates Ernesto "Che" Guevara's life since his birth until his assassination in Bolivia.

Che: el hombre, el final. DVD, 51 min. F2849.22.G85 C385 2006  
Che was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, politician, author, physician, military theorist, and guerrilla leader.

Che Guevara: a guerrilla to the end. DVD, 51 min. F2849.22.G85 C442 2004
Traces the life of a man whose idealism and determination gripped the imagination of an era. Interviews with family members, partisans, enemies, and others share their recollections and impressions.

Che Guevara: restless revolutionary. VHS, 50 min. B-ALF CC6121
Covers important points in the life of Marxist revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara, including his liberal family upbringing.

De viaje con el Che Guevara. DVD Region 2, 120 min. F2849.22.G85 D34 2005
Follows Che Guevara's surviving friend Alberto Granado as he retraces the route around Latin America they'd took as youths in 1952.

El día que me quieras: un número infinito de cosas. VHS, 30 min.
Investigating death and the power of photography, this film is a meditation on the last picture taken of Che Guevara, as he lay dead on a table, surrounded by his captors.

Sacrificio: who betrayed Che Guevara? DVD, 60 min. F2849.22 .G85 S135 2001  
Guevara’s former lieutenant, Ciro Bustros, tells his version of Guevara’s assassination, combined with interviews with historians, former CIA agents and Bolivian army officers.

[Evo Morales] Cocalero. DVD, 94 min. F3327 .C637 2006  
An Aymara Indian coca leaf grower named Evo Morales travels through the Andes and Amazon in jeans and sneakers, leading a historic bid to become Bolivia's first indigenous president.  [Bolivia]

Fidel Castro [Cuba]

Fidel: un filme. DVD, 90 min. F1788.22.C3 F5347 2007
VHS, F1788.22.C3 F534 2001
Biographical documentary about Fidel Castro, the history of the Cuban Revolution and Castro's fight to survive the post-Soviet period and the continued U.S. embargo.

Fidel Castro: big man, small island. DVD-R, 53 min. F1788.22.C3 F536 2002
Presents the remarkable biography of Cuba's leader, from his law school days as a young political activist through his standoff with President Kennedy over the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban missile crisis up to the present day.

Fidel Castro: a life of revolution. DVD-R, 45 min. F1788.22.C3 F5353 2008
From his childhood in rural Cuba through his fight in the Sierra Maestra to winning the revolution and transforming the country, presents an account of the life and times of Fidel Castro.

Francisco Pizarro: Inca nation Peru. VHS, 52 min. B-ALF CC4802
Discusses the explorations of Francisco Pizarro and his band of conquistadores and his entry into the Andean kingdom of the Incas. [Spain, Peru]

Hugo Chavez. DVD-R, 54 min. F2329.22.C54 H844 2006  
Details the rise of the Chavez government and the challenges it has faced in reforming the South American nation's economy and political culture. [Venezuela]

[Ingrid Betancourt] The kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt. VHS, 77 min. F2279.22.B48 K53 2003  
While running for the office of President of Colombia, Ingrid Betancourt was kidnapped by the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC). [Colombia]

Juan Mari Brás. DVD-R, 120 min. F1976.3.M37 A5 2005
Political leader and lawyer Juan Mari Brás narrates both his political and personal life. [Puerto Rico]

[Omar Cabezas] Fire from the mountain. VHS, 58 min. B-ALF CC4009
Based on Omar Cabezas' autobiographical memoir of the Nicaraguan revolution, traces his involvement as a student activist, guerrilla fighter, and government leader. [Nicaragua]

Pancho Villa: la revolución no ha terminado. DVD, 95 min. F1234.V63 P363 2005
By those who knew him, Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa is remembered as a champion of Mexico's peasants and a national hero.   [Mexico]

Perón: sinfonía del sentimiento . 2 VHS, 264 min. F2849 .P475 1999
A celebration of Juan Domingo Perón, Argentine dictator, and Peronism. [Argentina]

La Señora Eva Peron. VHS, 64 min. B-ALF CC6370
Chronicles the life of Eva Peron (1919-1952) and takes an in-depth look at the influences in her life through interviews with political associates and friends. [Argentina]

Salvador Allende [Chile]

Conversation with Allende. DVD-R, 31 min. F3101 .A4 C668 2005
Saul Landau interviews Chilean president, Salvador Allende. Allende discusses the problems facing the people and government of Chile in the 1970s.

Salvador Allende. DVD, 100 min. F3101.A4 S258 2004  
Portrays the life, times and political formation of the Valparaiso-born doctor.


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